Johannesburg baboon 'dangerous'

2012-04-18 17:51

Johannesburg - A baboon roaming suburbs south of Johannesburg poses a threat to local residents and their pets, the Johannesburg Zoo said on Wednesday.

"For instance if it comes across a domestic dog, depending on the size of the dog, the baboon might kill it by ripping the dog’s torso, or even by picking it up and swinging the dog against a nearby structure until the dog dies," said zoo spokesperson Letta Madlala.

"With regards to people, baboons do not ordinarily attack people, unless... they feel threatened or trapped. Then they will bite, instilling severe pain as their canine teeth are bigger and longer than a lion's."

People who found the baboon in their home should leave the doors open and "get out of the way".

"Remain calm and relaxed as a baboon can read body language and as you become nervous the baboon might become aggressive.

"Try not to make eye contact with it as this is less threatening than looking at the baboon straight in the eyes."

Earlier on Wednesday an off-site monitoring company said the male baboon was missing.

"Whether he is still wandering around the area or left no one knows," Vega Monitoring owner Lyall Meistre said.

The baboon was last spotted in the Meyersdal Eco Estate on Thursday. The estate contacted animal authorities to capture him, but then could not find him.

The primate had been on the loose for about a week-and-a-half after first being sighted by Vega staff at a complex in Bassonia, roughly 2km away.

Its movements were recorded on closed-circuit television cameras.

A security meeting was held on Tuesday night about the roaming baboon, said Meistre. Residents were urged not to feed it because it was wild.

  • George - 2012-04-18 19:24

    It's only a an escaped SCAMRAL employee looking for alternate employment!

  • Jacqui - 2012-04-19 10:34

    Well he was quite placid and no threat, then he came into contact with humans and quickly learned that we live in a dog eat dog society and now according to some people he is dangerous. Now someone with a gun will shoot him and solve the problem. Moral of the story, stay amongst your own kin, you are better off there.

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