Johannesburg hospitals ban night visits

2012-11-04 17:17

Johannesburg - The Chris Hani Baragwanath, Charlotte Maxeke and Helen Joseph hospitals have banned evening visits to patients as hospital staff fear for their safety, the Sunday Times reports.

According to the paper, visitors had been turned away. Some camped outside the hospitals, waiting for the gates to open for day visits.

The move came after a series of attacks on doctors and nurses, despite the health department paying millions for security for each hospital.

Dr Richard Nethononda of the Baragwanath Doctors' Forum told the Sunday Times doing away with the night visits was not the solution.

"People work, so getting time off [to visit patients during the day] is not always possible. We need to be flexible," he said.

The Democratic Alliance criticised the hospitals for spending large sums of money on unproductive security systems.

"The health department spends about R140m a year on hospital security, but gets poor value from security companies who don't do a proper job," DA spokesperson Jack Bloom said in a statement.

He said despite security shortfalls, the hospitals continued to renew contracts of security companies who failed to deliver.

"Corruption is suspected in the award of the contracts, which are being investigated by the special investigating unit," he added.

The health department could not be reached for comment.

  • yolanda.bezuidenhoutfraser - 2012-11-04 17:33

    The problem is that patients get their only decent meal and wash when their family visits them at night. Thus by doing this patients will die of hunger and bedsores.

      mc.segal.5 - 2012-11-04 17:51

      No you Idiot... There should be no crime at the hospitals because money is being spent on security....

      marnus.lamprecht - 2012-11-04 18:00

      I work in a government hospital and I know the WC is probably better than the rest of the provinces, but your fact on the washing and feeding of the patients is definitely not true in my eyes. The nursing-staff that I am exposed to work their butts off and the patients do get treated properly. It is the family members of these patients that rob, attack and rape the hospital staff so their coming and going can be controlled to keep us safe.

      parys.fotograaf - 2012-11-04 18:09

      khethu.ndlovu.3, no I'd rather have this idiot regime remove themselves and we get a government that will sort crime out once and for all.

      morne.demeillon - 2012-11-04 18:27

      Why would they attacked the doctors and nurses? Me think, they don't want visitors there so that they can loaf more!

      ray.priestley.79 - 2012-11-04 18:44

      So Who do you get to thank-the wANCers.

      morne.demeillon - 2012-11-04 18:46

      @Khethu, and what do you call it when nurses and doctors strike while patience are dying?

      mary.hinge.9066 - 2012-11-04 20:13

      Hey, one gets what one votes for !

      jo.vankatwijk - 2012-11-04 21:03

      No, Mary! One gets what the majority votes for.

  • bradNOTbradley - 2012-11-04 17:36

    this is beyond pathetic: families & friends turned away from seeing loved ones all thanks to the health department spending millions on useless security... wow.

  • hermann.hanekom - 2012-11-04 17:43

    So what is the big deal it is the new 18 year old South Africa with the unwritten law that citizens are not to enjoy protection so let us keep on supporting the ANC and its carders (a vote for the ANC is a vote for crime).

      hans.himmler.7 - 2012-11-04 17:55

      Herman, my grandmother suffered a heart attack at Kopanong about 6 years ago, and passed away. This was due to incoorect diagnoses, done by a drunk doctor on duty at the hospital. And look at the contrast, at private hospitals (we can call it old South African administered style)there is virtually no security, and the medical service is high. At government hosptials the security is high and medical service low. WTF do they want to protect? I hope the ANC supporters in government hospitals feel the ANC rule in their hopstial beds...

      johannes.p.bezuidenhout1 - 2012-11-04 20:51

      You are so correct in your opinion. Iti is regarded as APARTHEID legacy.

  • hans.himmler.7 - 2012-11-04 17:43

    Like it. Like it alot. New South Africa...

      mc.segal.5 - 2012-11-04 17:48

      The real worry is that we will get used to the situation (like the murders and rapes and poor service delivery). Then it like those mentioned will become the norm.

      hans.himmler.7 - 2012-11-04 17:57

      And yet we have alarge number who is in favour of a national mdical short sighted can you get. Agreed though, it's like the frog in a pot of water...hopefully the ANC rule end is in sight.

  • sicelo.brukwe.9 - 2012-11-04 17:43

    Give the authorities on this hospital some bells because they now open a clear field to the auditors on how do they procure because the companies that receive tenders have to go through a certain criteria not to incompetent people like they appoint.

  • Mokgadi Hlaka - 2012-11-04 17:48

    That's a shame

  • gerry.klos - 2012-11-04 17:52

    Corrupshin, bribery, whom cares, Zoooma sets the tone

  • renier.lubbe.7 - 2012-11-04 17:59

    A person in uniform at the door means nothing if there is no security plan in place. They might as well remove these so called security officers.

  • erich.goosen - 2012-11-04 18:00

    There are pros and cons but agree that the safety of health workers should receive priority. A large number of security firms are BBEEE and are ran by cadres and military veterans and their service are bad. Appoint reputable security firms and I am sure that the problem will be largely solved.

      robqb - 2012-11-04 18:14

      Are you nuts? Do you want the ANC to shout "Racist", again?

