Jeffrey's Bay woman clubbed to death by ex

2012-01-16 14:04

Port Elizabeth - A man has been arrested for allegedly clubbing to death his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend in Jeffrey's Bay, Eastern Cape police said on Monday.

"Tembela Jan, a municipal law enforcement officer, was on duty at a caravan park [on Sunday] when her 48-year-old ex-boyfriend appeared," said Lieutenant Colonel Priscilla Naidu.

She said the man was apparently angry and repeatedly attacked Jan with a plank. He ran away when Jan collapsed.

Naidu said witnesses tried to stop the attack, but to no avail. The police were alerted, but Jan was dead by the time they arrived.

The man was later arrested while walking back to Humansdorp and was identified by witnesses.

"The man was charged for murder and will appear in Humansdorp Magistrate's Court on Tuesday," said Naidu.

  • christo.stone - 2012-01-16 14:16

    Feed him to the Sharks.

      Willie - 2012-01-16 14:19

      Or send him to the gallows right away,merit of the case will be discussed later

      George - 2012-01-16 14:28

      Gallows she is broken, He stole the plank

      spartanx93 - 2012-01-16 14:37

      Juju got the "H" when doing the gallows project......

      David - 2012-01-16 14:49

      No. Give him to us and we will hit him with planks 24/7.

      galef - 2012-01-16 15:12

      I dont even think the sharks would eat him......*spits*

      craigtjames - 2012-01-17 06:50

      South Africa is turning into a very very sick society. Our crimes are angry, full of hate and out of control man. What can we as her people do? What??

      David - 2012-01-17 07:12

      Why are we such a violent society? In all violent crimes we need to start making examples of the perpetrators. Bring back the death penalty for a year or two but only execute the criminals where there is 100% certainty of their guilt.

  • Jimmy - 2012-01-16 14:18


  • Simon - 2012-01-16 14:18

    death penalty

      Ben - 2012-01-16 15:54

      Yes Reza and look at the thumbs. Half of the guys here are also sissies. I wonder how would they have felt if it was someone close to them. If you are a coward, just give me a down thumb.

  • Ben - 2012-01-16 14:19

    There were witnesses and they allowed it to happen. Sis man, you are useless human beings to allow somebody to be killed in front of you. Surely there must have been a way to stop him. I hope this keeps you awake at night.

      reza.daniels1 - 2012-01-16 15:29

      My thoughts is because so many men have turned into cowards.....they just frown and say : "It's not my problem. I'm not going to get hurt for someone I don't even know." And we wonder why we have all this violence and crime. It's because of all the liberal sissies.

      Odicito - 2012-01-17 08:14

      I agree. I remember this one time we saw a guy hitting a girl, within seconds he was on the ground getting some good bliksems himself. Just random strangers acting on impulse without even saying a word to each other! He didn't get too bad kicking to give him any permanent damage, but he got a good lesson. I really cannot stand a violent situation but sometimes when people bliksem someone for hurting their girlfriend, or snatching someones bag, I dont have a problem at all! Instant 'justice'.

  • Theresa - 2012-01-16 14:19

    Holy crap! Is there something in the water affecting these people? Apparently leaving the other person is not an option anymore, they have to be taken out.

      procold2 - 2012-01-16 15:01

      savages no other word for it.

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-01-16 14:25

    WTF. 2012 is the year all the phsycos come out of the woodwork.

  • George - 2012-01-16 14:26

    Wood work class gone wrong

  • madsipho - 2012-01-16 14:32

    He was 48 & she was 28, thats 20years gap inbetween

      Lorenzo - 2012-01-16 14:40

      They probably broke up because of his erectile dysfunction! lol

      Lorenzo - 2012-01-16 14:41

      That said… he deserves the death penalty!! Bastard!

      fezisa.mdibi - 2012-01-16 14:41

      wow! you can count!

      Sharon - 2012-01-16 14:51

      In certain cultures it is the norm to have a younger women .......barbaric

      richard.hipkin - 2012-01-16 16:05

      @Shanna, really? What "certain" cultures would that be?

      madsipho - 2012-01-16 16:53

      @PointBlank, that's a very good question to ask..

  • eben.ferreira1 - 2012-01-16 14:40

    Just like that

      Nazeem - 2012-01-17 09:23

      @Jacqueline,I respectfully think that you have been fed with the wrong information about Islam,I suppose you are Christian?,a true Christian will never call people "little morons",consider this one point of Islam, Do you know that the father of nations,Prophet Abraham Peace be upon him built the first house of GOD in Mecca,GOD has given Muslims the complete control as custodians of the first undisputed house of GOD,I think you should do proper research on Islam and not base your thoughts on propoganda.

  • Phumi - 2012-01-16 14:41

    Under Sharia Law this would'nt have happened. But then again this country of the one who has a staque in Sandton and centre square of London has opted to have too much liberal laws!

      Sharon - 2012-01-16 14:52


      Martin - 2012-01-16 15:09

      Phumi, if people grow up with no religion and no belief that they will one day be accountable to the Almighty, then this is expected. Jewish and Christian laws are actually harsher than Sharia law. People need to turn to religions for morals and I suggest Islam. It is the one religion that stresses on God consciousness.

      Jacqueline - 2012-01-17 08:05

      You have got to be kidding me1 Sharia Law? When did this become a religious killing according to Islam? Was either of them Sunni or Shi'ite? How do you equate this with Islam? And just for your information, this type of incident is far more common and widespread in the Middle East than in SA you ignorant little moron! You basically said absolutely nothing in your post nor are you even close to the topic of discussion!

  • Sharon - 2012-01-16 14:50

    Send him to China with a kilo of cocaine..........

  • mvcross - 2012-01-16 14:52

    after death penalty no one came back to repeat the crime so how about bringing back the death penalty if you do the crime do the time sad but true if u have lost a love one due to crime u will understand

  • Gavin - 2012-01-16 15:02

    It seems we don't like the fact that Venezuela has become the murder capital of the world and want our title back.

  • Newsreader - 2012-01-16 15:11

    Another good ol Monday in South Africa..... News headlines...South Africa Brother killed for stealing cellphone 55 minutes ago A woman and her boyfriend have been arrested for her brother's murder over a stolen cellphone, Gauteng police say. Man admits killing gay lover, sister Man arrested for brother's stabbing death Man hacks mother to death with panga

  • galef - 2012-01-16 15:12


  • Celeste - 2012-01-16 15:14

    Yet another instance when you wonder what happened before this and if he was abusive before this instance what was done about it. These attacks are hardly ever the firs instance and the question is when are we going to stop abusive behaviour before these kind of things happen! Also, what kind of a society are we living in when people stand around watching another person be beaten without taking action. Really! Enough is enough!

  • Ivan - 2012-01-16 15:19

    Ive nearly clubbed myself to death - oemsh oemsh oemsh

      Colourless - 2012-01-16 16:38

      were you shufflin'?

  • larisha.toffar - 2012-01-16 15:36

    This world is becoming a scary place you don't know who to trust anymore, you must look behind your back at every corner,where is the unity?

  • Ingrid - 2012-01-16 16:17


  • godesha - 2012-01-17 06:51

    It has become too easy to take another person's life.

  • Chumscrubber1 - 2012-01-17 07:08

    Men with low self esteem are dangerous people.

  • Fredster - 2012-01-17 07:24


  • gillian.sanderson - 2012-01-17 07:37

    ho hum

  • Marco - 2012-01-17 08:10

    violence against woman and children is i believes one of the biggest monsters and tragedies in our (i actualy cant call them that)needs to understand that our purpose is to protect and respect our woman.real men will realise that he should be the provider,protector.

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