Johannesburg commute one of the worst

2011-09-08 09:33

Johannesburg - The daily commute in Johannesburg has been ranked one of the world's worst, with more than half of road users reporting increased stress levels this year, an IBM study reveals.

Commuters driving to work or school in the city spent at least 36 minutes in traffic, ranking on average as the longest global commute time together with Nairobi, Mexico City, Beijing, Bangalore and Moscow.

Johannesburgers remained upbeat though, as almost 30% believed traffic had improved "somewhat" or "substantially" in 2011, compared to 19% last year.

The commuter pain survey by IBM ranked the emotional and economic toll of commuting in each city into a pain index.

A total of 8 042 commuters were surveyed in 20 cities around the world.

The pain index took into account the stress and anger felt by commuters as well as the effect of traffic jams and stop-start traffic, amongst other things.

4th 'most painful'

Johannesburg came out as the fourth "most painful", with Mexico City commuters receiving pole position.

Those looking to reduce their daily commute and its emotional stress could move to Canada's second largest city, Montreal, as it scored the lowest on the pain index in 2011.

"Commuting doesn't occur in a vacuum...the daily commute is coloured by many factors," said Gavin Pieterse, IBM governmental programmes executive for Sub-Saharan Africa.

He said findings from Johannesburg drivers showed there was significant room for improvement in making transport systems smarter.

"We can't simply build our way out of congestion no matter which city," said Vinodh Swaminathan, IBM director of intelligent transportation systems.

He said if cities wanted to improve their traffic flow and congestion, they would need to move beyond knowing and reacting. Instead, they should find ways to anticipate and avoid situations.

And what if cities managed to do this, thereby freeing up peoples' time?

About half of commuters surveyed would spend time with loved ones or tackle their exercise routine, making for one affectionate and physically fit city.

  • Uber1 - 2011-09-08 09:39


      Welleducated - 2011-09-08 10:56

      Taxi drivers, say no more!

      GrainOfTruth - 2011-09-08 11:35

      Akshully, this is just IBM pulling a PR move to try to tell us that them and their Smart city campaign can solve all our problems. The Americans that I occasionally have to host in Joburg think that all of our complaining about traffic is a joke. They reckon that Dallas, Atlanta, LA, Chicago are all way worse.

      Will2.0 - 2011-09-08 12:23

      Welleducated, but still unable to think. Taxis transport 15-20 people per trip during peak times. Private commuters travel one per car. Who creates more congestion?

      Spyker May - 2011-09-08 12:56

      32BUber.., State only ONE thing that is working in SA today, for sure bru, then I will be the 1st to kick my Prozac habit. O, btw - crime and corruption are not included in the survey - we already know those are working just dandy over here, after all it gets an overwhelming majority vote time and time again...

      Spyker May - 2011-09-08 12:58

      I think Welluneducated meant to say.., 'Public Transport', say no more..!

      Bongza.GP - 2011-09-08 13:05

      I am reading your comment from where I am sitting, surely that must be working.

      tonno - 2011-09-08 13:30

      @Will - Not big on thinking either, are you... I'm sure Welleducated was referring to the behaviour of taxi drivers. They create chaos by not obeying the rules of the road, and it adds to other driver's frustrations, stress levels, etc.

      piet.strydom - 2011-09-08 13:33

      I live in Atlanta, used to work in JHB. Let me tell you grain, your American friends just like complaining. Atlanta is bad if you happen to live and work opposite from each other, but it is still nowhere near JHB.

      NATO OFFICE - 2011-09-08 20:15


      za101 - 2011-09-08 20:49

      The biggest problem in Johannesburg is the ANC approving private sectors request to move offices from city centre to Sandton and the suburbs. This mean people have to drive more. People cant carpool. Its hard to build an extensive transport system. Johannesburg has not seen a single 30 story building been built in LAST 20 years. Our cities toooooo big. Ask MTN why they are not in the CBD! Ask Vodacom why they dont have HQ in CBD! Ask Investec and RMB why they dont have offices in CBD! Ask PNP why their HQ is not in Johannesburg CBD! Ask Deloitte, KPMG, EY and PWC why their offices are not in CBD! ASK IBM WHY THEY DONT HAVE A BUILDING FOR THEIR COMPANY IN CBD!!!!!!! Ask Alexander Forbes why they dont have offices in CBD! Ask all the law companies why they dont have jhb offices in CBD! I can go on and on and on and on and on. The Johannesburg municipality could have said NO to all these and other companies moving to suburbs and Sandton. Johannesburg has World Summit on Sustainable Devlopment in 2002, but the city of Joburg are run by people who dont have vision, they not qualified, they not experts. Those running Joburg have caused city to become so big, that has created need for long commutes. Shame on You ANC Led Joburg And well done to all CEOs and boards for abandoning CBD

      Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 21:07

      And as from Feb next year we have to pay per Km for this pleasure.

