Job fitness tests suspended after deaths

2012-12-30 07:28

Johannesburg - KwaZulu-Natal transport MEC Willies Mchunu has suspended all tests for Road Traffic Inspectorate jobs after seven people died, SABC radio news reported on Sunday.

In a statement on Saturday he said he would investigate the incident whereby "scores" of people who were trying to get a job at the road traffic inspectorate, collapsed during a fitness test.

"More than 34 000 applicants qualified for the 90 trainee posts which were advertised," said Mchunu in a statement.

He said that 15 600 applicants attended a fitness test at the Harry Gwala Stadium on Thursday, and a similar number attended on Friday.

"Scores of them could not cope with the hot weather condition and collapsed."

Many were taken to hospital.

  • squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-30 07:32

    "Scores of them could not cope with the hot weather condition and collapsed." No, sir, they could not cope with your incompetence. You and all involved belong in jail. This is outrageous.

      mathata.fela.7 - 2012-12-30 07:44

      This is exactly what happens when incompetent, unqualified people are appointed in government positions. The result of their incompetence is just more visible in this scenario where people actually died.

      5ihl3 - 2012-12-30 07:48

      and you're basing yo comments on what?? this is a very stupid comment

      rodneyvw - 2012-12-30 07:57

      Guys & Gals... It says CLEARLY "SABC radio news reported on Sunday" Come On!! This was NOT a N24 scoop. If it was, then there would have been better research into the matter, but as we all know, the poor SABC in not allowed to give us all the facts - especially not if it puts the government in a bad light.

      marilyn.docherty.9 - 2012-12-30 08:12

      Put an 'incompetent' in 'power' and this is what you get!!! The person in charge should take full responsibility and be charged accordingly!

      billy.bunter.779 - 2012-12-30 10:21

      @5ihl3 - comments are based on the fact that these poor candidates had been standing in the sun for most of the morning without food or drink; were then expected to run a 4km fitness test in the superhot conditions prevailing in Pmb at the moment, again without being given water, and then when they collapsed from heat exhaustion, there were no medics on hand to train them. This amounts to criminal negligence on the part of Mchunu and his band of idiots.

      walter.tgsa - 2012-12-30 11:12

      Surely, one does not give fitness tests to 34,000 people if one is only looking for 90 people? What about some 'pre-selection' procedures / criteria? The sad thing about these people dying? Nobody will be taken to account over this (yet another...) disaster, life is cheap in Africa...

      thato.seloane - 2012-12-30 11:30

      Squeegee, or maybe unfit people tried their luck and failed. The likes of you are never satisfied, he th government is applying one fitness test and u claim incompetence

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-12-30 11:57

      Stupid lazy Cadre appointees.Why did they not hire competent fitness experts to shortlist the candidates.34,000 candidates for 90 positions.I am sorry but these cadres in South Africa are the most dumb people on GOD's green earth.They should be deported to the sun.They have ruined everything that was once good in this country.

      JuditVictor - 2012-12-30 13:04

      The stupidity of this, boggles the mind! how much more?

      mlucejko - 2012-12-30 13:32

      If this wasn't so tragic it would be funny !! I'm guessing they wanted to chose the 90 fastest runners so they could run after drivers that commit traffic offences !! Just imagine, a BMW goes through a 'red light' these poor buggers have to run and catch the culprit ???? --- Seriously whoever thought up this idea for recruitment needs to be 'Fired' !!

      john.barbarian.9 - 2012-12-30 17:52

      I wonder what was this test about? If someone can post the fitness test program here will be realy interesting to know at what level these candidates are being examined.

      preshen.govender.12382 - 2012-12-31 09:07

      They should of just played Xbox Kinect

  • fishycraig - 2012-12-30 07:34

    Didn't know you had to be fit to sit on your bum all day.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 08:55

      Now you know

      asdhasgd - 2012-12-30 09:12

      xD nice one

      zip.reeper - 2012-12-30 10:31

      the next test will be how quickly applicants can solicit bribes from motorists. then how quickly the can balloon to superhuman proportions hiding behind bushes with their speed traps, and how quickly the can expand their families to 10 babies, paid for by the taxpayer.

      koos.meyer.52 - 2012-12-30 11:55

      This is "odd" as most Cops are so bloody fat, they don't look like they could run 40m- they spend all day at KFC trying to make their fat asses even fatter. I think most of the SA population would probably also die trying to run 4km. We almost as bad as the fat Americans these days...

