Johannesburg principal declines comment

2012-07-02 19:21

Johannesburg - A Johannesburg high school principal accused of mismanaging funds and hiring unqualified employees declined to comment on the allegations on Monday.

Sean Marques, principal of The Hill High School, in Rosettenville, referred all enquiries on the matter to the school's governing body (SGB).

SGB chairperson Brenda dos Santos was not available for comment.

The Star reported on Monday that teachers at school had sent the district office a petition in which they accused Marques of a lack of financial transparency and of allowing the SGB to hire unqualified teachers.

They also claimed he was causing divisions among the staff and was controlling the SGB while acting as its treasurer.

The teachers reportedly said the SGB had too many members, with 32 staff members, and that it was not clear why some staff members had been hired at all.

The newspaper reported that an investigation into the school by the district office last June had found that most of allegations were true and had made recommendations.

However, according to the teachers, nothing had changed and the situation was worsening.

Gauteng education department spokesman Charles Phahlane told the newspaper the department was in regular talks with the school and had "management concerns".

  • Sharon - 2012-07-02 19:34

    this guy is looking for a top post in government,the anc must have told him to practice first

  • ricky.ferreira2 - 2012-07-12 18:23

    The school has become a disgrace. I am ashamed to tell people that I form part of The Hill High School Alumni. I empoly all parents to consider other Secondary intitutions before sending your child to The Hill High School.

  • ana.d.simoes - 2012-08-06 19:28

    in shock - ill tell u when i drive past one song comes to mind - up in the hood up to no good!!!!! Did he not date and marry a student?

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