  • Bernard Visagie. - 2011-09-08 09:41

    Johannesburg commute, one of the worst.

  • Thandi - 2011-09-08 09:43

    We have a good combination: - roads that are more akin to ongoing construction sites. - non-existant traffic policing. - South African drivers that must rank among the worst in the world (aggression, inconsiderate, low skills, immature, etc, etc, etc.) - a general acceptance of the lawless society that prevails. Is it any surprise that commuting in Jo'Burg is ranked so low?

      Paulus - 2011-09-08 10:04

      are you basing this on facts? go to jamaica and hire a car and drive around a bit - then we'll talk again - it makes joburg traffic feel like nothing. I am basing this not on facts, but on experience

      Jay - 2011-09-08 10:35

      You forgot to mention the taxi's

      Kosmonooit - 2011-09-08 10:54

      Agreed but all this is symptom. The core problem is clueless authorities and mampara public transport planning. For instance, the bus network in Jhb is pathetic. It hasn't changed since downtown Jhb was the center of the world. There is no useful bus network at all. There is NO public transport alternative. Whats even more pathetic is to see all these empty Gautrain buses plying their routes (many of which should be public is routes)

      magszinovich - 2011-09-08 12:23

      China is wayyyyy worse than Joburg. You can get stuck in traffic jams at 2am in the morning. No joke!

      za101 - 2011-09-08 20:50

      PEOPLE in durban dont know how to use 4 way stops

  • The_Librarian2 - 2011-09-08 09:46

    ...and the gautrain is not a viable alternative. Yet.

      cat8fish - 2011-09-08 09:58

      so is the Rea Vaya. The Government transport system

      Pencilgraffiti - 2011-09-08 10:21

      Not yet but the two systems are a MAJOR step in the right direction. They really just need to keep them clean (safe) and keep expanding until we have a city where you can go from Krugersdorp to Springs to Alberton to Soweto to Pretoria, and everything in between, without thinking of a car. Just hoping that they don't turn into big nasty white elephants like so many other things in SA

      Tim - 2011-09-08 10:32

      Yup, the continued strike action by drivers on both systems and the cable theft wrt Gautrain make both a risky option if you solely rely on this means of public transport.

      NuttyZA - 2011-09-08 10:52

      guess that depends where you live... I use the Gautrain everyday... its great... I get to work stress free and it costs me less... The Gautrain is getting busier by the day as more and more people use it

      Netherlander - 2011-09-08 11:14

      In London, you can catch ANY BUS from Zone 1-6,as many times as you wish, if you have a WEEKLY TRANSPORT TICKET FOR THE TUBES, no matter which Zone the Weekly Ticket is for!!! Does the same apply forthe Bus situation in Jhb?

      O-Kay - 2011-09-08 12:18

      I would like to see if the Gautrain is still running in 5 years. There are currently so many problems with water seepage, and the cost of redoing the tunnels is R250 Million. So what are they going to do??? Water will always find a way through. So they patch here and then??? Where next?? There really doesn;t seem to have been much planning as far as the tunnels are concerned. tenders ouot all over the place to fix the damage already caused.

      Maiky - 2011-09-08 12:23

      I agree with NuttyZA.... I just drive from home to the Gautrain Station which takes 5 - 10 mins... Then hop on the Gautrain to work and back home with no additional stress from Taxi drivers and bad drivers on the high way.... Things will get better if THEY know how to run the country...

      Bongza.GP - 2011-09-08 13:11

      There already is a contractor; the site has not been handed back over to the Client.

      PyroSA - 2011-09-08 15:11

      @Netherlander The Metrobus used to work the same, no idea if it's changed. As long as you have a weekly or monthly ticket for the relevant zone, you're allowed to use that bus. So, not only did you get a nice saving over daily spend, but you could also make pitstops midway, or take several trips if you'd like. Very nice for a student budget ;)

      j.n.smit - 2011-09-08 15:23

      If they make the Gautrain cheaper and get more trains...