  • faizieishlah.shabalala - 2012-12-30 07:41

    A criminal act by those in charge led to the death and injury to innocent people. Put a name to a murder charge and jail these idiots

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-30 08:05

      No, 5ihl3, but incompetence in conducting the test is. Stupidity, bad planning, a lack of medical resources... Must I go on? I would guess most if not all of those who died were black and the comments here show that people are not concerned with race but with a system that allowed people to 'compete' for jobs like circus animals.

      Billy - 2012-12-30 08:05

      5ihl3, please stop being stupid if you do it properly, people would not die. for example. you are not going to put someone in a fitness test that weighs 170kg in 40degree heat. THAT is irresponsible. you need fitness experts on site, not just a nutcase with a whistle and a power trip, this isnt the movies. playing "Eye of the tiger" will not help them. you need to assess if the person is even capable of ENTERING the fitness test. not just go and see what happens. thats when people die.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 08:57

      Sihle, yuu must be one of the retards who shortlisted an entire stadium for 90 positions

      nuus.reeder - 2012-12-30 09:24

      Agree, a shortlist of 34 000 for 90 jobs. No no no, this just does not make any sense at all, surely a 5 year old can see how absolutely ludicrous this is. The word "short" is there for a reason. This is just embarrassing for a nation, I'm lost for words...

      stirer.kathray - 2012-12-30 11:53

      Fazie, The people were there by choice - nobody forced them to participate. In the same way, nobody forces anyone to participate in marathons and walks. Nor do they demand medical examinations before they start. It is extremely unfortunate that some people died - just as unfortunate as people who have died in the Comrades Marathon, and even out jogging around the block. It has been widely publicised that cops needed to be fit; how else do you short list 36000 candidates, except by eliminating (unfortunate use of word) those not fit or unqualified for the job? At least these jobs are being properly advertised and adjudicated, and are not being given to friends and family.

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-30 21:19

      Stirer, I certainly hope that you are forced to run in 40 deg temp at your next job application. Athletes are fit and they train for their events. These people wanted a job.

  • sabeer.mahomed.3 - 2012-12-30 07:44

    34000 qualified for 90 posts? WTF!

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-30 08:08

      Exactly. Some lazy idiot couldn't be bothered with going through the applications and cutting down the number so he came up with the 'fitness test' nonsense. I hope every family that lost someone will sue his rear end off...

      kortbroek.duplessis - 2012-12-30 08:57

      Makes me wonder what qualifications were needed, being black, alive and breathing?

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 09:38

      Kortbroek, matric is the minimum qualification. Did you also study under Bantu Education :)

  • cujimmy.okpall - 2012-12-30 07:45

    Will this increase the death toll figures on our roads over December to over 1000?

  • bra.tabs - 2012-12-30 07:51

    Eer Minister, but what good would that do as the 2-day fitness tests had already ended. Ultimately, this was a well-planned execution exercise by the gvt on its own ppl.

  • - 2012-12-30 07:52

    What was the qualifying criteria?

      Rodney - 2012-12-30 08:04

      cousin, relative of husband and wife and friend of friends.

      njabulo.jama.5 - 2012-12-30 08:06

      Matric, ID and drivers licence...4km in 30min to finish da test

      nuus.reeder - 2012-12-30 09:35


      koos.meyer.52 - 2012-12-30 11:57

      So fat they couldn't run 4km in 30 minutes, I could walk it in that FFS...

      kevin.kramer111 - 2012-12-30 14:44

      R50 buck bribe...

  • Rodney - 2012-12-30 07:55

    for 90. Apply 34000.and already ths 90. Is thr relative. Friends of friends.

  • tania.bosmanroos - 2012-12-30 07:58

    This is very sad. Imagine you are so desperate for a job, get invited for the fitness test and you are so hopefull that you will get a job, and die. This is murder. My thoughts and prayers are with these families who lost their loved ones.

