Invaded land 'belongs to Malema'

2011-10-31 10:06

Pietermaritzburg - The owner of a tract of land in Winterskloof, Hilton, will approach the KwaZulu-Natal High Court on Monday to obtain a court order to stop people from invading his land in Crompton Road.

Residents on Sunday complained that people clearing the land have told them the land “belongs to Julius Malema”.

One resident said he was called a “settler” and told that his land would also be taken.

Landowner Rusty Roodt told The Witness the police in Hilton have failed to act on his complaints that people are invading his land; and nothing has been done to halt them.


He said pegs were knocked into his land a week ago and on Sunday morning earthmoving equipment was brought in to level the land.

“I went to my office and got my rates accounts and an aerial map of my land to show the people, but they would not budge. They are just taking my land, so I am going to court.”

Richard Heathcote, who lives opposite the site, said the invaders have begun clearing right over Umgeni Water’s pipeline. “The police are doing nothing.”

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said that when her husband asked the crowd there what they were doing they threatened him, calling him a “settler”.

“They said they would take our land too.”

She said the invaders had removed the number plates from their vehicles so they could not be identified.

The community of Mpumuza are adamant that the land belongs to them and said there is nothing illegal about their actions because they are reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.

“We are continuing what we started when we marched on Thursday and Friday to reclaim what is ours,” said a resident who refused to be named.

Forcefully removed

Former Ward 2 councillor Sibusiso Ntuli said, “We have families that were forcefully removed from this area - like the Ngubanes, Mhlongos, Ngcobos, Mtshahes and many others. There is even a grave of the late iNkosi Zondi in this plot to prove that this area belongs to the Mpumuza tribal authority.”

He said people are simply claiming what is theirs and that if Roodt claims it is his property then he must produce the title deeds.

“We are tired of seeing black people being oppressed because we have even applied to reclaim this piece of land.”

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Joey Jeevan said the police are awaiting documentation to prove who the legal owner of the land is.

“If it is found that the land is under claim the matter will be referred to the land claims commission.”

- Are you there? Send us your eyewitness accounts and photos

  • Dave - 2011-10-31 10:11

    Sounds like Zim. This is just the start

      benjaminvanstaden - 2011-10-31 10:11

      Jip, was about to say the same.....

      Jacques - 2011-10-31 10:13

      so true

      Herman - 2011-10-31 10:27 in what sense?

      Michael - 2011-10-31 10:34

      @msendi - it's this "nonsense we call freedom" that empowers people like you (on both sides of the spectrum) to make such irresponsible statements. Please don't feed the trolls people!

      Deon - 2011-10-31 10:40

      Follow the proper channels and they will be removed. You are also allowed to defend your land.

      Sammy - 2011-10-31 10:41

      Sganja, I also need shares? Will you share YOUR stuff with me please?????

      Morne - 2011-10-31 10:47

      Maybe the Zulus and the farmers must give the land back to the khoi people. They were here first. Or lets give it back to Adam. This land reformed thing is a joke.

      Melanie - 2011-10-31 10:49

      @msendi. Unfortunately the land you claim is yours, your tribes and clans people also stole for the rightful people who lived here before you. Please read your history because the Zulu people came from the Congo to South Africa in the 16th century which is around the same time the Dutch settled. Which means you are also a settler and the true people who the land should go to are the Khoi-Khoi and the San people. You cannot take land from a person because some other person of the same colour took it from your people hundreds of years ago.

      Servaas - 2011-10-31 10:56

      @Nick: I was wondering how long before someone would suggest I am oranje or Racist.. Btw, will see what you do if strikers plunder and break down the business your family built up, if it was white, indian or chinese, whatever, I would have done the same. @right: Do you honestly think I care what you assume. I doubt you made your money by hard work. I also think you are an AA/BEE baby that thinks life owes them and wait for handouts, not to mention you probably got your farm thanks to the steal and hand out process the goverment implement.

      Chumscrubber1 - 2011-10-31 11:22

      To be honest msendi, the government is the problem. The land issue was in the process of being resolved, but this wonderful ANC government has made such a mess of it that it has now ground to a halt. But you choose to blame white people for the mess - I guess its too embarrassing to admit it was you boeties that pillaged this issue instead of dealing with it. Now we are heading into a Zimbabwe style free for all - which will only benefit the black elite - and that only for a select few. Writing is on the wall, get ready for a fight, we are given no choice by the evil creatures that have grabbed power in our country.

