Join Malema and ANC appeals: AfriForum

2012-06-21 12:58

Johannesburg - Civil rights group AfriForum wants the Supreme Court of Appeal to hear the Julius Malema hate speech and the "Dubula iBhunu" appeals together, the group said on Thursday.

The court will hear the appeal on the lyrics of "Dubula iBhunu" (shoot the boer) on September 3.

The words "Dubula iBhunu" were declared incitement to murder in a judgment handed down in the South Gauteng High Court in May 2011 by Acting Judge Leon Halgryn.

That judgment relates to two members of the Society for the Protection of the Constitution where one member, Mahomed Vawda, planned to use the words at an anti-crime march in Mpumalanga last year.

It was separate to the hate speech case brought by AfriForum against then ANC Youth League president Julius Malema in the Equality Court, in Johannesburg, in September which related to words Malema sang at gatherings around the country.

An agreement was reached in the "Dubula iBhunu" case, in which a settlement was secured for an order prohibiting the singing of the words.

The ANC applied for leave to appeal.

At the time, AfriForum applied for permission to be admitted as an intervening party to the "Dubula iBhunu" case, which fell away with the High Court agreement.

AfriForum's legal representative Willie Spies said the ANC's appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) had created a new situation.

Spies said AfriForum felt it would not be desirable if the matter was to be considered without hearing its arguments.

He said the group would ask the registrar of the Supreme Court of Appeal for possible arrangements to hear the Malema hate speech appeal, as well as the appeal on "Dubula iBhunu" together.

The Malema matter is not yet on the SCA roll.

  • Philip Nel - 2012-06-21 13:17

    And so it begins

      poloyatonkim - 2012-06-21 14:19

      How about the fact that as a black guy I cant join AfriForum...

      Keith - 2012-06-21 14:38

      Who said that Troll

      Kala - 2012-06-21 14:41

      Polo - I don't think you have the credibility to join anything.

      bones.mine - 2012-06-21 15:10

      The rules for joining is an IQ higher than 5. Sorry donkey.

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-21 17:02

      @Poliodonkey, at first, you do not qualify because you cannot have an intellectual conversation, secondly, you too stupid, thirdly, you are uneducated, fourthly, nothing you said here, now and in the past does not make any sense, fithly, you cannot even join the stupid youth league because your grade zero certificate is way too high to qualify to join their stupid league, and lastly, you belong in the zoo! Want anymore reasons why you cannot join an intellectual, educated organisation as AFRIFORUM?

  • Philip Nel - 2012-06-21 13:17

    And this all over again

  • Philip Nel - 2012-06-21 13:18

    Go ahead . Shoot the farmers and see where this country goes . South Africa has already dropped by 14% on the investment index because of all the murder and the ancyl so go ahead make it worse

      Irene - 2012-06-21 14:02

      Kagiso ~ Your problem is that you cannot see what SA has become since 1994. If you did you'd soon understand why 'we think like that'. Your second problem is that we stole nothing. We bought the land. Why don't you try working and buying what you want? I stole nothing and nor did my ancestors and I'm getting really, really tired of being called a thief. What do you think would happen if I pitched up in France or Britain and demanded a house that my great-great-great-grandfather was born in? Get real and get a life.

      mariuskowie - 2012-06-21 14:13

      @Kagiso Spat Truthtell. Theft redefined: Claim it is yours and that the legitimate owner stole it. Then proceed to demand what you claim is yours back. Your method is no better than the old fashioned way of stealing. The ANC are unable to give any reasonable statistics regarding what percentage of land is owned by whatever ethnic group. Yet the ANCYL is increasing their demand for free land. This land-grab demands is not based on any fact. It is based on greed and racial hatred. White landowners DID NOT STEAL THE LAND!

      Wilhelm - 2012-06-21 14:26

      @ Kagiso. Well by the look of your spelling, yea, I'll say your incapable. Spell checker or education. u choose.

      Keith - 2012-06-21 14:39

      @ Kagiso Want to buy a vowel?

