Intruders open fire on Pretoria family

2011-12-12 08:21

Pretoria - Intruders shot four people during a house robbery in Wonderboom, Pretoria at the weekend, according to a report on Monday.

The four armed men entered the house in Dirk van Deventer Street on Friday evening and first opened fire on Linda Coetzee, 43, who was shot three times in the head and both arms.

She has lost her right eye, reported Beeld newspaper.

Her husband, Kobus Coetzee, 46, was shot three times in the stomach.

Ruaan Coetzee, 21, and his girlfriend, Rozanne Oeschger, were also in the house during the robbery.

He was shot six times and is possibly paralysed.

Oeschger was hit in the leg but managed to run away and call for help.

The assailants sped off when the couple's other son, Dewald Coetzee, arrived at the house at around 20:00.

Only cellphones were stolen.

  • Neill - 2011-12-12 08:24

    These bastards should be executed!

      methedex - 2011-12-12 09:45

      Wish someone would just chop these dudes up with pangas! And it must hurt! It is just a constant fear for our families safety in this country. This place is so great, yet we have so much evil here.

      methedex - 2011-12-12 09:48

      3 people gave you a thumbs down. They must be involved...

      Earthling - 2011-12-12 10:22

      @Flowingriver - I would be just as horrified if this had happened to a black family. We are not objecting to this because we are racist, we are objecting to this because it is wrong and unneccessary. Let us move on from pointing white fingers at black faces and vice versa.

      methedex - 2011-12-12 10:28

      ok. 5 were involved now...

      methedex - 2011-12-12 10:32

      I wish we were all green in colour. Then we'd have no more people playing race cards. With that out of the way we could focus on the topic at hand, which is murder and attempted murder. If these robbers are black. I have 0 respect for them as humans. If these robbers are white. I have 0 respect for them as humans.

      alanaR.rodriguez - 2011-12-12 10:37

      @Flowingriver.... if you want to make this about race... GO RIGHT AHEAD... get your people to comment on black killings then, we are FREE to comment on what we want and when we want, we DONT HAVE to comment on everything to make idiots like you "happy"... stop feeling hardone by, GET OVER IT, the race card has come and gone, stop playing it, stop feeling sorry for yourself... GET A LIFE!!!!

      Cheq - 2011-12-12 10:48

      President Zuma intervenes to help drug smugglers but can do nothing to curb or stop these barbarians from killing innocent people....we are sure on the right track in this country....Scores to the hoars, Cheers to the Queers and Hooray to the Murders in this country!!!!

      methedex - 2011-12-12 10:53

      None the less, It's been 16 years now. You can no longer blame us for these things. Everyone in SA has an equal vote.

  • Larry - 2011-12-12 08:31

    This is where we need a little Chinese Justice.

      Gregory - 2011-12-12 11:04

      Absolutely. The cities would seem so empty though....................

  • eyez.samuels - 2011-12-12 08:32

    wow......they stole only cell phones!!strange..

  • Gary - 2011-12-12 08:32

    The people who should really be executed are the people who should be putting their efforts into sorting out this type of sh.t happening in this country, but instead are more interested in putting time into some media bill so that the public wont find out about the money they are stealing.

  • Fredster69 - 2011-12-12 08:32

    What are you doing about this Mr President?

      Yurak - 2011-12-12 09:16

      the same thing he did for that woman in China

      Cameronl - 2011-12-12 09:35

      dear Yurak, they executed her for drug trafficking, dont be a retard, theres not much one can do when the country who catches these ppl happens to have a severe punishment system. besides she was probably better off getting executed than being brought back to south africa (if that were even possible) to out AWESOME prison systems.

  • Cristina - 2011-12-12 08:42

    Sick Sick Sick bastards!!!!! so tired of this senseless brutality!! and then they wonder why so many people (those who can) are jumping the fence (immigrating)!

  • Morne - 2011-12-12 08:42

    I hope the Police NEVER wonder why i'd shoot first and THEN ask questions if they ever break into my house, THIS is the reason why and i'm sorry but i'm not willing to take the chance to wait and see if they're armed first and to see if my life is in danger first before the bullets start flying, shoot NOW ask questions later !!!!!

      Ianm - 2011-12-12 11:22

      Get rid of the bodies before you call the police.

  • Thys - 2011-12-12 08:47

    My condolences to the family, this is disgusting. There seems to be this misconception that it is the police's job to guard the safety of the individual... Its not. The police are a reactionary force mandated to maintain order and the rule of law in society. Your safety is your responsibility, no-one else's.

      rheinhardt.peens - 2011-12-12 09:57

      "The police are a reactionary force mandated to maintain order and the rule of law in society." Could have fooled me...