      Servaas - 2011-10-31 11:42

      @Nick & Right: Why don't you guys get a room?

      channing.froom - 2011-10-31 11:46

      to those who complain !! brain wash and propaganda is a power full thing. these people have been convinced that they do not have to work for a decent living, for the past 17 years the ANC have been promising them a life of riches. this is impossible as most of us here know. the ANC have created an illusion, and i dont blame the people for trying to take the land. dont blame them, blame the government. stop complaining, if you dont like it you have the power to gather together and do what you think is right. at the end of the day this WILL get alot worse, malema is quickly becoming the next ANC president. the way i see it is you can move, or you can come together and stand strong. 1 more thing, numbers dont win wars, intelligence does !! and its been proven over and over in history. peace

      Servaas - 2011-10-31 11:50

      @Right: Do take note of channing froom's comment. "1 more thing, numbers dont win wars, intelligence does !! and its been proven over and over in history. " Intelligence is clearly a department the ANCYL has a massive set back in.

      Servaas - 2011-10-31 12:02

      @Right: You are one funny man

      Clive - 2011-10-31 12:03

      This is not Zim and you are not a victom unless you choise to be, you have the right to fight for what is yours, burn the land and all who try move on it petrol bomb there cars and then poison it before giving up. they dont know what they are in for and beware the animal they are have cornered.

      Servaas - 2011-10-31 12:17

      @Right: Funny how you say now you cant stand him and you don't support his views and actions, but on previous articles you are pro malema and support his views. Hypocrite.

      Nick - 2011-10-31 12:49

      @Servaas, ek moet ook bieg...die proses hoe jy gevolgtrekkinge bereken is klaarblyklik gebroke..............

      Chikukwa - 2011-10-31 13:18

      The Zim debacle had lessons to be learnt from both sides but unfortunately it seems like both sides are repeating the same mistakes here, major one being ARROGANCE. A solution is needed from BOTH parties.

      Roberta - 2011-10-31 13:48

      @Right - and your FB page does not exist, so you shouldn't be on here making these weird statements. Only cowards go around anonymously making stupid comments!

      Gestoffle - 2011-10-31 15:30

      I tell you where us white people went wrong, we buried our fore-fathers, grandfathers, etc in effing grave-yards! We should have buried them in effing arbitrary places all over SA, so we could have a claim to the land too! God forbid, if one of your family members should pass on….go and bury them on a farm you like…and its yours, all yours! No farming experience required!

      Gestoffle - 2011-10-31 16:00

      @Right - you truly are a stupid fnuck to think that is really her...haven’t you been duped!! ha ha effing ha

      Nick - 2011-10-31 17:39

      Gestoffle - Your latest post makes no sense what so ever........

      Gestoffle - 2011-10-31 17:54

      @ Nick, That is why you & Right are 2 peas out the same pod….nothing makes sense to you, not now, not ever. 8 people (at the time) make sense of it.

      Nick - 2011-10-31 18:06

      LOL - OK then, but only because you say so.......nnnnnnkayyy

      Right - 2011-10-31 18:09 they really make sense of it or do they LACK COMMON SENSE. Common sense is rather uncommon. As a case in point...sheer numbers is not a proof of intelligent thought....not RIGHT.

      Colin - 2011-10-31 18:20

      time to abandon the ship unless you want to go under with it. But don't worry in ten years time they will be begging us to come back just like all the other african countries

      Gestoffle - 2011-10-31 19:31

      @Right - I can see you are very famous for "speaking in riddles"....and that has very protracted meanings, and trust me you cover the whole lot. Mr Riddle himself, Mal-emma wants to see you the moment he gets back from Mal-rutuis, after spending all the mal-lets money - he has false hope for you and a false job.

      Colin - 2011-10-31 19:51

      @right shoot the whites, bring my machine gun, take their land, they are all criminals, aa, bee and so on. You are once again expecting us to change, remember 1992 when we had an referendum and whites voted to change? We changed from apartheid to democracy and the anc said they will stop murdering whites but whites are still being killed left and right and the anc is still singing the same songs. so this time you change, stop killing, raping and robbing and we'll try again but unit such time...