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-30 08:09

      This process is so flawed it must be criminal...

      calvin.eighteeseex - 2012-12-30 08:16

      One of the few goodhearted News24 user

      koos.meyer.52 - 2012-12-30 11:59

      Well they shouldn't be so bloody fat FFS... too much KFC with Social Grants money meant to feed the 6 babies produced...

      fedupandsad - 2012-12-30 12:26

      It is beyond shocking that SEVEN people had to die before someone did something. Whoever was in charge must be arrested for murder. This is sick, sick, sick.

  • calvin.eighteeseex - 2012-12-30 07:58

    Somebody must pay gov must pay for the victims funeral *period!!! Been applying for gov jobs from the time I finished matric in 2006, but instead the recruiting maharajs only see for the naidoos, now screw kzn gov,screw dbn metro, you must pay baba!!!

      brandon.mccutcheon.56 - 2012-12-30 08:39

      @calvin. I don't think that working for the current government is a good idea. If you are an honest and honorable person, you will stay at the bottom of the ranks for the rest of your career unless you join their 'club' of fraud and corruption.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 10:11

      Brian, is that how Kortbroek van Schalkwyk made it to the top?

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2012-12-30 07:58

    And so is bee etc etc racist so stick you umshini up there it might open your eyes.

      calvin.eighteeseex - 2012-12-30 08:05

      I thought bee accomodates anything non white, be it african,indian/asian to coloureds, for your own info, the asians are dominant when it comes to benefiting in these posts, they are true friends n family, they organise a job for uncles'mother's cousin unlike the african who rather scru the realatives and take brown envelopes from strangers, well what can we say? Country rotten to the core,a racist president and a racist bunch of minority group!

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 09:07

      Calvin, this confused idiot does not even know that it's AA/EE in this case, not BEE, and that white women are also covered in its provisions

      tobydt - 2012-12-30 10:35

      calvin - Unfortunately, that is not what BEE means. Dont you remember about the BEE policies in the WCape, which excluded coloured folks, because it didnt stand with regards to national demographics?

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 11:38

      Sinudeity are coloured people not the majority in the Western Cape? If I am right, how were they excluded by BEE policies? Who excluded them in the Western Cape?

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 14:56

      tienie.mac, did Sinudeity appoint you as his spin doctor? If so, this is what he wrote: "Dont you remember about the BEE policies in the WCape, which excluded coloured folks, because it didnt stand with regards to national demographics." Where do you see "National Government" in what he wrote? He clearly says Wcape Cape excluded coloured people. MY question relates to the WCape and the exclusion of coloured people.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 20:12

      tienie, you are about to burst a vein. I know exactly what was said by Jimmy Manyi. I wanted Sinudeity to explain what he meant as it was completely different from what Jimmy Manyi had said, and could have been something different that I was not aware of. You indirectly referred to what was said by Manyi, which still does not address what Sinudeity had said. I cannot help not commenting on issues which I find funny and being the persons that laughs a lot, it comes out in my post. I also comment on ANY issue which I feel strongly about. Unless you know any rules against that, deal with it. I just came back from walking my sausag dog by the way. I will ask him about your stupid advice tomorrow

  • colin.spear - 2012-12-30 07:59

    Well someone's neck is on the line for Murder and yes that's what it is. Any reasonable person would have been able to know that something like this would result in deaths. One is too many. 7? Unforgivable.

  • alican.francem - 2012-12-30 08:00

    Seven people died life goes on and mchuno or something with his cadres lives on. You have failed the basics, what else should we entrust you for mr?

  • joao.nunes.754 - 2012-12-30 08:04

    The silence from the Gov is deafening....if it was a private company there would be a lot to say...... Hey Mr President, I WOULDN'T TREAT MY DOGS LIKE LIKE THIS.......

      calvin.eighteeseex - 2012-12-30 08:07

      Basicaly what Mr Nunes is saying is victims are dogs. #very sad

      Dawn Campbell Gibson - 2012-12-30 08:32

      Calvin - maybe an english lesson is in order. Nowhere was it said the victims were dogs. But, the people running the tests, well thats another story.

