Janitors in court for burying dog alive

2011-11-22 09:18

Cape Town - Two janitors are expected to appear in the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court this week for allegedly burying a dog alive, according to a newspaper report on Tuesday.

Poto Mfengu and Mkhumbuzi Ncedana, who had their case postponed for further investigation on Monday, face charges of animal cruelty after the dog was rescued from being buried alive on the sports field of Luhlaza Secondary School on October 20.

The two will again appear in court on Friday.

The dog was dubbed “Warrior” by her rescuers after being hauled from a 1.5m-deep pit where she was stuck for about 30 minutes.

Staff of Mdzananda Animal Clinic brought Warrior to the court building on Monday where animal lovers, along with their own dogs, protested outside for “justice for Warrior”.

Clinic co-ordinator Jane Levinson told the Cape Times that Warrior was recovering “very well” and was being taken for hydrotherapy treatment and acupuncture every week.

Mfengu and Ncedana are still working at Luhlaza Secondary School.

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Paddy Atwell said there was nothing prohibiting the two men from returning to work.

Police arrested the pair within hours of the incident, but released them from custody the next day.

Bukelwa Mbulawa, a worker in the school’s kitchen reported the incident to Mdzananda from her cellphone.

  • Gareth - 2011-11-22 09:26

    Drop them in a pit and I will cover it with sand.....

      Yar - 2011-11-22 09:50

      @ Gareth I will volunteer to dig the hole?

      Ann - 2011-11-22 09:53

      These abusers deserve to be buried alive! DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS DISGUSTING DISPLAY OF CRUELTY!!!!!

      Michelle - 2011-11-22 10:02

      @Gareth, Can I help dig??

      jody.beggs - 2011-11-22 10:34

      Me too ?

      TypeRSA - 2011-11-22 11:24

      Bring theses mofoes to me. I will show them what I think of them. Pieces of tick scum!!!!

  • Rohin - 2011-11-22 09:28

    Yah! Some action against animal abuse!!!!

      Jeffrey - 2011-11-22 10:08

      What action? They were released again the next day (note "released", not "released on bail"), and their trial has been postponed. And they're still working at the school (wtf?). These men are FREE, in every sense of the word.

      Debbi - 2011-11-22 11:29

      Hopefully justice will be done but in the meantime, the cleaner that reported the burying of the animal was fired and the workers who did the burying "are welcome to return to work". Sick, sick society we live in.

      Ann - 2011-11-22 11:56

      @ Debbi - if the cleaner who reported this was fired, she should approach the CCMA for unfair dismissal. This also shows just how much the info bill will affect us knowing about things such as this. Although it is unpleasant to know of such cruelty, it is our right to know about it and to see justice being carried out. Well done 'whistle-blowing' lady - may you find an even better job where you will be appreciated and hopefully you will earn a whole heap more!!!

  • Theresa - 2011-11-22 09:33

    It boggles the mind that a human can be so cruel.I wouldn't trust these two near children, yet they are allowed to go back to work at the school.It's a crazy world we live in...

  • Da - 2011-11-22 09:35

    Cover them in the same 1.5m pit for 30minutes, they have to learn the lesson as well.

      eheesen - 2011-11-22 10:38

      triple the time, they are bigger than the dog after all

  • Shawn - 2011-11-22 09:35

    All serial killers start with killing animals.

  • Greg - 2011-11-22 09:45

    Now what would poses a human being to be so cruel? Really?? They should be buried alive!! An eye for an eye!! People like this make me sick!

  • Megan - 2011-11-22 09:59

    Let me guess they will get a R100 fine and a slap on the wrist from the courts? When are they going to take animal cruelty seriously and make an example of these two disgusting things (won't insult animals by calling them that!)

  • Francois - 2011-11-22 10:01

    execute the fukkers.

  • Polok - 2011-11-22 10:02

    Shame poor dog! shame on you janitors,as well as the school head...your punishment should be community service at SPCA for 6 months cleaning dogs and removing dog poo..

      Jeffrey - 2011-11-22 10:09

      No, Polok. They should be publicly executed.

  • alexandra.nett - 2011-11-22 10:03

    OMW and they work at a school where there are children. Now please help me in seeing the sense in this. I SAY BURY THESE USELESS DEVILS IN THEIR OWN PIT! We live in a country where a great number of people do not look after their own children so why are we surprised when they do not care for an animal!

  • Jeffrey - 2011-11-22 10:13

    What's with this : "where animal lovers, along with their own dogs, protested"? Why animal lovers, specifically? Why do they feel the need to vilify those protesting this abhorrent behaviour. This is criminal abuse, those responsible (all of them, not just these two) should be lined up and shot. Not only animal lovers object to these men continuing to exist.

  • Alva - 2011-11-22 10:17

    5000 hours community service at the SPCA and AACL or 5 years in jail at least! What savages! Well done to the person who reported this!

      Hannalie - 2012-04-20 14:54

      They can`t be trusted near animals. What if they hurt these as well?

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2011-11-22 10:20

    What a sick society we live in. Thanks to the lady that reported these twisted " A holes "

  • Lisa - 2011-11-22 10:52

    It triggers something inside of me that hurts so bad that I can't put it into words :(

  • dave.j.colquhoun - 2011-11-22 11:12

    Drop them in a mine shaft the pit's already there!

  • Debbi - 2011-11-22 11:34

    Here's another case that I hope get urgent attention: PLEASE ALL, SIGN THE PETITION!!

  • Suzie - 2011-11-22 11:45

    So frustrated with this right now. Did the lady that saved the dog get her job back. Apparently she was sacked for whistle blowing and for dragging the school's name through the mud. She is a hero in society's eyes. she needs to be praised and not dishonored. As for those 2 retarded potential serial killers. They should be bound and gagged, shoved down a hole, covered in dirt and left to suffer and painful, agonizing, traumatic torture. I cant stand people like this. yet they're allowed back to the school where innocent little children will be left to defend themselves from these maniacs. Jail Time!! HUGE FINE. That's what I say. let them suffer

      Debbi - 2011-11-22 11:53

      Suzie, the cleaner has not yet been reinstated but I don't think it would be a good idea anyway as she would be severely victimized by the school authorities for embarrassing them! See:!/BraveLittleWarriorOfCapeTown

  • Honorina - 2011-11-22 11:58

    @Gareth I’m right behind you and the all the volunteers digging that hole ... what the hell is this world coming to? As if there isn’t enough crime going on ... NOW the poor animals are suffering in these fools hands ... REALLY ASS HOLES :-(

  • PainPunisher - 2011-11-22 12:09

    A man's best friend being being barried alive! now thas cruel

  • Lee - 2012-01-16 11:28

    Just Evil.

  • ernest.lwandle - 2012-09-04 02:38

    my black brothers where is your bussy making us trailing behinde all the human races day by day GOD HELP US KNOW

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