      John - 2011-10-31 20:23

      This is what happens when mentally challenged manparas are given a microphone.

      John - 2011-10-31 20:31

      There are enough Mercedes Benz's in the Government Garage to pay for all the rightful land claims... but the Wabenzi in government do not care about the PEOPLE...

      reynard.j.debeer - 2011-11-01 03:04

      If only the land redistribution efforts where done in a much different way! From both sides, if the 'whites' where more willing to sell, and 'blacks' gave a good price aswell as an assurance that farming will be successful. However 'white' farmers probably didn't potentially want a sqwatter camp on their doorstep (which brings about alot of issues) and 'black' farmers (to be) wanted more than what was offered. I believe if it was implemented in a better understanding way, perhaps it could of been more sucessful.

      Dave - 2011-11-01 06:07

      The land will stop being productive, food will be imported and only people like Juju will be able to afford it so all we are seeing here is a repeat of Zim and look at the state the Juju and Winnie types have done to that country. Who suffers the most, the people that voted this kind of person into power, will Africa never learn ?.

      Herman - 2011-11-01 09:51

      I think whatever legal fees stem from this the farmer should charge to the ANCYL account! After all, it is solely their faulty this is happening!

      Boeretroos - 2011-11-01 15:48

      The line is drawn Malema - let your people come !

      darren.peach - 2011-11-01 18:01

      You are right. The fact that the cops are doing nothing proves that we have no rights anymore.On the Surface, Everything seems fine but when you get down to the nitty gritty we all know who comes first. Legality has no place in SA. We are going down the same road as Zim.

  • Carl - 2011-10-31 10:12

    It starts...

      Adrian - 2011-10-31 11:04

      I would love to see what Tweek and Grant are going to do about this they are not small boys

      Andre - 2011-10-31 12:23

      Malema to blame!!!

  • Neill - 2011-10-31 10:13

    And so it starts... Well done Malema, now your people stupidly believe they can steal land as they please...

      Neill - 2011-10-31 10:45

      What shares are you talking about? I worked hard to BUY my land. I did not take it from anyone. Now you tell me I must just give, what is lawfully mine, to someone who is not willing to work hard for what he wants? Lets say you are a car owner, and I come to you and take your car, because I really really want one, will you be happy with that? answer is NO, because you worked hard to buy yourself a car. Why don't they apply the same logic to land?

      Neill - 2011-10-31 10:49

      @ Luiz How did your forefather acquire land? Please answer me that....

      Peter - 2011-10-31 11:10

      @ Luiz, dude really, we should pack our bags!!! What do you think is going to bappen to SA if all the hard working South Africans black or white leave? Do you not watch the news and see places like Zimbabwe and other african nations who have tried the land grabbing tactics?? I promise you and anyone else if someone comes to try and take my land I will not go to through any channels this country will end up in a civil war and that will destroy everything we have worked for. Keep in mine that we are the only country in the history of the world to have a change in government without a war! What is happening with these land grabs is the catalyst that is going to undo all of the hard work that people like Mandela and others have done over the last 20 years to ensure that this country remains an unbelievable place!

      theandystokes - 2011-10-31 11:14

      @Sganja - Why are you now pretending to be a white guy? Inferiority complex?

      Neill - 2011-10-31 11:15

      @ Luiz Your forefathers migrated around in africa, and fought for land. then they depleted all available resources and moved on, and fought with the next tribe. They were not the first to come to south africa... Take the zulu's. They migrated down on the eastern coast of africa and settled(yes, settled, they are also settlers.) in the area now known as kwazulu natal. and this only happend in 1709 by Zulu kaNtombhela. So I think Jan and his mates can rightfully call FIRST(1652)!! So please take your ballet/bullet talk and run into a wall repeatedly! As for migrating... Don't think so brother, I humbly await your ballet bullet campaign...

      Charl - 2011-10-31 11:30

      Somebody is going to get hurt.... real bad....

      Mandsxoxo - 2011-10-31 11:35

      Luiz you are smoking socks. Go back to school for a little history lesson. The Khoi San are the rightful owners of any of this land before the Settlers or African tribes robbed them of it first. Don't push it, at some point you'll overstay your welcome.

      Sganja - 2011-10-31 11:36

      And who is that somebody Charl?