  • theo.ferreira.58 - 2012-12-30 08:10

    Sad story and I hate to bring up this question; no disrespect to the affected families.. Why on earth would you make 15,000 people perform a fitness test for 90 vacancies???? SURELY you can narrow it down to a manageable group of, say, 100 each for 3 or 4 days to cover the 300-400 best candidates? Seems like they had 15,000 people overstress and no way in hell to actually monitor their performance or wellbeing. Someone is accountable, this was preventable.

      Mike Peach Purchase - 2012-12-30 08:23

      Theo its a case of trial and error as they dont actually know what they,re doing.What amazes me is how people dont understand everything in life has a limitation.Someone needs to be accountable for this incident,its the one person who is perched at the top.

  • musawakhe.ngubane - 2012-12-30 08:16

    These racist re-actionaries in this site like to lament and criticize everything since the death of minority rule. What has this incident to do with a majority government? We don't take you serious any more, sometimes you wish to revive Verwoed & PW Botha from their graves. Stop making unnecessary noises, we are not interested. May be the grass has all ways be greener in Europe or Australia. Get life!

      calvin.eighteeseex - 2012-12-30 08:24

      Yabona Msa mfethu ziyeke leziymfene they are just a bunch of hypocrites,I'm yet to see a black man murdered by one of these, they claim to have guns to protect themselves but they good at killong own wives and children that's the only time they murder. So mfethu chilla nje uziyeke zinywenyweze, ngeke zenze nix

      werner.nel.712 - 2012-12-30 08:25

      no my friend, how can you let people die during a fitness test? in the old SADF medics where always present when They let us do " fitness" tests. This is the elected officials that you have placed in power yet you are blinded by the past to punish them for the wrongs they do. Old Mac was right. your minds are realy colonised.

      calvin.eighteeseex - 2012-12-30 08:30

      Werner my friend TIA, so we doing things African way. I know you all like it hat way too, that's why you crossed oceans to steal the African land from the Africans

      Charles Frederik Robberts - 2012-12-30 08:37

      Just love the way you majority are stuffing everything up. Keep up the good work!

      Shane Kelly - 2012-12-30 08:38

      And your point about the story at hand is.........

      Charles Frederik Robberts - 2012-12-30 08:47

      A little bit over the top for you hey Shane?

      Erna - 2012-12-30 10:53

      Calvin - you keep on doing things the African way and see where that gets you. The 'african way' is the reason why you have 34 000 people applying for 90 jobs in the first place!

      goldwright - 2012-12-30 11:27

      This is about 7 NEEDLESS deaths, 7 deaths that could have been prevented. While apartheid was certainly an injustice to far too many people in South Africa, there also comes a time when those in positions of leadership in this country, in the many gvt depts, also have to take responsibility for their poor leadership. It is not about race, it is about standing up and leading properly. What happened in Maritzburg was the ultimate example of poor leadership, which lead to the needless deaths of seven people. We need to stop playing the blame game all the time and start behaving with responsibility, pride, dignity and respect towards each other, wether it's white on black, black on white, black on black, english on afrikaaner, hindu on muslim etc etc. Until then, this country will strugglte to move forward, because so many people are full of excuses.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 12:57

      Erna, people who live in Africa are Africans. Forgive me though if you are a European

      derek.francois.3 - 2013-01-01 07:49

      Geez Calvin if the Europeans did not cross the ocean you would still be living in a mud hut herding goats....................................................

  • mpho.c.moreki - 2012-12-30 08:23

    Why not take them all for military training?maybe they will all collapse

  • fredpotgieter - 2012-12-30 08:26

    How fit do you have to be to sit behind a speed camera under a bridge for hours on end?

      obakeng.mmathapelo - 2012-12-30 08:47

      You deserve an Oscar for your comment.

      vernon.potgieter - 2012-12-30 11:02

      fit enough 2 run 4 bribe

  • oscar.m.shezi - 2012-12-30 08:27

    Someone must be fired

      nombuso.n.mtshali.1 - 2012-12-30 08:53

      No. Nobody must be fired, they knew what they were getting themselves into. I'm not fit so I know I have to stay away from such. Law enforcement/traffic have fitness tests all the time,its the procedure. Its unfortunate that they had to die.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 09:55

      Hlabangane, musa ukudakwa yigudu ekuseni kangaka

      Erna - 2012-12-30 10:46

      Nombuso you obviously have a job and are not desperate!

      tersia.louw.12 - 2012-12-30 18:35

      They were hoping to get themselves into a job; desperate people do desperate things. A little compassion, Nombuso?

