Joburg flying school facing non-safety claims

2011-08-25 14:13

Cape Town - The SA Civil Aviation Authority said on Thursday it had already conducted an inspection at the Johannesburg School of Flying which has been accused of putting students in danger in order to cut costs.

Eyewitness News reported on Thursday that it was in possession of “secret recordings” and a letter from an ex-pilot at the school sent to its chief flying instructor in which the pilot raised concerns about aeroplane maintenance.

The letter was sent to management two weeks before he was fired, EWN reported.

The pilot allegedly experienced emergencies on five of the school's six aircraft.

When he approached the school's manager, Christopher Panayiotou, he was told to change an entry about an alternator failure on one of the planes.

The CAA told News24 that last year it suspended the school when it found that it did not have the correct “manual of procedure” (business operations) and was unhappy with the school files.

The school responded to the suspension by requesting another inspection, which was conducted in May this year.

When the CAA did the inspection on this occasion, it found that the school complied with its standards and requirements.  

EWN also reported that the school said that the pilot wanted revenge after he was sacked for incompetence and that his allegations are unfounded.

Panayiotou was quoted as saying that all work being done on aircraft was legitimate and the pilot's work and behaviour was questionable.

  • DrunkTshepo - 2011-08-25 14:33

    Cut costs nicely...just give me a pilot’s license. I’m sure all passengers will feel safe with me behind the vice-grip / steering wheel!!

  • aryantoo - 2011-08-25 14:35

    Fly by night?

      Iran999 - 2011-08-25 14:58

      Whaaaa Haaaaa Haaaa !! Punny !!

  • Markal - 2011-08-25 14:52

    No surprises there, just like the taxi "industry".

  • landieman - 2011-08-25 21:28

    Makes you reconsider doing a pilot licence.

      Mikemcc - 2011-08-25 23:26

      Nah, just pay careful attention to which school you do it through.

  • pitbull - 2011-08-26 06:41

    You get old pilots, but no old bold pilots. Pilots are supposed to do their own ground checks before even getting into a plane. You cannot trust your engineer to do everything, that is why there is a checklist. When in doubt, don't.

  • Nutzman - 2011-08-26 11:55

    I have a simple policy in life regarding flying. If you can walk away from the plane, it was a good flight. No matter if there were potholes or turbulance, or the engines failed. If you can walk away, it was a good flight.

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