      Dmitri - 2011-10-31 12:57

      Let them come onto property that is not theirs and I am on it. History will repeat itself, and I am still standing. Make of this what you want.

      Ian - 2011-10-31 14:38

      @Luiz I dont have a passport to England or Australia, I was born In SA, My government says that I am a South African citizen. What do you call me then? Where do you want me to go? Into the sea I suppose.

      alansmart223 - 2011-10-31 15:55

      To the victor goes the spoils. We fought the zulu's, the Xhosa's, The English, and even the Germans in Namibia. All those tribes had in any event had a part of taking the land from the xhoisan. If the white's get pushed to far they will not let a 2nd Zim happen. It will be a scorched earth policy. Blow up the mines, destroy most infrastructure. People should realize that there are still 2 million highly trained military personal in this country. I'm not a war-monger but the will of the white man to protect what is his should never, ever be underestimated, no matter what the cost.

      Vincent - 2011-10-31 20:22

      Malema is very,very stupid and people that follow him more stupid....

  • Rolf - 2011-10-31 10:13

    and so it begins..

      Gareth - 2011-10-31 10:55

      I love the smell of civil war in the morning....

      logancyoung - 2011-10-31 11:50

      "War is sweet to those who have never experienced it." - Pindar. Gareth, I don't think you understand what everybody's asking for. Civil war will destroy this country.

      Gareth - 2011-10-31 11:57

      logancyoung - the comment was partly tongue in cheek, but make no mistake, when people randomly take land away from owners, war becomes a distinct possibility. This country is in a very precarious political and social position and something like this may well be the tipping point….

      Atholl - 2011-10-31 12:00

      'the matter will be referred to the land claims commission' The Beginning is certainly not this 'isolated' incident. When one evaluated the deliberate stalling (and corruption) of the land claims commission - to create a {problem} All that is required is a (propaganda) method to find someone (else) to point the problem to. The philosophy is really very simple: ... Create a {problem} (where nothing existed) ... ..... Advocate and promote Chaos and anarchy ...... in order to provoke a {reaction} .... then from the {reaction} ... "YOU" provide a {solution} [a solution that nobody would have accepted in the first case] Nobody looks at the conduct of the Land Claims Commission - do they? Who are the 'Masters' ? Are they blacks with political connections ?? Or are they whites - the ones with the biggest smiles, the warmest handshakes - the silent jabbers - the silent ones - the long term planners ?? The ones who do anything, ... absolutely anything for money ... the silent 'trainers' ... just like Zim ? Best Case Scenario --> identify the 'ringleaders' investigate them, follow their trail --> they WILL lead u to the 'Masters' - ....... Standard 3-card-trick - {problem} - {reaction} - {solution}

      logancyoung - 2011-10-31 12:58

      Gareth, I agree, but does that mean that encouraging the idea with comments like "I love the smell of civil war in the morning..." is wise? I don't think so. The concept of civil war scares the crap out of me as it should. And anyone who isn't frightened by it needs some serious help

      Gareth - 2011-10-31 13:52

      logancyoung - I am pretty frightened by Malema's land grab and nationalisation rhetoric and militant speak, perhaps it’s time to get tough and talk back? The man is talking about changing the constitution, and he gathers more uneducated follwers daily (let’s be honest there are a lot of them around in this country which suits the ANC). That’s pretty terrifying stuff. The question is what will the minority do about it besides moaning on this website? You can't have a struggle party in power without a revolution, its soldiers without a war. Malema has created an enemy that his people can identify with. How long do we get pushed around before we fight back?

      Colin - 2011-10-31 17:03

      At least we get to shoot back in a war instead of waiting for the tsotsis to come and kill you in your home

      Marion - 2011-11-01 16:04

      A black acquaintance told me a few years back that she often wished that SA would degenerate into civil war so that the issues could be sorted once and for all. She said she was tired of always having to extend the hand of friendship to whites who treated her like c***. She seemed quite happy at the prospect of civil war.

  • Paas - 2011-10-31 10:13

    I'm the sure that when the Pedi Malema settles down on "his" land, he'll soon discover that the Zulus wont be too happy

      werner.smidt - 2011-10-31 10:27

      Or when the Zulus just realise that Juju is a Pedi ;-)

  • Jaco - 2011-10-31 10:13

    that didn’t take long. and so it begins...

