Jub Jub lied, says co-accused

2012-05-14 14:23

Johannesburg - Musician Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye lied when he described the accident in which four schoolchildren were killed and two others seriously injured in 2010, a Soweto court heard on Monday.

Maarohanye's co-accused, Themba Tshabalala, started to testify in his own defence in their murder trial in the Protea Magistrate's Court.

"After overtaking Molemo's car we drove for a few seconds and that's when the accident happened," an emotional Tshabalala said.

"I heard a knock on the right back of the car, the driver's side at the back... My car lost control, started spinning and it capsized."

Tshabalala was giving evidence led by his lawyer, Mlungiseleli Soviti.

Maarohanye, wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, purple tie and black pullover, sat in the dock listening to Tshabalala's testimony. Family members of the schoolchildren were also in court.

Not true

Soviti asked him if evidence given by Maarohanye and previous witnesses, saying that he caused the accident, was true.

"It's not true... I am certain that it's not true [that my car hit Maarohanye's car]," Tshabalala told the court.

"Would you admit to killing the kids if people said you did?" Soviti asked. "Yes," an emotional Tshabalala replied.

Soviti asked Tshabalala what speed he was driving and to describe his state of sobriety.

"I was driving at 60km/h.... I was not drunk or tipsy," he replied.

Earlier, Tshabalala admitted to having a glass of whiskey, mixed with water, during lunch, but said he did not use drugs.

Tshabalala told the court the impact at the rear of his car caused him to lose control of it.

"I tried to point it to the right direction, but I was unsuccessful... I couldn't see what was happening outside."

Close to tears

Soviti asked if there were children walking on the side of the road, or on the road, when the accident happened. Tshabalala said there were.

"Did you see your car hit the kids?" Soviti asked.

"No, I didn't," Tshabalala replied.

"Do you deny that your car hit some of the kids?" Soviti asked.

"No, I can't deny it," Tshabalala replied, close to tears.

He said he had no intention of hitting the children or being negligent on the day.

Drug tests

The court heard that Tshabalala was sent to regular drug testing after his family heard reports that he was using drugs.

On May 7, eyewitness Mphumelelo Vezi, a passenger in Tshabalala's car, told the court the left rear of Tshabalala's blue Mini Cooper had hit the right rear of Maarohanye's grey Mini Cooper.

"I did not see it, but I felt it and I heard it... The bang was loud, but not very loud. I was sitting on the left rear of the blue car, where the bang was," he said at the time.

Maarohanye and Tshabalala are facing charges of murder, attempted murder and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The two were allegedly racing their Mini Coopers when they crashed into a group of schoolchildren along Mdlalose Street in Protea North on 8 March 2010. Four boys were killed and two others seriously injured.

Last week Monday, Magistrate Brian Nemavhidi provisionally closed the case against Maarohanye, until an expert witness could testify in his defence.

Maarohanye's defence intended calling an IT expert to challenge the authenticity of cellphone video footage presented by the State earlier in the trial.

The trial was postponed by the Protea Magistrate's Court on Friday.

"Due to the taxi strike... other courts closed at noon, but I've allowed us to continue," Nemavhidi said.

"The matter is postponed until Friday [May 18] and then also 21, 22 and 23 May."

While Tshabalala was giving evidence, Maarohanye sat in the dock making notes and reading his Bible.

  • kabelo.leballo - 2012-05-14 14:35

    Obviously!!! can this case be closed already?!! we want judgment ASAP

      Jack - 2012-05-14 14:43

      TIA my friend...this is africa.

      gradwell.mashabela - 2012-05-14 14:54

      yes Kabelo, we need judgementASAP.

      lownabester - 2012-05-14 15:41

      Please can both these thugs just owe up and then send them to the salt mines of Russian, No punishment is good enough,

      mbonyathi - 2012-05-14 17:00

      this case should have been closed a month after this accident...

  • porshe.vrebec - 2012-05-14 14:50

    this is getting tired, how long does this ish gonna end? smh!!! really tax payer where are you with your moola being mis-used by court?

  • addmorem - 2012-05-14 14:59

    the way this is going, they're going to end up saying the kids were already dead when they had the accident!

