JSC confirms Mogoeng nomination - report

2011-09-04 18:17

Cape Town  - The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) has confirmed President Jacob Zuma's nomination of Mogoeng Mogoeng as chief justice, EWN said it had learned on Sunday.

Mogoeng earlier in the day said God wanted him to be chief justice, after several JSC officials called on him to reject his nomination.

He was on Sunday bombarded with questions ranging from religion to gender issues and homosexuality.

Mogoeng ended his two-day grilling by assuring people that he will protect the rights of women as well as the gay and lesbian community.

  • Shrike - 2011-09-04 18:24

    God help us all......judgement is nigh.....

  • Civil_Rights - 2011-09-04 18:25

    The "man upstairs" with a shower head says Mogoeng is fit to be chief justice. Who are we to question "God's" choice.

      Shrike - 2011-09-04 18:34

      Maybe he should be nominated as the next Pope as well........seems like a good candidate.....

      Francois - 2011-09-04 18:41

      What is the difference between God and Zuma? God does not think he is Zuma.

      Shrike - 2011-09-04 19:48

      Mogoeng hears voices?......sounds serious, maybe he should see a doctor.....

  • Francois - 2011-09-04 18:29

    Hopefully by the next election the committees that are comprised pro rata depending on the vote will have a diminished ANC representation as the ANC will have less peope in parliament. Malema, now is a good time to leave. Terror, get your act together. Shilowa, get your own party and take some votes in Gauteng and nationally. Ngatsha, leave. If we are going to continue to have a parliament that serves at the will of the president and not the other way round, parliament will continue to be the highest paid and after Travelgate, also prone for bribery, institution in this country. Well done Zuma, now you have everybody except Juju on your side. Can you start leading us now?

  • phola nsikaz - 2011-09-04 18:41

    well done jsc

  • cliffarc - 2011-09-04 18:46

    - Clearly Zuma believes in surrounding himself with incompetents.

  • Lucky Strike - 2011-09-04 18:46

    So what was all that about? Did he come through the grilling smelling like roses or was it just a case of going through the motions?

  • refilwe mashigo - 2011-09-04 19:33

    Oh no :-( we're headed for no no no NO!!

      Pencilgraffiti - 2011-09-04 19:44

      Yep Refilwe... He is scary nominee that is most likely going to end up as the winner. Then we have an incompetent Chief Justice and a corrupt government that has just passed an info bill whereby they can classify their own corruption as Secrets of the State and basically put a lid on EVERYTHING. iow 1930's Germany/1990 - present Zimbabwe

  • BryanJhb - 2011-09-04 19:33

    The JSC's history shows it to be incompetent. Here I refer to the misconduct hearing of Hlope which found that he had not acted improperly in trying to persuade the CC judges (how they they reasonbly come to this finding as it implied that they were not accepting the words / testimonies of at least 3 CC judges) and where Helen Zille succeeded with her clain in the AC that the JSC had not been correctly constituted in that instance. So really its a case of a fool interviewing a fool!

  • Christopher - 2011-09-04 19:40

    What an arrogant, pompous, ill briefed and ill equipped tosser this man is. He has the intellectual depth of a shallow puddle. He and Zuma deserve each other. But where was the Official Opposition, the DA, in this? Instead of leading the charge they left it to Dikgang Mosekene, a couple of brave lawyers and the IFP's Koos van der Merwe to expose this idiot's complete unsuitability to be Chief Justice. And Mosegoeng believes God wants him in this job? God help us all.

  • marco - 2011-09-04 19:52

    South Africa needs its judiciary to underpin its social progress.In a country where abortion is legal,same-sex couples marry,a strong civil society and an independent judiciary lets hope this virtual unknown Mogoeng's nomination as chief justice don't undermine the contry's reputation as the most liberal outposts in all of Africa.No society is static,least of all African societies. I wonder why Zuma has twice now overlooked Dikgang Moseneke,Sandile Ngcobo's long-serving deputy,for this position?Is it because he serves the people of South Africa rather than the ANC and the Zuma power clique?It seems Moseneke has the reputation for being fiercely independent and he is a former political prisoner as well.So why ditch him and nominate Mogoeng? Mogoeng is a lightweight compared with the other judges that make up the 11-person constitutional court.I guess South African democracy faces two connected fears:a social conservative backlash and a lapdog judiciary.Mogoeng is a bit of an idiot.As a prosecutor in the 1980s Bophuthatswana he was overzealous in advocating the now unconstitutional death penalty,in 2001 he ruled that a 2 year sentence imposed on a man who tied a woman to the bumper of his car and dragged her at high speed was "too harsh",in 2004 he reduced by half a man's sentence for raping his 8month pregnant wife because they were not strangers and in 2007 he suspended a two-year jail sentence against a man who had raped his wife saying he had been sexually aroused.

      leonard - 2011-09-04 22:16

      @marco It bears repeating.Zapiro`s cartoon in todays Sunday Times encapsulates all the hype surrounding a certain new chief justice.Even though senior members of the judiciary etal proved beyond a doubt his "RIGHTNESS" for the job was wrong,we knew the appointment was a done deal.See the cartoon.Please News24,post the cartoon for all to see.

  • Omphile - 2011-09-10 02:50

    A wonderful nation deserves a wonderful guidance,he is eligible to that.

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