  • Paul - 2011-10-31 10:15

    Malema-ville is upon us.

  • John - 2011-10-31 10:18

    So, this is the start of the country's demise in civil war and bloodshed. That fat Tellie Tubby, Malema started the fire and now he is going to have to stay in the heat until everything died down. Zoomer and his lame, useless NEC did nothing to prevent this BS and the Lump of Lard is going to drag SA down into chaos! Oh well, time to break out the arms and wait for the idiots to come and claim something from me so that I can explain to them via the interpretation of Mr. AK and Mr. Glock where they can go and jump!

      Abram - 2011-11-03 13:50

      we were fighting all along thats why people have been hanged and killed like chickens,thats is why people like mandela spend their life in jail for talking the truth,is not over yet,and we are not scared.

  • ry.short - 2011-10-31 10:18

    And here I was believing that "the people" weren't so dumb as to take political rhetoric as literal meaning..

  • Michelle - 2011-10-31 10:24

    And so it begins...

  • Stephen - 2011-10-31 10:25

    It's starting.

      Chumscrubber1 - 2011-10-31 18:01

      It started quite a while back, we're just noticing whats happening more and more ...

  • Jan - 2011-10-31 10:25

    Just to inform and Media 24 please look into the matter. Someone stole my profile picture and is making comments on my behalf under the name Jan Twak (as I am also widely known). Please ignore and get rid of this fake. Jan Nel

  • Carel - 2011-10-31 10:26

    HAHAHAHAHA! - please start taking the farms by force! PLEASE!

      Garth - 2011-10-31 13:20

      That is precisely the mindless arrogance that the white farmers in Rho. . . sorry, Zimbabwe replied with, when face with mad bob's land steal. As with the murderous, racist land theft up north, these anc ignorants are backed by the government. They are backed by and will receive logistical support from the police and from the courts. If you think for one second, pale face, that any authority is going to side with you, you are very naive and have not lived in Africa for very long. These people think that the world owes them and their ilk, favours. They have been taught by the white liberal world that they are special and deserved of everything for free. What these fools do not understand, is that when the whites finally all leave Africa, either by force or by choice, the blacks are going to realise that all that aid, was the biggest plot of suppression that the world has ever seen - give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, et al. They will be left with nothing, because they know nothing and are capable of nothing. Rape, murder, theft and indolence do not a country build - look north anc a$$holes. Look to the north . . .

  • Ryan - 2011-10-31 10:26

    what those muppets dont understand is that blacks are as much foreigners to this land as whites are. the Khoi/San were the original people here

  • Sammy - 2011-10-31 10:26

    "He said people are simply claiming what is theirs and that if Roodt claims it is his property then he must produce the title deeds." AND do these thugs have title deeds? LOL Clearly not!

      Mike - 2011-10-31 12:57

      He who alleges must prove, onus is on land grabbers

  • Heather - 2011-10-31 10:29

    And so the downfall of South Africa begins. Time to start packing up and looking at other countries.

      Heidi - 2011-10-31 12:17

      Where do you think we can go? nowhere cause you must be worth something in another country and if that country see a recession coming they will send you home!

      Martin - 2011-10-31 12:18

      No Heather, time to start fighting for our rights. It will be a shame if we just roll over and move on. Our ancestors died for this land!!! Its time to make a stand and start demanding our rights.

      Heather - 2011-10-31 13:15

      Depends on your qualifications Heidi. Martin that is all very well IF everyone and I mean everyone starts demanding their rights, but I have noticed that most people moan and complain and do nothing.

      Ruan - 2011-10-31 13:43

      .....i already did that, the best move i've made !!

      alansmart223 - 2011-10-31 16:27

      Well said Heather.! Between starvation and Aids, they'd probably go to Zim again and hire hard working and capable whites to bring in prosperity and economic viability. The fat cats will learn to earn an honest living by hard work like you and me.. and the rest of us.

  • Hermann - 2011-10-31 10:29

    There we are - don't work simply go steal and destroy. They do not worry, when there is no more food the bleeding heart liberal international aid agencies will come feed them.

  • sewsexy - 2011-10-31 10:29

    And so "IT" begins ......

  • Heather - 2011-10-31 10:36

    I am just fascinated at the stupidity of these people. When this happened in Zim and the farms that were taken were never farmed and so the people began to starve, they started fleeing into South Africa for food, jobs etc. Where are this lot going to go when it happens here? Into the sea?? We can only hope of course.