  • Sandy - 2011-09-08 09:46

    People driving 80km/h in the fast lane doesn't help also - especially when there's no traffic !

      Prof - 2011-09-08 10:08

      That's what pisses me off. It's done by ladies in most cases.

      Shorts1 - 2011-09-08 10:31

      As well as those who talk continuously on their cellphones whilst driving, often in either the middle or fast lanes, totally oblivious to what is actually going on around them.

  • GypseyAnn - 2011-09-08 09:50

    And then thy still want to rip you off at 40c a km. Sbu Ndebele - you are in for some tough times.

  • waine - 2011-09-08 09:51

    This is why I bought myself a motorcycle 2 years ago. I have never looked back, except in my review mirror at all the suckers sitting in long queues, wasting precious time...

  • York Hunt - 2011-09-08 09:52

    Yes, Joburg traffic sucks!

  • shauncro - 2011-09-08 09:54

    Hmmm, an average of 36Min's i wonder how they get that. I live 12KM away from work and it takes me 55 mins.

      Joe - 2011-09-08 11:30

      I live 7 Km from work and it takes me about 30 min. So probably worked at at an average distance people travel as well. But I agree, I think it is much worse on average than 36 min.

      Bongza.GP - 2011-09-08 13:15

      Spending 30 minutes to take kids to school? It could be easier buying them sleeping bags and let them camp in the school hall and see them on weekends.

      Bongza.GP - 2011-09-08 14:33

      12km in 60 minutes, that is 12km/hr. What is the speed of a brisk walk?

  • Paulus - 2011-09-08 10:10

    contrary to popular belief (because of what we know in jo'burg), public transport is the answer. it defies belief how easy it is to have a system that works with busses and trains, but so many people will not use it - not because it's unsafe, but because they dont know how. if you go to the cbd, and want to take a bus to the other side of town - which one do you take? in america, you get map - yes, actual maps (not complex time tables) with the routes, with bus numbers, that show bus stops, and you hop on and hop of. it took me 1 hour to get a map in miami, new york and los angeles, but a week to find a map for a bus from east rand mall to cbd, and even with the map - i have no clue!!! so until then, lets all just sit in traffic

      Paulus - 2011-09-08 10:13

      not to mention taxi's. can anyone send me a list of the various signs to flag down a taxi to go somewhere specific? it's beyond 3rd world. in the 3rd worlds, like guatemala, they put a sign on a piece of cardboard in the front, so people can see where they are going. ffs, even the beggars at the traffic lights have cardboard signs!

  • Hein Boucher - 2011-09-08 10:14

    3 solutions: 1) Ban trucks from highways during peak hours. 2) Teach traffic cops to rather aid traffic flow, instead of impedding it. (e.g. if a traffic light is out, send pointsman there, not to currently functioning traffic lights). 3) Actually start fining motorists for skipping red lights and stopping in middle of intersections. And finally; relax people. A bit of curteousy never hurt anyone.

      frans.visserdsb - 2011-09-08 11:21

      great comment... unfortunately the cops are only interested in catching people for speeding. Rather fine people for driving too slowly in the fast lane - much more dangerous.

      gwiz - 2011-09-08 14:12

      Well said Hein, you have hit the nail on the head. We were in a taxi in Cairo, 5 lanes of traffic I kid you not, and animal drawn vehicles as well. The drivers are so courteous, if you want to go from one lane to the other you just give a short hoot and they give way for you, try that here and you will probably be shot. We South African Drivers are just rude, selfish and pay no heed to the traffic rules.

  • Comrade Mike - 2011-09-08 10:15

    Very poor research. They obviously include Egypt, India, Nigeria and Israel - of which I have first hand knowledge of. S.A. traffic is a breeze compared to these places. Egypte and India are terrible - try 1 hour to drive 5 k's and that's not when they have a traffic jam.

      Peacock - 2011-09-08 13:43

      I agree. I was in Mumbai for 2 weeks and to travel anywhere, you ask "how long" not how far. Also, if on the major roads, be prepared to be overtaken by pedestrians. They do not even have road markings so you make your own lane.