      J.A.Rademan - 2012-06-21 14:39

      @ Kagiso. Dont forget you first stole if from us. That is why we migrated out of Africa to Europe only to become better and stronger and then came back for our land. DNA studies actually can prove this. So we are actually the true decendants of Africa.

      Keith - 2012-06-21 14:45

      @ Kagiso Before I pull my hair out and accuse you of being an idiot I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt if you answer these questions for me. Lets say hypothetically you were given a fresh part of a farmers land all plowed and ready to go this afternoon: 1. what would be the first thing you did in the morning 2. Where would you start I ask because all i hear and see all day is we want the farmers land, they must give it back blah blah blah, but not one of you has a f*cking clue as to what you want to do with it. Have you thought of what happens when food production stops and we cannot feed our own people? Nope just gimme the land. Don't see you lot going after the governments baron land to start producing on that, seems like too much hard work ne?

      Kala - 2012-06-21 14:45

      Kagiso - The proof of what they are capable of is all around us. Just read the news. Even those who have been given farms have turned them into dust bowls.that produce nothing more than the cries of hungry children and voices begging for MORE help from the government. In most cases what they have been capable of is definitely NOT in the interest of all of us living in this country.

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-21 17:05

      @DOMNKAGISO, you still here demonstrating your eastern cape substandard education? How many times should you be told that this is not your land or are you really that stupid to grasp the concept!Please go and drown yourself in your toilet or are you too stupid to even do that?

      Kagiso Spat Truthtell - 2012-06-21 18:01

      i dont need to speak English lyk a coconut to get my point point is u skinheads are thieves worse than the Nazis. U come to us wit ur stupid useless papers...we dont wanna hear it...the gov must grab the land en u red-faced pigs must buy it back for millions jst lyk u want the gov to pay u millions when they want land. U came from Europe with papers to claim land in Africa...u own nothing here...even that livestock is our's. U must compensate us if u want to do anymore farming or property developments. Julle moet betaal

  • willem.botha.5623 - 2012-06-21 13:21

    Some people have all the time in the world. YAWN!!!

      J.A.Rademan - 2012-06-21 14:40

      Come on Willem . Troll a bit...

  • peter.ndamase - 2012-06-21 13:25

    Afriforum remains an afrikaner group, they can't be taken seriously in a democratic country like ours.

      rocky.bell.927 - 2012-06-21 13:42

      Who supported a coloured girl who was raped in Eersterus, Pretoria and the Police refused to open a docket. Who paid for her legal fees in court. Who was instrumental in securing water for the whole community in a anc municipality who where to useless to supply the most basic service. YES Afriforum. Stop being an ignoramus - otherwise go and claim your school fees back. Eish

      henry.bosman.5 - 2012-06-21 13:43

      Oh how democratic of you to not take people seriously because they a minority. We should have kept apartheid because clearly you don't even know what democracy is,its wasted on you.

      Irene - 2012-06-21 14:03

      Peter, you obviously don't even understand the word 'democracy'. I'm surprised you could even spell it.

      rocky.bell.927 - 2012-06-21 14:07

      Yes Janine ...look at the demographics of the DA Youth League. And above all, intelligent university graduates. Look at their youth programs - they walk the talk. The poor ancyl has nothing to show (except of course their bums the drunkards throw at their congresses) Vote DA for a real better life for all.

      peter.ndamase - 2012-06-21 14:46

      Rocky... which municipality?

      rocky.bell.927 - 2012-06-21 15:31

      @peter-ndamase. Media release: AfriForum and the Free States Tokologo municipality on Thursday reached an out of court settlement in a dispute over a water supply shortage to all Dealesville residents Well done Afriforum. Your efforts for all the residents of Dealesville is remarkable. ANC can not even supply the most BASIC service to the community.

      bvniekerk - 2012-06-21 15:41

      This democratic country is serious to have food on the table every day, a lot of which is produced by this Afrikaner group.