      Phil - 2011-11-01 13:23

      I am fascinated by the stupidity of people who see history repeating itself and just suck it up! It happened (and is STILL happening in Zim) and the ANC has told us they are going to grab the land. How stupid can you be to wait for the axe to fall and do nothing ?

  • kerrimg - 2011-10-31 10:38

    all thanks to Julius he told them to take to the street........just like zimbabwe

      Albert - 2011-10-31 12:14

      Rendani,why didn`t you spew this crap during the apartheid yours when you had a gun to your head you coward.You only talk big because of your numbers.But numbers don`t count where there`s technology.You will learn that the hard way.

      Alan - 2011-10-31 12:17

      Umm Knowing Juju - he was probably referring to KFC Streetwise 2 packs.

  • Harold - 2011-10-31 10:46

    I lay the blame for this right at the door of government -they've pussy footed about this land issue for so long and its causing huge frustration. we need fast decisive action and we need it immediately. Settle these land issues once and for all. Of course the opportunists will climb in but they must be identified and sent on their way.

  • neil.hamman - 2011-10-31 10:47

    The Governments response to this will be interesting.

      Alan - 2011-10-31 10:50

      The Govt responds to nothing unless it promotes their own particular brand of 'policy'. Never seen a President as quiet as ours when there is some scandal going on. Ostrich Politics.

  • an0nthinker - 2011-10-31 10:50

    Let the Zim regime start. It's obviously what the people and gov want. They want to be jobless and starving and have no medical care while the leaders are fat and rich and go overseas when they need medical care. Just like Bob. Keep following little sheep...soon you'll have your wish of being like Zim, you'll be more hungry, more cold and more sick in no time.

  • Piet - 2011-10-31 10:51

    The end of this country if up sooner than we think!

  • Bart - 2011-10-31 10:53

    so it has now started, oh crap, lets go and invade Malema's house. I was there first

  • Kevin - 2011-10-31 10:56

    Shoot them . They are thugs of the worst kind.

  • Abdul - 2011-10-31 11:02

    i always wondered during my countless travels , all these vasts lands in the middle of nowhere are fenced off , wonder who owns them?did they peg them back in the day?

  • Allan - 2011-10-31 11:02

    Pegs knocked in, Malena's land? Maybe a prison is being built for him??

  • Sammy - 2011-10-31 11:04

    here we go... Dictator in the making?

  • Kevin - 2011-10-31 11:04

    Come on new Police chief . Lets see what you are made of . Not only do you need throw the scum rubbish off the land but you need to fire the cops who did not react to the complaint. Lay a charge against them. Burn all belongings placed on the land. Give new meaning to shack fires.

  • jasmin.haumann - 2011-10-31 11:05

    I said this will happen

  • Kevin - 2011-10-31 11:06

    Lay a charge of trespassing against the bulldozer owner to stop him coming on the property.

  • Jason - 2011-10-31 11:07

    Yip, it starts - these clowns are taking the land because Malema is telling them to, not becuase they believe its theirs!! Sganja co-operate for what - the land doesnt belong to these people, they just want it because they are too effing lazy to find a job and work!!

  • desmond.joshua2 - 2011-10-31 11:07

    who gave the land to malema?is he stealing again?

  • LynneOeschger - 2011-10-31 11:09

    You don't see me, as a whitie, telling the scandinavians or italians i want restitution for what they took back on that damp little island my family came from. Time to move on, South Africa. Look forward, build a future. Quit bitching and whining. Get over it. And on with it.

      Alan - 2011-10-31 11:15

      Agreed! No other way but forward makes sense.

  • Marius - 2011-10-31 11:09

    Who is a settler, am I one because of the voortrekkers 400 years ago? Am I now one because of apartheid? Was the bushman first in South Africa? who came before them? The black people came after the bush people, so they also don't rightfully own the land. What about america and columbus, the whole of America should then belong to the indians, who came before the indians? Who really has a right to own land?

      Alan - 2011-10-31 11:17

      Good point Marius - let's sit back and wait for some ridiculous rhetoric as an answer from the 'grabbers' ....

