Jub Jub murder trial to resume

2012-02-20 11:10

Johannesburg - The murder trial of musician Molemo Jub Jub Maarohanye and co-accused Themba Tshabalala was due to resume in the Protea Magistrate's Court on Monday morning.

State prosecutor Raymond Mathenjwa said proceedings were however delayed because Maarohanye's legal representative Ike Motloung was running late.

Maarohanye and Tshabalala face charges of murder, attempted murder and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

They allegedly crashed into a group of schoolchildren while racing along Mdlalose Drive between Protea North and Protea Glen. Four of the children died and two were severely injured.

When the trial was postponed in December, Maarohanye was being cross-examined by Mathenjwa.

He has denied that his car was the one that ploughed into the children.

  • procold2 - 2012-02-20 11:15

    juju had air time last week, this week it jub jub's turn

  • kgomotso.radise - 2012-02-20 11:20

    Despite the out comes of the verdict but his music career is dented for good.

      Janice - 2012-02-20 11:46

      I dont think he ever had one to begin with!!!

  • Nasiefa - 2012-02-20 11:26

    why the f#CK hasn't this guy been locked up already ???whats takin so long??? is it cos he's a "celeb"????? lock his ass up already!

      Rhimigious Percy Mhlabi - 2012-02-20 11:50

      Mob justice is the way, as i see no reason this f**ker is still enjoying life,

      Vusi - 2012-02-20 12:19

      I fully agree with both of you. If our courts can't do their job, we should take over. Mob justice is far more effective than any South African court! This rotten piece of drugged trash should...............(I'll censor my own comments now)

  • Victor - 2012-02-20 11:26

    What a waste of tax payers money !!!!!!

  • barabus2012 - 2012-02-20 11:39

    Jislaaik - Looking to get off on technicalities?! I hate this type of justice. Hew was there. He crashed into them, or at least contributed to his buddy racer loosing control and ploughing into them. Either way, he was responsible and is now paying top dollar for a technical way out.

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-20 11:42

      Mob justice to rule if he get off!

  • Dyl - 2012-02-20 11:48

    When jub jub and co get behind the wheel, you beter watch out..cause they cannot feel, high on coke and many dops, even suddam got sentenced quicker than these chops, lock them up and toss the key, cause they deserve no pity.

  • Derk - 2012-02-20 11:54

    the wheels of justice in South Africa are square

  • Thokozane - 2012-02-20 11:57

    Justice delayed is Justice denied.

  • Fakazile - 2012-02-20 11:58

    Lock these pigs up and destroy the key.

  • Cracker - 2012-02-20 12:05

    We need an urgent revamp of our legal processes. Why must it take years for cases to be finalized. Awaiting trial prisoners and witnesses have to wait for years. And then the excuses of late or even non-arriving lawyers and the hiring and firing of lawyers by accused as they like. All of course to further delay matters and also because of a lack of respect for the legal system - can't always blame them for the latter - and a lack of respect for the public and relatives of victims. The longer a case is drawn out the slightly more the chance that important players in the particular process like the presiding officer or witnesses may become totally unavailable. Life is full or risks and to turn the risks slightly in one's own favor may sometimes work out well. Just a general comment the last two sentences.

  • Di - 2012-02-20 12:10

    these scum have tried to use every single delaying tactic in the book - just you watch. Next they are all going to be TOO SICK to face the charges. Give them to the community to be dealt with

  • David - 2012-02-20 12:11

    Let him out. The kangaroo court will do the job nicely.

  • Peter - 2012-02-20 12:24

    Jub Jub is ANC connected, therefor he will get off scot free, or if he is sentenced to jail, he will suddenly contact a "fatal" desease and be released sans Shabir Shaik and our favourite policeman.

  • Mpho Gwala - 2012-02-20 12:42

    This guy has no conscious whatsoever, his day will come thou

  • sardick.davids - 2012-02-20 12:53

    can this crap come to an end much more must the bereaved families endure?

  • Michelle - 2012-02-20 12:59

    Oh no, this moron getting more airtime ~ just lock him up and throw away the key!

  • Mlungisi - 2012-02-20 13:03

    If Ike is not late Jub Jub is - WTF?

  • shandukane.moshatana - 2012-02-20 13:30

    ya ne

  • shandukane.moshatana - 2012-02-20 13:33

    bring jub jub to diepsloot and let the people judge him...he will wish he was an angel

  • Simon - 2012-02-20 13:45

    Being late in court = contempt ?

  • Omrisho - 2012-02-20 14:04

    can this just not be finished already, enough delays and denials, how about some justice for the families of the children... celeb shmeb... he's no different from anyone else, if he's guilty then get it over with, if not (for some obscure reason) then let him go (get away with it) stop procrastinating with this, it's BS

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