'Joost, I'm sorry'

2009-03-31 22:38

Pretoria - "I would like to say to Joost: 'Joost, I'm sorry. I regret what happened. I sincerely apologise. I never wanted these ugly things to happen to you'."

This is what Anthony de Beer, 24, of George, the self-confessed mastermind behind the making of the so-called Joost sex video, said on Tuesday in the first candid conversation in his own name.

De Beer said if he had known two years ago ? when the video was made ? what he knew today, "I would never have become involved in something so stupid".

So far De Beer had only been known by the pseudonym Anton. He is the former boyfriend of Marilize van Emmenis of Hartbeespoort, the former stripper who admitted in Rapport this weekend to being the woman in the video.

Son of prominent Pretoria residents

De Beer is the son of prominent and well-known Pretoria residents Andy and Karen de Beer.

Among other things, they own the Kaan estate agency and a fertiliser plant in George, which De Beer is managing. He plays eighth man for the George rugby club.

He said the plan with the video was to get Van der Westhuizen to pay up. There were never any "good" intentions, like exposing Van der Westhuizen because he was a role model or because he was cheating on his wife (singer Amor Vittone).

"I met Marilize at a club in Pretoria. Afterwards we sent each other a few SMSes and I went to watch her dance at Teazers a few times.

"I actually don't know how it happened, but we started going out. Yes, I was the mastermind behind making the video, with the help of a friend or two. The whole idea was to make a few bucks.

Friend called Joost

"But I would like to make it clear that one of my friends contacted Joost and claimed the amount of money. I didn't do that. But I would definitely have taken my cut.

"What actually happened, though, was that people badly assaulted me at the place where my friend and I were supposed to get the money from Joost and we abandoned our plan."

He didn't want to reveal the names of his friends or the amount of money they demanded from Van der Westhuizen "until I have the assurance that I'm not going to be prosecuted".

He said his parents had been very unhappy with his relationship with Van Emmenis.

"I realised later that things between us could never work and the relationship ended. Today I regret everything.

"I was as stupid as only a 21-year-old could be. Now I wish I had had nothing to do with this."

He said in the past few weeks he had received "threatening SMSes from unknown people" and he feared for his and his family's safety.