      Phil - 2011-11-01 13:18

      " Am I now one because of apartheid?" No Marius , you "are one" because you are NOT African. Africans are blackskinned ....palefaced "settlers" need not apply. Ok I am going OTT to make a point .....the point is that no matter how RIGHT you may be, people like you and I don't make the decisions anymore. We are powerless , our opinions are not wanted , we are irrelevant. The people who ware driving this country are Africans ....and THEY decide who is an "African" and who is a "settler" And , I will repeat.......palefaced folk need not apply.

      davieoosie - 2011-11-02 08:15

      @Phil - Who is the racist now. If Africa belongs to only blacks(and what tint of black are you), why not get rid of all the borders then and see what our neighbors think of that. Your just a stupid white hater.

  • Kenneth - 2011-10-31 11:13

    I will go to war with anybody who tries to claim my land, and I believe alot of other farmers would join me. The clock is ticking!!!

      Alan - 2011-10-31 12:03

      @Zwelethu. Agreed - people like you have worked for what you have, and you are part of the solution of this country. This is not a Black-White issue. This is about doing the right things going forward, and stopping those that are promoting uprising and evil. A strong Govt. that puts the country first would be beneficial to all of us.

      Fran - 2011-11-01 09:00

      Nice. I agree.

      Phil - 2011-11-01 13:33

      Kenneth the only people the clock is ticking for people like you who fail see reality. These people will not rest until those such as you have nothing.

  • Natalie - 2011-10-31 11:18

    This is so very very sad......I never thought that this would be happening in our beautiful country.

      Phil - 2011-11-01 13:37

      "I never thought that this would be happening in our beautiful country " Then you are extremely naive (that is being diplomatic) Do you HONESTLY think you have a future in SA?

  • alfie.dunn - 2011-10-31 11:20

    Here it comes...Ignorance and arrogance. If you dont give, we will take. Who care if it yours, we want, we take because it belongs to Malema. Watch out Settlers, this really sounds like the begining of something nasty.

      Gerald - 2011-10-31 12:21

      Right what is a land Grap. Who taught you to spell, who taught you to write. Please change your name to one that suits you JACK

  • karisdv - 2011-10-31 11:21

    This is frightening. Why dont we all just jump on the bandwagon?!?! Ridiculous.

  • atomasicchio - 2011-10-31 11:21

    Here we go, a slippery slope down hill. I have no issue with giving back to the land to the majority, but do they have the skills and knowledge to maintain it???? Land is only useful if you know what to do with it...

  • Jou - 2011-10-31 11:22


      Merven - 2011-10-31 13:46

      To the ditch my friends!

  • Jou - 2011-10-31 11:22


  • mandizvidza1 - 2011-10-31 11:25


  • kozikan - 2011-10-31 11:25

    you know what, give them their frikken land, let them build shacks, let them live in huts and have 17 wives and 37 children, chickens, cows and rabid dogs.... either face the future and grow or go back to wearing loin cloths and being savages... i dont care anymore!!! ... enough is enough.... ITS MY RIGHT TOO!!!

      Heinrich - 2011-10-31 21:34

      No, man ! This is not what we expect of a yes we can man! Live up to your name : Of kozican ! (Don't ask me what we can though... Maybe we must just can the whole idea. In which case you may have a point).

  • Jan Boer - 2011-10-31 11:27

    What these guys don't realize is that investors will pull away from South Africa, without investors you have no economy and with no economy you have no jobs...without jobs you have no money...and this is what all shouting and marching is about, all of them are a bunch of idiots following the biggest idiot ever - Malema the biggest walking void in the whole world! NASA terms...blackhole! Ugh!

  • Karmah - 2011-10-31 11:28

    And so it starts...

      Grant - 2011-11-01 05:12

      For the sake of the millions of good people of all races, I pray it doesn't start.

  • charl.bosman2 - 2011-10-31 11:30

    A simple thing that is lost in all the land redistribution and nasionalisation talks is that it is not ownership that should be transferred. I would love to own Anglo American, but once I've got I wouldn't have the first idea what to do with it apart form plundering it from the inside to enrich myself. The whole issue should focus on redistribution of profit from the land and transferring skills. This way 5% can own all the land and companies in the country, but 100% can profit by it. p.s. I can't believe all the racist crap evident on Media 24's pages.