  • deon.evert - 2012-12-30 08:32

    My goodness, this government knows how to make the country the laughing stock of the world! First its president makes utterances about blacks and dog ownership (which made it onto BBC news) and then it puts 15000!!! unfit people through mass physical testing in the middle of the SA summer. Unfathomable!

  • bra.tabs - 2012-12-30 08:32

    U pay the ultimate prize for taking part in the ANC gvt comrades marathon.

  • mzuvukile.mbanjana - 2012-12-30 08:33

    South Africa???

  • mart.botha - 2012-12-30 08:33

    Does the incompetence of government structures and staffing know no bounds. Based on my own assumptions and scientific evidence which supports it, the cognitive ability of a significant segment of our population is, to say the least, retarded. Perhaps instead of denying this, detractors of my comments must research the subject before commenting.

      FeebleGastro - 2012-12-30 21:10

      F A C T .

  • medunsa.nkhatho - 2012-12-30 08:38

    How dare that they invite more than 34 000, knowing that they only need 90 personals. This is a disgust, and this department's HR management is really sick.

      kevin.kramer111 - 2012-12-30 14:50

      More applicants...more bribes...more money...

  • abdul.cassiem.9 - 2012-12-30 08:46

    I wonder what kind of excuse speech will Zumba give with regard to this satuation an what will happen to the incompetent officials the minister.

  • roman.caesar.121 - 2012-12-30 08:51

    how do you allow that 34000 ppl do a fitnes test in 2 days.. they have no idea how a recruiting process works. if there is 90 post and 34 000 ppl apply. you have to do a paper selection to down size the 34 000. you check the history (criminal record)& matric results . you chose the best +500 individuals to do the medical test first and those who pass the medical test can do the fitness test.

      Erna - 2012-12-30 09:06

      Agree - bet you that they weren't even tested if they could all read or write.

  • hugohann - 2012-12-30 08:51

    Clearly this institution do not comply with the Occupational health and safety Act and should be shut down! ALL training facilities MUST have a warning system to stop all physical activities in such conditions. They will have to prepare for a HUGE lawsuit!

  • sandile.nene.9484 - 2012-12-30 08:53

    The DOT should have selected en invited a certain number 4 their recruitment en not invite every1 dt applied.Dis costed people a lot since some are coming far from PMB

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2012-12-30 08:56

    Too little too late mr minister do us all a favour and resign before more people lose their lives.

  • Ghostfacekillah - 2012-12-30 08:56

    And I bet the people that died weren't even going to get those jobs! Just shows u how pathetic our civic service is, 34000 qualify for only 90 posts?

  • Erna - 2012-12-30 08:58

    If more than 34 000 'qualified' does that mean there were actually more that applied and these thousands had been shortlisted through completing other tests, like being able to read and write, or was the fitness test the first test. If it was, then it was just plain bad planning?

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 10:00

      Hang on while I consult my sausage dog who knows all the answers :)

      Erna - 2012-12-30 10:39

      I didn't ask you or your sausage dog. I asked someone with intelligence and insight on how this tragedy could have happened.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-30 11:40

      Okay, I must have missed the part where you referred to "someone with intelligence and insight." Wait, that part is not there :)

      deon.evert - 2012-12-30 12:52

      Relax Erna. Themba was simply adding a little wit! Maybe you just don't understand humour?

  • gregory.f.dean - 2012-12-30 08:59

    I wonder how many of the current traffic officers could run the course under the same conditions?