      Philimsomi - 2012-05-14 15:52

      hahahahaaaaaa ,lol

  • Ruan - 2012-05-14 15:02

    ...who's this jub-jub fella ? I just can't get my head around this fantasy- character, sounds like a porn-star from the 80's !!

  • Ntshekisang - 2012-05-14 15:18

    these boys think they're politicians neh, keep on changing statements everytime when they appear in court!blameing each other!

  • Schmee - 2012-05-14 15:19

    Capsized?? Seems that he thought he was out at sea.

      Koos - 2012-05-15 07:29

      He was floating hence the 'capsized'.

  • Loversboy - 2012-05-14 15:20

    Punishment please!!!!

  • Abdul - 2012-05-14 15:20

    A drunk, inebriated person should NEVER take to the wheel. They were aware of their drunkeness-surely, but still saw fit of getting behind the wheel AND RACING IN A BUILT UP AREA at that. Imbeciles like these cause the pain and heart ache of families who lose loved ones in road accidents. Just take a look at what happens when you dont obey road rules on the website wwwfatalomovesdotcom

      Archie - 2012-05-14 16:52

      Well said, according to this speedster he was only going 60 kph and he dosnt do drugs.Next he will see pigs flying around the court room.Must have been a taxi driver in another life.

      Judy - 2012-05-15 14:13

      Indeed, a drunk should never take the wheel, but a drunk is gung-ho, so he wants to show-off. I was meters away when the habitual drunk at the watering-hole close to me decided to show off his drunken prowess by going 200 kph with his Jag XK top down and buddy in tow, bastard, he's in a spot of bother now!

  • Dipuo - 2012-05-14 15:26

    Oh whoopy...we're playing the blame game much for 'friendship'

      Sandile - 2012-05-21 22:10

      can we please play a fair game RSA peaple,they both factual and legally caused the dead of the kids,stop playing games and put them in custody

      tebogo.reginald - 2012-10-16 12:19

      Y dnt they just luck thm in jail cause it seem gore they will be goin home 4 free jst lyk tht let them fill the pain tht othr families had had losing a child is so hard let them be lockd

  • Shirley - 2012-05-14 15:37

    Too many lies,too little remorse! While these clowns are busy with their little blame games,families are waiting for closure and justice!!!!!!!!!

  • Carry - 2012-05-14 15:55


  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-05-14 15:56

    I see no need to continue with this canse anymore, these guys tested for drugs and they killed those kids 2 years ago and now they should be bust qha.

  • mbele.nkululeko - 2012-05-14 16:11

    Somebody should to put it to the two idots that they'd not be frequenting the court if none of them actually hit the school kids.

      Martin - 2012-05-14 21:46

      It's not the kids ,it's the f#!@@king lawers playing games. How can you defend some-one when you know thr guilty. Rot in hell all of them

  • Bibi - 2012-05-14 16:23

    The victims' families now need closure.

  • gailcarolynhayes - 2012-05-14 17:10

    This happened in broad daylight and involved 2 "friends" both of whom had been either drinking or driving and were no doubt showing off. Being the survivor of a fatl accident which happened at night - no alcohol involved just cows and wrong pllace wrong time one can be confused and one's mind does shut out things too painful to remember. This is why it is totally essential that everyone who witnessed the accident be interviewed by two people and photographs taken of the entire surrounding scene as soon as possible - it is in effect a murder scene and even witnesses are traumatised and make mistakes. It does not have to be the police who necessarily do the interviewing provided the interviews are recorded and names and details given, times recorded etc. Our accident happened close to a boudary between a cattle farmer and a chicory farmer. The cows had walked through the boundary fence between the two farms to nibble chicory and then accessed the national road through a gateway on the chicory farmer's land which had no gate to shut. My representatives (family members) walked up that boundary fence and took photos which were dated and timed of the huge holes in the boundary fence. They also interviewed the African gentleman running the farm in the farmer's absence who volunteered the information that he had repeatedly warned of the holes to the cattle farmer who had simply ignored him. 4 years later we won and set a precedent bcos of those photos and the recorded evidence we had

  • edward.gobey - 2012-05-15 08:35

    Poor man. he was reading his bible. should hsve been doing that instead of boozing an driving and killing. this should count ad agrivating circumstanses

  • LongSword - 2012-05-15 11:03

    Is it jus me or a coincidence that court cases that involves famous people who happen to be rich take much longer?

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