  • fkhawula - 2011-10-31 11:31

    It's amazing how this straight-away became a war between black and white, and not simply between right and wrong. i will not take anyone's side on this but i will ask one question; if Mr. Rusty Roodt (the landowner) was black (or coloured, or indian), would the community of Mpumuza have not tried to claim his land? Why is it that disputes that so happen to involve black people and white people automatically become the war of the two races? I strongly believe that South Africa's growth is majorly hampered but the lack of unity amongst the people that live within her than anything else, and such comments (from either side), demonstrate just that. its sad really

      hyden.watson - 2011-11-01 09:27

      I agree

  • Bradley - 2011-10-31 11:31

    You all talk about civil war, please i bet 90% of you dont even know what war is like probably a bunch of naive kids commenting about war cause they play call of duty...there will be no war as most of us dont want it, this land has seen enough blood. it seems to me the ignorant here want war, well you know what go find it some where else. Here we keep peace through superior fire power. now shut up enjoy your coffee and good day to you. with regards to the article its a bunch of idiots still drunk from last weeks party, it will blow over and the farmer will have his land back.

      Bradley - 2011-10-31 12:03

      and its with regards to both sides....TRUST ME!! war is a no no, the only time we should go to war is if an extraterrestrial life form comes from mars to harvest our body parts for illegal services on mars..then yes.

      Shaun - 2011-10-31 12:58

      Spoken like a true ignoramus

      Karmah - 2011-10-31 13:29

      I don't think anybody here actually wants war... -_- but the way things are going, it looks like war is a more and more likely outcome. Now go level up your soldier in call of duty and let the grownups talk ok?

      yummyhamster - 2011-10-31 14:22

      Bradly have you ever even been in the military or even been involved in some sort of training.Oh wait you have not. you are an ignorant kid that finished matric in 2005. Let the grownups deal with this and go play with your Barbie dolls. there is only one thing Africa understands. And only one way to solve things in Africa. So if you are not willing to fight for your country because you are scared if being shot at then bug... interesting how you know your computer games...

      Shaun - 2011-10-31 14:38

      @ Bradley, when I was 19 I aleast did my basic in the SANDF. Heres my question to you, did you ?

      Bradley - 2011-10-31 15:46

      "War does not determine who is right - only who is left." hopefully Shaun and yummyhamster will be the first to go then thats two less ignorant peeps left. yay! firstly yummymaster your investigative skills are oh so awesome what it took you 2min on my fb shame you are the real watson aren't you....shaun "basic SANDF".. LOL yeah cool story bro. what im saying is i dont need to prove any thing to you guys if you want to pick up arms and kill people go ahead im not stopping you....oh BTW 30 likes yo! suck on it. P.S you are thinking with your heart not your head you are all ignorant, Pshhh you probably dont een know what it means.

      Bradley - 2011-10-31 15:58

      and dont think for one minute i don't know how to protect what is right...push comes to shove i'll punch holes through the thickest of walls!! peel away your skin and show the dark within, you're knocking at the wrong gate!!

      Colin - 2011-10-31 17:10

      ok bradley stay at home and let the grownups do the fighting and afterwards you can come and tell us how wrong we were

      channing.froom - 2011-11-01 10:13

      @Bradley war is a scary thought, but at the end of the day it is white against black, this war has been pending for the last 17 years and if you take a tactical look at it you will see the the ANC have been preparing for it, taking away guns, making it impossible to get a licence, they want to take away the ability to walk around with even the most basic weapons - pepper spray, your fear is what keeps you down, but if push comes to shove and you dont choose to stand and fight you will die a coward, you will show no honor or dignity. war is not nice and i dont wish to fight but i will stand with my race no matter what happens !! and your comment of we a bunch of naive kids who play call of duty .... i personaly have been trained in mai tie and jujitsu. iv trained with some brilliant MMA fighters, police, and done gun training aswell. i have alot of friends who train every weekend with weapons and the numbers are growning. as i said no one wants to have a war, but many are already prepared for it. open your eyes.

      dylanswanie - 2011-11-01 13:53

      We would'nt win. The world doesnt look to fondly against us white south africans in case you havent realised. we are outnumbered 10 to 1. It would be the last thing us as a people ever do. War is not the option.

      Colin - 2011-11-02 17:20

      dylan go hide with bradley, he doesn't want to fight either. Go ask someone who actually knows something about war, for example someone who went to the border, what they think