  • Niren - 2011-09-08 10:21

    This is due to 1) the incompetent drivers who drive at snails pace on the fast lanes. 2) trucks that are not road-worthy that break down in peak hour traffic. 3) road works that are taking ages to complete. (SANRAL to blame) 4) Traffic lights that do not work or out of sync. This all can be fixed to alleviate the JHB traffic situation.

  • Lynne - 2011-09-08 10:25

    One of the many reasons it's great to work for a truly progressive company that understands Skype etc. We at Opera Software work all over the world and it doesn't feel like it. SA needs to get with the programme and embrace the ability to share and participate without actually being physically present.

      Spritzer - 2011-09-08 10:29

      huh? what the hell are you on about?

      PinkAndProud - 2011-09-08 10:45

      @Spritzer - huh? what don't you understand?

      Netherlander - 2011-09-08 11:19

      Spritzer,... what Lynne is on about is MOST 1st World Countries use SKYPE to the hilt, communicating to all, from anywhere in the world. Also means you need NOT GO SIT IN AN OFFICE to WORK... you can WORK ANYWHERE.... as long as you are CONNECTED!!! Thereby alleviating TRAFFIC PROBLEMS!!!

      Joe - 2011-09-08 11:34

      For that to work we need faster internet or at least better 3G signal.

  • HowardX - 2011-09-08 10:31

    I am so glad that the hell that is Johannesburg traffic has finally been recognized. The most frustrating aspect of this is that the problem is mostly attributable to sheer incompetence on the part of the municipality and the JMPD. Dozens of major intersections traffic lights malfunction for days on end, intersections are poorly designed, never ending roadworks and potholes, no sensible public transport routes, the complete lack of policing moving violations, etc etc

      tryanything - 2011-09-09 05:55

      The JHB metro Fuzz are the most useless waste of human tissue. absolutely use less....

  • Stevie - 2011-09-08 10:40

    What a badly conducted study with no basis in fact. I currently work in Karachi Pakistan, we live in heaven compared to this. Before that I lived in East Africa for 5 years, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Kampala are far worse. Try going to Lagos and Luanda, I have not been to Cairo but believe its bad too. A study of only 20 cities out of possible thousands rateS JNB as the 4th worst in the world, WHAT A JOKE.

  • stephen.cole1 - 2011-09-08 10:45

    If that ranks one of the worlds worst traffic I wonder where London and the M25 ranks ? Even with 5 lane motorways !

  • thabatao - 2011-09-08 10:45

    Why don't they use Gautrain. Everybody said it is cure for all traffic problems in Gauteng. LOL. Did you know, you spen the same time in the traffic in the Gautrain bus as you would have spent to drive to work straight from home in your own car.

  • Playnice - 2011-09-08 10:54

    Just when we thought the roadworks were coming to an end... they close off the fast Lane on N1 through Midrand and two left lanes on R21. Hope they dont expect us to pay toll while there is construction on the roads

  • Slartibartfast - 2011-09-08 11:02

    From of the other articles on News24 --- "Witherspoon was on an unmarked crosswalk at the time, and the driver - who was travelling at 32km/h - was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian, said the spokesperson." Now why not here? This is the REAL issue here people ... law enforcement. We let the taxis do as they please. All drivers actually accelerate to cut one another off !! OMG .... Why is this such a surprise to anyone?

  • Worsie_Se_Pa - 2011-09-08 11:04

    Just get a motorbike. Saves you time money and stress. Best thing I ever did. Now wait for the biker bashing comments

      Travis Vermaak - 2011-09-08 14:15

      I been considering getting a bike, but Taxis and inconsiderate JHB drivers make it a scary thought. There isn't one person who rides a bike that I know who hasn't been knocked off, most seriously injured. I would love to ride a bike to work but JHB drivers and taxi's just don't give a damn. Slightly off topic, JHB drivers also need to learn that indicators are not decorations, they are there to warn people of your next move(dunno why but it most prevalent in BMW guess arrogance). I wish accidents on all people that just cease to use their indicators, I hope they pay the price for ignorance. I have been ranting about tafffic, but it seriously affects my mental well being.

