Individuals could get lottery funding

2011-06-21 22:39

Johannesburg - Making it easier for small organisations and even individuals to apply for National Lottery funding were some of the resolutions passed at a conference in Midrand on Tuesday.

Other resolutions adopted at the National Lotteries Development Trust Fund (NLDTF) indaba included setting different criteria for smaller organisations that sought funding and developing of a code of conduct for the fund.

National Lotteries Board (NLB) chairperson Professor Alfred Nevhutanda said further investigation was needed on how individuals could access funding.

Currently only organisations could apply but the resolution envisages, for example, an impoverished but talented person obtaining funding to develop their talent, be it in sport or art.

Board spokesperson Shershan Naidoo said funding of grandmothers looking after orphaned children was another consideration behind the resolution.

"The NLDTF will never be the same again. The people have spoken," Nevhutanda said.

The indaba follows a series of provincial workshops.

Nevhutanda said work would begin on the resolutions, which would then possibly be a part of the national lotteries amendment bill expected to be passed later this year.

CEO of the NLB Vevek Ram, which administers the fund, said on Monday that between April 1 2000 and March 31 this year, total revenue for the lottery was R15.9bn.

Of this, some R11bn had been paid out to beneficiaries.

  • Analyst - 2011-06-21 23:14

    BEE lottery.

  • cgtours - 2011-06-21 23:14

    The LOTTO IS NOT THE WELFARE GRANT DEPARTMENT! gRANDMOTHERS ETC ARE ALREADY GETTING GRANTS!! now you are corrupting the lotto totally as well.- WHAT IS THE PROBLEM - ARE YOU Professor Nevhutanda, now thinking you are entitled to play fairy godmothers and take over the ANC GOVERNMENTS DUTIES WITH CITIZENS MONEY IN A STATE KLOTTERY - THEN ALL OF US MUST BE ENTITLED TO to get funding to get business started because we are many unemployed and very very clever and able.ARE YOU NOW TRYING TO BE GOVERNMENT WELFARE DEPARTMENT/ NEW BANK/FINANCE CORPORATION WITHOUT PAYING BACK O0R WHAT?? What Nationality are you by the way? Is Nevathandu a South African name? Interesting never heard of it before. As for SHersan Naido0 and Vevek Ram should stick to managing the Lotto for for it was created to do- or GET OUT! You are not the Social Services and Government Grants Depart- there is already Millions of our Taxmoney going into Social/Grants etc- now you want to start a DUBIOUS Scheme with the Lotto.? The people have spoken? WHich people have spoken? I do not recall you people holding a Vote by the Citizens on this? Please clarify!I think it is high time an Investigation into the running of the Lottery is launched.! ANy Lawyers there who can start the ball rolling, we will all join and sign!!

  • Deric Slabberts - 2011-06-22 00:54

    ...and this is how the ANC will steal the money. Easier than they have been.

  • duncan - 2011-06-22 05:37

    Stealing with their eyes open , what next ? If you don't stop playing now, you never will !

  • Hux - 2011-06-22 06:23

    No doubt this will be a BEE funding source for any member of the ANC. Legal theft. Is there anything that the ANC will not steal?

  • Hux - 2011-06-22 06:25

    Maybe it is the ancestors speaking again?

  • Brent - 2011-06-22 06:27

    to qualify you need to be a a fat lazy politician, Banana republic. no more lotto for me

  • thomas - 2011-06-22 06:56


  • 50something - 2011-06-22 07:56

    Agree with the corruption issue, has to be well regulated. How about the Lottery setting up a bursary fund for talented students at tersiary level, 2nd year onwards from ALL race groups? At the end of the day, the Lotto can do with the money what they please - you don't have to play the Lotto - it is your choice. it is not a compulsary tax

  • juan.coetzee - 2011-06-22 08:32

    I foresee the ANC kleptocracy forming a long line for some more ill-gotten gains.

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