  • Oom - 2012-06-21 13:44

    Political ping-pong. Afriforum, DON”T GIVE UP... These ouks are not bigger than the law. Keep the pressure on, even if they never see the light, just keep the pressure on...!!

  • lizette.wilsenach - 2012-06-21 14:01

    @Jwarha. This is not your land. Like America is not the land of the Indiers.

      jwarha.balakisa - 2012-06-21 14:22

      Who land is it then? Yours?

      Irene - 2012-06-21 14:36

      jwarha ~ The land belongs to whoever bought it and holds the title deeds. If you want the land, produce the title deeds. Nothing is for freeeeee. Get off your ass and work. Then you can buy land.

      lizette.wilsenach - 2012-06-21 14:36

      Everyone that has citizenship.

      Kagiso Spat Truthtell - 2012-06-21 17:49

      bullsh*t you whites came to us wit those stupid pieces of paper...u cheated us our lands with those papers. Africans own this land...we must get the biggest share of this land. U bought nothing u jst killed to obtain land now the tables are about to turn...its tit for tat...u live by the sword u wil die by the sword

      Irene - 2012-06-21 17:56

      Kagiso ~ LOL that the whites 'cheated' you with a paper. I think your mother cheated you of reasoning and logic. Don't threaten us troglodyte because while we don't live by the sword, we sure as hell have no problem using one. Trust me, you'll be at the losing end of it, just like with those pieces of paper. ROTFLMAO! Get a job, earn a salary, buy a piece of land. NOTHING IS FOR MAHALALA!

      Kagiso Spat Truthtell - 2012-06-21 18:09

      @Irene i'm also not scared to use a sword anymore...wat i've learned from white people is that cheating, lying and killing pay...i will work for no white man. I want u to come work for me...u must come be my gardener. I wont allow myself to fall into ur traps of dependency...i get a degree then i have to work for u while u earn billions i'm earning peanuts, enough is enough

  • tumisang.kolobe - 2012-06-21 14:24

    Civil rights group AfriForum ???am sure they meant to say Civil right Wing group AfriForum

      lizette.wilsenach - 2012-06-21 14:37

      @tumisang. HEHE You are funny! but you are wrong.

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-06-21 14:43

      Considering the right-wing laws the ANC has been trying to get approved, I would reconsider my comment, Tumi.

  • gembleton1 - 2012-06-21 14:44

    You want land, Go to your government and ask for the land that they own, or the land that they have already given to your black friendS that is now fU27K up and no good to any one, or get off your lazy black a%$S and do some work and buy your land like every white south Africans did, WE DID NOT STEEL OR WERE GIVEN ANY LAND, WE PAID FOR IT WITH OUR HARD EARNED INCOME YOU UNEDUCATED IDIOTS

  • Millos Mpofu - 2012-06-21 16:18

    Indians/Coloures/Afrikaaners as well as Africans South Africa belong to them.Lets not distance ourselves those to who knows work /lets improve our economic by working together and by learning to those who know farming as well as mining.Taking land by force will never help us instead we promote unnecessary war to our country like other African state .South Africa must be an example to the holly of African states to show unit of all race .

  • Millos Mpofu - 2012-06-21 16:36

    Our government have done so much their buy land to those who sell it but my fellow blacks failed our government .We want land the time is bussy producing when we finish to harvest the foundate crops we don't want it . We want the cultivated one how many times and this is not improving our economic .So those who want farming and mining they must go and learn to those who knows that .

  • Andricca - 2012-06-21 18:28

    AfriBoears are so stupid that they don't understand that silencing our people with court action only helps to mobilize them to rise up and rebel boers's rejection of transformation 18 years after democracy - they are crazy they never silence us with this court nonsense - can Mugabe give me my machine gun, I have heard enough of boers in my land

      pisciotta - 2012-09-24 21:28

      Andricca - why not stop using everything that you were given by the white man. Start with the Internet, then work your way back into darkness. That includes medicines and of course an alphabet to write your worlds. Go click yourself your own technology and show the world what a bright black you are.

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