  • rofhiwa.ronald.1 - 2012-11-04 18:02

    Consultation to the public n patiant is needed b4 implimenting those stupid laws .patients have no limited rights , patients have kids n relatives that need 2cee them often.those laws will change hospitals into muximum prisons:::ONE:::

      khanyisa.mavunda - 2012-11-05 22:41

      U rightnrofhiwa Vha bora badi

  • Suzanne Viljoen - 2012-11-04 18:46

    Why are they getting attacked. I think they are not looking after patients like they should When nurses toi toi they couldnt care a hoot about their patients Off course not all hospitals! Definitely state hospitals

  • dehlia.fredericks - 2012-11-04 19:26

    people hw about no comments on any stories! waste!

      tersia.louw.12 - 2013-01-11 14:55

      This is soooo easy! If you don't like comments and feel they're a waste, don't read them. How easy is that?

  • sam.madori - 2012-11-04 19:47

    RSA IS LIKE Zimbabwe!

      maria.ferreira1234 - 2012-11-04 22:16

      Gonna get worse........

  • melanie.booysen - 2012-11-04 20:32

    Another brilliant example of a \healthy\ state system. \r\n.

  • ron.hobson.313 - 2012-11-04 20:37

    Not everyone can visit during day, this one sided decision is ridiculous.

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-04 20:51

    Like the anc, zuma, ANCYl and NYDA/GEP contracts, it is the GETTING the contract that is the hard work, not the service that was "intended/read never intended" to be provided. AND crime simply doesn't exist! Ask the presidency and they'll confirm without a blink of anything. It is just NOT TRUE. neh

  • TheSingingHorse - 2012-11-04 20:59

    Corruption . The whole flippin country is corrupt . From the top down.Everyone in government or state organisation.

  • Beckie Knight - 2012-11-04 21:49

    Banning hospital visits?? This is DEPLORABLE, DISGRACEFUL and DISGUSTING! Where have you ever heard of such a thing? Of course the "HEALTH" department couldn't be reached! This makes me sick!

  • robert.doyle.712 - 2012-11-04 23:23

    CIVIL WAR on the's going to snap there.GET OUT OF SA NOW

  • marcanthonytaylor - 2012-11-04 23:34

    I totally disagree with restricting visiting hours further. I see the same families and friends visiting loved ones twice a day every day for almost a year now. This time is the only time they get and it is very important to them although I constantly suggest that they take a few days off once a month and go enjoy themselves. It offends me that a hospital would do this and that someone would have to sleep on a bench outside a hospital to see her sister after traveling for six hours. This policy makes a mockery of the medical profession to be blunt and it must be scrapped! There are ways and means with dealing with security issues. Crime does not exist according to our rules and work patterns If you work in a hospital you know that, Restricting access to certain times is only going to channel all the risk into those available hours anyway. Diagnose and treat the disease. Please God, uphold the oath.

  • thulanit3 - 2012-11-05 00:36

    'Johannesburg hospitals ban night visits', now listen to all this babblers tearing anc/zuma apart, you even forget what the topic is about,,,almost a knee-jerk reflex to any topic.

      Don.Tandy - 2012-11-05 09:17

      Thulanit - last time I looked, showerhead and the ANCorruption were in charge, and it is under their pathetic rule that things like government run hospitals are falling apart - I think you need to read the article again to try and grasp what the clear message is. Anarchy Nepotism Corruption - business as usual.

  • frank.burns.9678 - 2012-11-05 02:57

    Yep, ending apartheid was a GREAT idea. South Africa is doing so much better now. Oh wait, that's right, it's predictably descending into the hellish, violent, illiterate, corrupt, useless, poverty-riddled, third-world cesspool that the rest of Africa, as well as Haiti, Detroit, Jamaica, Baltimore, etc., etc., are.

      boistete.creuset - 2012-11-05 07:00

      . . . and who should we thank?

      lskosana3 - 2012-11-05 16:52

      I can't believe you, the LEGAL torture and murder of blacks was perfectly fine compared to how we're living now? You're evil you know that?? Would it have been ok if apartheid was imposed on you and your children huh?? What you should be talking about are constructive strategies that the government can implement to get our country back on track. NOT justifying the evil that was apartheid *middle finger*

  • Don.Tandy - 2012-11-05 08:16

    Anarchy Nepotism Corruption - business as usual.

  • mshiniboys - 2012-11-05 08:37

    They brought the attacks unto themselves...My brother was being treated at some hospital and he told me the most disgusting things that are carried out by the evening hospital staff.They do not give them medicines and food.They stab the people with needles and there is blood all over floors at night that sits there until morning.They killed my brother and if I had a gun that day I was going to do something I would be regreting right now.

  • Yandisa Rwaai - 2012-11-05 09:19

    So Frankenstein why dont you bless us with your absence and emigrate back to where you came from ...

  • richard.laros.77 - 2012-11-05 10:48

    So will the restricted visiting hours not just force the same crimes into the daytime/available visiting hours? I don't think this has been thought through at all. I do think the safety of all people in the hospitals should be prioritised, that includes patients, doctors, nurses and admin. Security control is the issue here. The hospital managers and the department of health should be ensuring that the security service providers are held to account for each and every failure of the system. I cannot believe that a blanket decision to stop night time visits will stop the crime, all it will do is shift the crime to other times.

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-11-05 12:18

    Corruption, the cement that tries to hold this failing state together.

  • sonstrale - 2013-06-07 17:43

    Please sort this mess out.Get rid of that security company there are many good ones.People will pass away without saying goodbye to their love ones.Stop talking and act NOW.

  • Tertius Wentzel - 2013-07-10 17:35

    Helen Joseph Hospital nursing staff are useless I got so frustrsted I don't blame the people that attack them. When u see u'r loved one suffering while the nurses refuse to help them it does make u extremely frustrated... When the nurse tells u to go and get you're own bucket while your family member is vomiting and makes the patients walk with their posessions to another ward on a different floor while the patient is barely able to move...

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