  • Travis Vermaak - 2011-09-08 11:08

    I agree. Insane traffic on the N1 every day between Beyers Naude and Rivonia Road(going to Midrand) and they intend to make us pay tolls to sit in this traffic. Takes me no less than 45mins every day to travel 30Kms. I will avoid paying this e-toll for as long as possible, and when I can't avoid it anymore I will go on the N14 with no tolls. This way I will avoid paying money to government and save money to repair my car. I think its unfair that the government make the tax payers fit the bill for their bad planning and complacency. I don't beleive government deserve any more of my hard earned money. The robots that break when its spits with rain is unacceptable, they need to sort this out especially around offramps where one broken robot can affect traffic on the highways for kilometres. Imagine the man hours lost to broken robots, directly affecting the economy. RANT END.

  • Travis Vermaak - 2011-09-08 11:12

    Haha its about 45min drive to the nearest Gautrain station. Then I must pay for that too....Fat Chance!!! Gautrain is not a viable solution for everyone in JHB. Bus services suck and Taxis are far too dangerous. No ways I would take a laptop onto a bus or taxi.

      Travis Vermaak - 2011-09-08 11:41

      Whoever thumbs downed this must be working for government. Explain why you thumbs downed?? Would you take your work laptop on a taxi or a bus through town no ways. Ill tell you where to stick that thumb of yours.

      Bongza.GP - 2011-09-08 13:35

      It takes me less than 45 minutes to drive 60km on the highway 95% of the time (average over 4 working weeks) in peak traffic from Rivonia to Pta East (from gate to gate).

      NuttyZA - 2011-09-09 12:56

      TMan, yes, it takes me about 35 minutes to drive to the train station and then another 15 minutes on the train, 5 to 10 minutes waiting time for trains plus then a 10 minute walk to my office, so all in all, it takes me about 15 minutes longer to get to work than if I drive BUT I now don't have to drive in traffic on the motorway, through roadworks, and I will NEVER have to pay a toll fee... The Guatrain is world Class and something all south africans should be proud of

  • Claire Winson - 2011-09-08 11:21

    I have to wonder if they included Hawaii waikiki/honolulu in this survey? I'd take JHB any day over that!

  • daaivark - 2011-09-08 11:22

    In the world? Hong Kong? Taipei? I note this is from the notable SA wire service. Clearly the "reporter" lives in a tiny little world.

  • Claire Winson - 2011-09-08 11:22

    I have to wonder if they included Hawaii (waikik-honolulu traffic in the morning) inthe survey. There is NOTHING like it, would take JHB anyday over that mess

  • Travis Vermaak - 2011-09-08 11:26

    I used to catch the bus, but with a strike every second week, I wouldn't be employed for very long if I took this option. Buses are unreliable and are to infrequent to be stress free. Taxi's are just insanely unsafe in everyway, especially since I am required to carry a laptop. Gautrain is nowhere near my house. Please suggest a way I can overcome the BS e-tolling since I am forced to use the highways????

  • Travis Vermaak - 2011-09-08 11:34

    The only Metro presence ever around are the ones hiding in the bushes. I am sure part of the traffic problem is because there is a Metro cop hiding behind almost every bush these days, easy way for the government to milk the public. I watch my speedometer more than the road these days cause Metro are hidingh everywhere. They are ever so happy to put up speed traps, but to man broken robots and fine taxis for their insane behaviour on roads is out of the question. Makes me soo angry that I must pay pathetic and expensive BS fines but we never see the money going back into the system.

  • Jazz - 2011-09-08 11:36

    You are not stuck in traffic.... You are traffic. Get a bike and set yourself free.

      Worsie_Se_Pa - 2011-09-08 12:57

      Couldn't have said it better myself.

      dewald - 2011-09-08 13:16

      Roger that!

  • Casie - 2011-09-08 11:50

    It actually is not so bad as might look from this report obviously based on incomplete data. But it can improve, just by doing following we can see improvements: 1. Sync traffic light along the main routes on GREEN, not on red as it is now. 2. When traffic lights are out, send traffic officer to regulate the traffic, not to sit with speed camera pointed into congestion. 3. Educate drivers that traffic circles are not 4-way stops.

  • Rightbydan - 2011-09-08 12:21

    Tableview/Parklands (Cape Town) at rush hour: you really, really don't want to be there. OK, there's the BRT now, but still a schlep from hell. Morning and night, just 13km to Paarden Island takes 45 minutes (15+ extra minutes to Town), without rain or crashes. THEN it gets rough.