      Gregory - 2011-12-12 11:07

      And 'serve and protect' then refers to what exactly Thys? By your own words, 'mandated to maintain order and the rule of law in society', you contradict yourself. Of course they are to to assist with the looking out for the safety of each and every single individual

  • jody.beggs - 2011-12-12 08:53

    This is too common , somethings got to give ! Anyone else want to join a vigilante group killing these cANCer criminals ? I'll be the first to put my life on the line !?! Damn the man, save the rainbow nation.

  • Walter - 2011-12-12 09:00

    We still live in the middle ages in this country. My best to the family, I hope they recover from this ordeal - God bless them and keep them safe.

      Sheik - 2011-12-12 09:18

      If crime was punished as it the Middle Ages, it would have been a leap forward.

  • Heather - 2011-12-12 09:02

    Hunt them down and kill them. No court case. Get rid of the scum.

      Ianm - 2011-12-12 11:16

      Yeah. Where's the Natal hit squad when you need them!!

  • khutso.b - 2011-12-12 09:06

    wtf... just for cellphones? ... Oh.. it seems like we are in Iraq.

  • Ricus - 2011-12-12 09:10


      Azande - 2011-12-12 10:44

      in which way exactly if I may ask?

      Gregory - 2011-12-12 11:15

      In every way Azande. You hadn't noticed????????????????????????????

  • Chum Scrubber - 2011-12-12 09:11

    Looks like the intent was to murder rather than steal. Typical South African robbery, always a rape or murder thrown in for good measure - I'm convinced this incredible violence is racially motivated. Its a culture sold to the people by the ANC, I detest them.

      joel.mathope - 2011-12-12 09:57

      Who said the motive was robbery

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-12 10:05

      People leave race out of this.A criminal is a criminal (This is NOT a race issue).

  • Esperanca - 2011-12-12 09:12

    This is very very sad. I hope whoever finds these morons kills them! No trial no jail, they do not deserve to live!

  • Sheik - 2011-12-12 09:14

    Life is so cheap in this country. Bring back the death penalty would re-value life, because there would be a price to pay. If the South African Government does not have the "BALLS" to do it, they could always contract it out to the Chinese. The Chinese put as much value on life as our crimials. The ANC lead Government just does not have the backbone to see anything through.

  • matete.k.seshwene - 2011-12-12 09:15

    Shoot people for cellphones? Even the devil is shaking... Bring back the death penalty- PERIOD!!!

  • Cameronl - 2011-12-12 09:28

    AAAAH I get so angry when crap like this happens!!!! They get shot REPEATEDLY for bloody cellphones. Is that all their lives are worth..... CELLPHONES??????

  • methedex - 2011-12-12 09:44

    Wish someone would just chop these dudes up with pangas! And it must hurt! It is just a constant fear for our families safety in this country. This place is so great, yet we have so much evil here.

  • Thabo - 2011-12-12 09:52

    As blacks, we are scared of criminals too. If you didn't know, blacks are the most affected by crime while most victims of crime are black. The problem here is that this happened in PTA North (predominantly white). Had it been in a township, it would have been just another day in crime land. Pity whites in SA are still trapped in that fear that blacks will eventually come out for them, no wonder whites can and will never extend their hand to a black person. I feel sorry for this family being attacked like that just for cellphones (and this is not because they are white, its because they are human)

      John - 2011-12-12 10:06

      I agree Thabo. Far more crime goes of in the predomanantly black areas, I have seen and heard of it my self, it does not Even get reported that often in the so called black newspapers. But I ask my self often what can we all do, build higher walls, razor wire, sophisticated alarm systems, security companies, dogs and the list goes on. And they the criminals still manage to get into our homes and rob, murder and rape. The majority in the townships can not afford this kind of security generally. So they become the soft targets. We as all people must target our ward councellors, local politicians to get the crime situation sorted. St art with education, and not that pathetic excuse for standards we haveat present. Then employment, relax thelabourlaws so that the entranapors can at least make a star.

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-12 10:07

      Thank you my brother.

      James - 2011-12-12 10:08

      I dont see whites killing blacks every day Thabo.

      Azande - 2011-12-12 10:55

      You again Kaizer. yo bitterness confirms yo loss in apartheid treasures. Good thing though is that u are able to realise that John’s comment is out of “reasoning” something u lack by extreme. No wonder u repeated grade 12 four times before u were condoned and got accepted as a plumbing trainee to fix our sewerage systems.

      Craig - 2011-12-12 11:02

      Whites will and have never extended their hand to a black man ????? LOL your kidding right ? I drive to work and back daily.. At the robots are white beggars and black beggars.. I have ONLY EVER given money to black beggards .. Please wake up .. and recant that statement .. Thanks : }

      Mike - 2011-12-12 11:06

      This page is filled by posts from the Klu Klux Klan and I think Kaizer is the Grand Dragon.

  • Japana - 2011-12-12 10:00

    This is the only time I think the death penalty should be used. Most probably these guys will do it again or it wasnt their 1st time already. Sick.

