Interviews cannot be toyed with: Phiyega

2012-06-21 18:20

Cape Town - Newly appointed national police commissioner Mangwashi Riah Phiyega said on Thursday it was important she be given time to understand what was needed from her crime intelligence major-generals.

Speaking on 567 CapeTalk radio, she said she had halted interviews for these positions in six provinces for a reason and these crucial posts could not be toyed with.

"I have a very responsible team and I believe I am very responsible. There is no way we can toy around with these very crucial issues," she said.

"Four of those people are already acting in those positions so it is not a place that is left in a vacuum... it is just a question of making those posts permanent."

She said she could not control what people thought of her but they should allow her to do her job, judge her on merit, and whether she had been able to do the job or not.

"I did not stop appointments. I stopped interviews. You would appreciate that I need time to understand what positions we are looking for," she told the radio station.

Major General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi confirmed to The Star on Thursday that the interviews had been cancelled on Phiyega's instruction.

Five candidates had been flown to Pretoria for interviews on Tuesday but were informed upon their arrival that the interviews had been cancelled.

Of Mhkwanazi, Phiyega said she did not see him as a deputy but as a team member doing a good job.

The positions have been frozen until further notice.

  • Irene - 2012-06-21 18:24

    Wow! Most people receiving training before being given the job and because they're qualified, they get employed. Seems cANCer does it the other way around. Imagine if the medical profession worked this way as well......

  • Sagin - 2012-06-21 19:46

    I would like to believe that she has her heart in the right place and genuinely wants to do a good job for the country. time will tell. I only hope for our sakes she does a better job than her predecessors and does not allow herself to be dictated to or let into corruption.

  • Mark - 2012-06-21 21:26

    So, she admits to having a responsible team. If that was the case why was she then made the Commissioner?? She cannot deny the fact that she do not have the experience to lead a Police Force. Was the president jostling for allies and forgetting the fact that each dedicated General leading the police also aspire to become Commissioners. Lets add the recent demotion of Lindiwe Sisulu from the Army and what can you expect. Imagine Lindiwe and Police Generals instructing the members on the ground to overthrow this government. I honestly wonder behind which spear Zuma will then hide.

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