  • Willem van Rensburg - 2011-09-08 13:06

    So the most expensive roads in the world only improved the commute some what. Have you seen how many of those expensive toll roads are in need of repair already. If you pay three times for the same road and then have to repair it 6 mths later you need tolls to keep paying bad workmanship.

  • dewald - 2011-09-08 13:10

    Just wait until the SANRAL tax kicks in, oooooh the pain!!

  • Equal rights - 2011-09-08 13:13

    Gated communities are part of this traffic chaos. Then, by means of roundabouts more offramps and onramps should be built on the N1.

  • Gary - 2011-09-08 13:26

    If government want people on the public transport system, make it dirt cheap to use. Give daily, work, monthly passes (busses/ trains included) and get the trains and busses packed. Included in this should be parking at stations, the Hatfield gautrain parking lot is huge affair with 3000 bays, with less than 10% being full on any given day.

      Travis Vermaak - 2011-09-08 14:01

      Public transport needs to be safe and reliable for this to be a viable option. A bus every 45mins is just not efficient enough. UK the buses come every 5-10mins on time almost every single time. They have digital displays at the bus stops to show when the bus will arrive and it arrives 95% of the time exactly at that time. SA you just pray the bus turns up.

  • Kdub - 2011-09-08 14:37

    the main problem that causes stress are drivers that drive TOO SLOWLY... yes thats right - vehicles driving 80 in fast lane - trucks driving 40 on the highway (which is illegal).

  • Public Concerns - 2011-09-08 14:38

    I sit in Traffic at least 2 hours one way everyday (To get to work and to get home from work) - JHB Traffic. Perhaps if people kept with the road rules, traffic wouldn't be such a mess. But instead, we've got Taxis flying down the emergancy lane, trying to push in at every Traffic Light, and the funny thing is, the SAPS do exactly the same. Monday Morning stuck on Beyers Naude Drive on my way to the N1 offramp, SAPS Car with no emergancy tried to push in infront of me. I just looked at him and cut him off.

  • jen - 2011-09-08 14:56

    Not a patch on Nairobi traffic.

  • j.n.smit - 2011-09-08 15:21

    What can be said of the hellish daily commute from Pretoria/Centurion towards Midrand/Johannesburg. Spend almost 2 hours this morning in traffic between Wierdapark in Centurion to Sage Corporate Park North. The traffic light at R101 & N1S was not working (AGAIN) and there was an accident past my destination. Not related to the article: IMO the newly placed Outsurance points people in and around Centurion cause more chaos than what they are "relieving". On an average morning the commute on Estcourt Ave between Theuns van Niekerk St and the R101 takes around 5 mintures maximum. On the mornings when the pointsman is there, a minimum time of around 20 minutes are the norm.

  • v3 - 2011-09-08 18:37

    How about keeping the traffic lights working. Timing them so that traffic flows would also be good.

  • Liron Segev - 2011-09-08 21:06

    time to user Technology so that you are not stuck in traffic: and

  • pitbull - 2011-09-08 22:02

    If Joburg had a functional public transport system I would use it, but it doesn't run in my area, hence I must use my car to get to work in the middle of town where all the Tsotsis attempt to break into my car. I just wish I could find a job somewhere else - preferably Australia, where one can drive to work with the windows down so you can smell the fresh air.

  • Cam - 2011-09-08 23:36

    port elizabeth has THE WORST drivers, no regard to rules of road, courtesy at all.

  • Douglas Hendry - 2011-09-09 06:34

    They have obviously overlooked our infamous M25, the largest car-park in the world.

  • BugsyJamesy - 2011-09-09 07:26

    I think Cape Town is much worse.

  • Sean_H - 2011-09-09 09:47

    They must come survey the commute here in Belgium.....seriously, I thought JHB was bad....I have also given up complaining, it doesn't help, it only stresses you out more. So if I get stuck, eine kleine nacht musiek does help, or Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.....Que sera sera.....

      Sean_H - 2011-09-09 09:50

      Oh, I also looked for and bought an automatic when living and working in JHB, that also helps, no burning your clutch out every few months, and no cramps in your left leg.

  • larkforsure - 2011-10-03 08:20

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  • Leticia - 2011-10-04 19:58


  • michele.menetrierlimacher - 2013-01-09 00:28

    More people , more cars, less driving skills, bad road maintenance are all factor that make the problem bigger, nothing to do with taxis or lady drivers , it is always easier to blame someone or something else . Is it not ?

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