Intabazwe rape and murder case postponed

2013-01-03 07:33

Bloemfontein - The case of two men and two teenage boys implicated in the rape and murder of a 17-year-old girl in Intabazwe was postponed in the Harrismith Magistrate's Court on Wednesday, said Free State police.

The four would be kept in custody until their next court appearance on 10 January, when they would be applying for bail, said Sergeant Mmako Mophiring.

The group would also be applying for legal aid.

The boys, aged 14 and 16, and two men were alleged to have forcefully raped and murdered the girl on Sunday.

Two of those arrested were siblings.

"The girl was with her boyfriend, 15, outside a church building when they were approached by four guys with hammers... These people took the girl and threatened to kill him [the boyfriend], but he managed to escape," Mophiring said.

The teenage boy alerted the girl's family. Local residents found the girl's body in a cemetery on Monday morning. She had been stabbed several times in the chest and neck.

"Her artificial hair had been pulled off and was scattered around her... We also found eight used condoms on the scene. Whatever happened to that girl was brutal."

Police questioned the girl's boyfriend, which led to the arrests of two people.

"We searched their house and found bloody clothes... Further investigations led to the arrest of the other two suspects," Mophiring said.

  • ulandi.potgieter - 2013-01-03 07:52

    Look Look I see them walking scott free and the poor girl was murdered and raped and her life was taken away from 4 animals that thought they we're something. R.I.P. young girl.

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2013-01-03 08:03

    Now they want bail and legal aid, next they will retire to the big hotel for a long time. Guess who's paying for all this? Send them to Botswana where they know how to deal with this rubbish. Quick, cheap and clean. 25 years times 4 is 100 years of taxpayers money. At 10 thousand a year that's a million. And when they come out they will do it again. Its a culture thing. Only extreme retribution will set this right.

  • thoka.mphoka - 2013-01-03 08:14

    This is devils work at its best, and our President is concerned about what is happening in CAR.

      ian.robertreid - 2013-01-03 08:25

      Good comment? Zuma lets sweep our own house clean first ~wat r u thinking??

      ray.molekoa.5 - 2013-01-03 08:46

      He's mshishinning one of his whores in his bunker he doesn't care about rapes taking place in the country . The stupid ANCWL gave him another term as a reward for rape culture he has encouraged in this country !

  • Sea-party Mogorowsy - 2013-01-03 08:17

    bastards! i wish they rot in jail

  • ian.robertreid - 2013-01-03 08:22

    No bail no legal aid ~ let them rot!!

  • abner.mophethe - 2013-01-03 08:39

    this is a very sad story indeed,what puzzles me though is that the girl was only found on monday morning, what was the hell was everybody doing after the boyfriend reported this to the parents the time it happened,isnt it possible the girl might have been found alive if somebody had reacted quicker?just asking

  • beki.khumalo - 2013-01-03 09:05

    I have no words! A 14 and 15 year old can be involved in such gruesome and evil act? Even animals have more compassion than these things...

  • Kwanele Mzwanele Masoka - 2013-01-03 09:20

    This is a plea to whoever is in charge of bringing back the death penalty in the judiciary. Please for the sake of sanity I beg you; hang these four!

      ulandi.potgieter - 2013-01-03 09:49

      @ Kwanele Mzwanele Masoka - What you asking for would help a hell of a lot but we need Beki Cele ( sorry if I didn't spell his right ) back in action again he laid the law down so well that there was not as much Murder - Raping or anything like that.

  • lskosana3 - 2013-01-03 10:53

    Such horrendous sex crimes are fitting of a protest in India but have become a common occurrence in our country. I'm ashamed

  • silvia.vaneck2 - 2013-01-03 12:54

    I hope the judge denies bail. Otherwise they should hang him with the 4 that raped and murdered!

  • Alicia Beauty - 2013-08-18 12:30

    i wish they could rot there in jail we are tired of those guys first they made a house breaking at my home and now this i wonder what will happen when they come back again because they always do such things knowing that they will be out with bail an now as the community we are saying enye nenye yiyo because we are not allowed to do anything an i think this country is falling now because of doing wrong decisions of crime...enye nenye yiyo really

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