  • Kevin - 2011-12-12 10:05

    Race must not be brought into this. Whoever did this should be executed quickly, without a drawn-out court case and attorneys making money from it. There is no deterrent in our legal system at present, most criminals probably relish going to jail. BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY

      Thabo - 2011-12-12 10:45

      @Kaizer Wow, I really don't think you care much about the family that has been gruesomely attacked. You and your cronies are a good measuring stick to the progress made towards a non-racial society.

  • yucfgjdxgsxhcghgvdcdikfbvgdj - 2011-12-12 10:05

    you know... people are ridiculous. Here we have a family of 4 people who all got shot for a bunch of cellphones. One person lost an eye and another is probably paralysed. And all you fellow citizens can do is argue about the skin colour of the culprits. Does this family suffer more if the culprits are black? I reckon 3 bullets in the stomach hurt enough for the victim not to care about the ethnicity of the trigger-puller...

  • jack.kukard - 2011-12-12 10:07

    Hang them , or execute them in a public place......

      Azande - 2011-12-12 10:58

      bernardhill412 idea (above) is perfect at this stage.

  • Pieter - 2011-12-12 10:09

    Mzanzi fo sho! Bafana ka o fela! Tshwane - we are the same. (imp)unity through diversity.

  • sam.swanpoel - 2011-12-12 10:12

    Only the death penalty will stop this escalating crime. The police cannot stop it and these slime ball criminals know that.

  • Dale - 2011-12-12 10:15

    almost killed all those people for cellphones? shame on you SA!

  • Thabo - 2011-12-12 10:20

    @James "I dont see whites killing blacks every day Thabo" Its called motive, James.

      James - 2011-12-12 10:38

      Sounds like you're trying to justify it.

  • Marelise - 2011-12-12 10:35

    What a sick world we live in!! Hopefully they get caught soon and get shot.

  • Monique - 2011-12-12 10:37

    Find them and Kill them all!!!!!!!!!!!!! For Cellphones!!! %#$^@$%^! WTF!!!!?????

  • Mohsin - 2011-12-12 10:40

    white black indian coloured every 1 does crime it just seems like the population ratio refelcts the criminal ratio, lets fight this scourge as a united human race and kill these mother f####s!!!!

  • Samora - 2011-12-12 10:43

    it can't just have been for cellphones. do they have a business rival? how did robbers get in? there are many instances in SA where family murders happen and someone from inside is involved somehow, whether an employee or a relative.

  • Joe - 2011-12-12 10:52

    Brain dead Biological Fu........kups.Daily ,this country is going down the drains faster than you can blink your eyes !!!Nothing is WRONGGG!!! with this country,its just that those in charge,ANC,our non functional justice system as well as those voting for them black or white,are blessed with "Glazed Pork"for brain matter.If they loose one more braincell they will be photosynthesis.

  • Mike - 2011-12-12 10:58

    Time for a referendum to bring back the death penalty.

  • Lynn - 2011-12-12 11:21

    Cruel Savages. Hope they are caught and shot. Best wishes to this family.

  • ArchAngel - 2011-12-12 12:01

    Part 1: This is what happens when you have a Government that strategically disarms it's own Law Abiding Citizens and ensures that illegally armed criminals are now certain they face UNARMED VICTIMS. Law and Order in South Africa took a nosedive when your Government played into the hands of criminals by implementing it's Unconstitutional Firearms Confiscation Act. cont.....

  • ArchAngel - 2011-12-12 12:01

    Part 2: The media played along, mostly agreeing with those that called for the restriction of property ownership (firearms are property after all) for certain people, thereby strengthening the case of the Government. They were warned that they should guard EVERY FREEDOM AND RIGHT RELIGIOUSLY, lest it come back to bite them on their collective bums. They took the stance of, well REMOVING LEGAL GUNS from your own LAW ABIDING CITIZENS does not impact on their business so why complain, why make waves? Sort of makes me want to quote and paraphrase Martin Niemöller: "First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me." Now they have also come for the journalists who seem to have been hoist by their own petard. Censorship and Gun Control is the political equivalent of binding and gagging a victim before raping and mugging them. Such acts are carried out by the same criminals, one with a law degree from a local place of incarceration, the other a law degree from a university for the same sick perverted purposes which are to remove you from your property, liberty and dignity, and bend you to will of others.

  • ArchAngel - 2011-12-12 12:03

    Part 3: All is not yet lost for them, but they need to move swiftly and form strategic alliances with others whose rights have been taken away from them. Armed civilians are citizens. Unarmed civilians are subjects. One final quote for the day from Ayn Rand that I quite like: "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

  • Angelo - 2011-12-12 14:16

    Something is seriously fishy...why do i get the feeling there is more to this story then just a sick vicious attack? A group of criminals break into your house and shoots everyone multiple times and only take cellphones? overactive imagination says that we dealing with another hit. Mark my words.

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