  • warren.mark.92 - 2012-12-30 09:00

    The person who came up with the idea of a fitness test for a traffic cop must be criminally charged and fired,traffic cops don't need to be fit to conduct their duties,I'll understand if it was saps,BUT NOT A SPEED COP,this is a joke

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2012-12-30 09:00

    I think there is more to this blunder than the eye can see.

  • reagan.titus.5 - 2012-12-30 09:05

    Gusss lees assbbbbbb

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-12-30 09:05

    Simply put, this is a direct reflection of the ability of government employees to do their jobs. Pathetic really. I must say tho that every traffic officer that I have engaged with in roadblocks etc has been a large person

  • michael.konings.7 - 2012-12-30 09:06

    34000 applicants and 90 vacancies, something is not right!

  • sono.mosime - 2012-12-30 09:08


  • warren.mark.92 - 2012-12-30 09:10

    If fitness was a requirement to be a traffic officer ,then I can tell you now that the traffic department would really be pushing the best people for the job away,and would be sitting with fit people who are retarded

  • lwazy.daizynes - 2012-12-30 09:12

    Its very i wonder who came with idea of iviting thousands of applicants for 90's of vacant it does not make sense!

  • lwazy.daizynes - 2012-12-30 09:13

    Its very sad i wonder who came with idea of iviting thousands of applicants for 90's of vacant it does not make sense!

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2012-12-30 09:15

    I have just watched this thing on the news and listened to the minister,s excuses,that whole department must be shut down and a private company must take over.Why employ more people when those in employ hardly ever work anyway.They park under trees in residential areas fining people fetching children from school as these are easy targets.They dont trap in high taxi and truck routes,why,its difficult to bribe a driver but easy to bribe an owner/driver,and who owns most taxis.The people who subsidise taxis,busses,pensions etc are being targetted i therefore see this place collapsing very quickly.

  • Sakhiwo - 2012-12-30 09:15

    Just when they thought they could see the light @ the end of the tunnel,but it wasn't to be.Kanti lishwangusha eli,abasemagunyeni should ask themselves ukuba ngaba yintando kaMDALI na okanye yingqumbo yakhe kusini.

  • CalvinMabaso - 2012-12-30 09:19

    A person who's going to be under the bridge behind speed camera don't need fitness. They suppose to shortlist 270 (3people per posts); Human Resources incompetence

  • nuus.reeder - 2012-12-30 09:20

    This is just insane, some serious lack of logic going on in our country. Ever heard of a shortlist?

  • maluxionn - 2012-12-30 09:24

    I think the whole process in Itself was flawed,how can you choose 90 people out of 34000 0bviously there would biasness there and bribe will be order of the day.people were made to run in blistering heat condition for what? Why didn't they inform people in time to prepare themselves for this rigorous fitness test say 2 weeks before?Don't they know that it is a festive season and people have consumed a lot of cooldrinks,juunk food and alcohol and no exercise thus make their body to be less prepared en vulnerable to harsh en rigorous physical exercise under very hot weather conditions,they should have postponed the whole process and advice people to go and prepare themselves.someone need to take the blame.

  • tebogosuemeyong - 2012-12-30 09:25

    How on earth do u call 34000 for assessment while u know u only want 90, firstly the person who organized this test must be fired, for failing to carry out their duties properly. Then they can investigate what they want to uncover

  • filletman.filletman - 2012-12-30 09:33

    Ok, so letme get this straight... you advertise 90 positions in he media, you receive mqny many thousands of cv's, you shortlist 34 00 candidates, you then invite 34 000 people for an interview. Out of poor desperation to shorten that list, you make the candidates run. During this process 9people die. Now you have cut the shortlist by 9 people. How will you cut the rest?Am I the only idiot here or would it not have been easier to just invite the top 50 or so candidates instead of the top 34 000? How was this MEC selected and appointed? What crisis?

      FeebleGastro - 2012-12-30 21:18

      Dont ask. In Africa, retards are in charge.

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2012-12-30 09:35

    Willie are you watching the weather?

  • nuus.reeder - 2012-12-30 09:38

    A very lucrative job, hence the intense interest. Salary R 10 k plus extra 20k on bribes a month - cash, tax free. No wonder so much interest, the environment in our country makes this job one of the best paying.