Jub Jub trial: No speed signs visible

2011-10-13 14:18

Johannesburg - There were no speed signs on the road where Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye and Themba Tshabalala crashed into a group of schoolchildren, the Protea Magistrate's Court heard on Thursday.

Taking the stand for a fourth day, accident reconstruction expert Renier Balt told the court the road was in good condition, but that no speed signs were visible.

The defence has been critical of Balt's earlier reports, saying they contain many mistakes.

Tshabalala's lawyer Mlungiseleli Soviti said on Thursday that Balt's report mentioned that all road signs were visible.

"What did you mean by all road signs were visible?" he asked.

"I referred to barrier lines," replied Balt.

Balt has testified that the two Mini Coopers the two men were driving were speeding towards oncoming traffic when the crash occurred in March last year. They were allegedly drag racing.

One of the cars skidded into a group of schoolchildren in Mdlalose Road, Protea North, Soweto, killing four boys and injuring two.

Maarohanye and Tshabalala face charges of murder, attempted murder, and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The trial continues.

  • d2eguy - 2011-10-13 14:24

    built up area ...... max 60 Km/h . drag racing , illegal .. drinking and driving , illegal . how many more excuses , find these retards guilty of murder and hang the sh1t .

      The_Hamster_Wisperer - 2011-10-13 14:28

      Yeah. I think you actualy need to study for the drivers test and pass it (as opposed to buy it) before you recognise & use the rules listed in your post. ;-)

      Pigscanfly - 2011-10-13 14:29

      Where there are no visible speed signs, the 60 km/h law comes into effect. Where children are around the speed has to reduce by half...common sense

      saabnut - 2011-10-13 14:40

      Watch this space- they are going to walk. By the way, we should now raise the speed limits ion residential areas to 140km/h. Outside schools, we should remove speedbumps, and raise the limit to 200km/h. Guilty, murdering pigs- they should rot!

      Civil_Rights - 2011-10-13 14:58

      Where there are no visible speed signs, the 60 km/h law comes into effect. What kind of retarded judicial system do we have, This case is going to find many excuses as possible to get jub jub a light sentence. next thing we going to hear that it was his twin driving or that the kids run directly towards the car.

      Illuminated - 2011-10-13 15:17

      not to mention the "do not take drugs and drive"rule or does this primate need a sign for that as well. the justice system is a farce...

      Theoniel Bosman - 2011-10-13 15:19

      ha ha ha...Jub Jub never heard nor his Lawyer, of Common Law!!!!!!!!

      Matt :-) - 2011-10-13 15:29

      Of course the road signs weren't visible to him, he was too busy tripping

  • Daemos1 - 2011-10-13 14:24

    The FAIL continues

  • HappyGoLucky - 2011-10-13 14:24

    whats that got to do the the price of eggs??? these guys have drivers licences, so they SHOULD know the rules of the road...unless, they laws are only applicable to them if there are no traffic cops around? idiots!

  • Matt :-) - 2011-10-13 14:25

    "No road signs visible" Honestly I've never been to Soweto. But would it be fair for me to say that the speed limit on Mdlalose Road would be somewhat lower than 112km/h ?

      Grant - 2011-10-13 14:41

      Yup. But even if they were driving at 60... doing so into oncoming traffic, whilst drunk and high would still be wreckless and illegal anyway. I'm surprised this lawyer hasnt brought up the fact that the kids weren't wearing any hardhats...

      Civil_Rights - 2011-10-13 15:06

      "No road signs visible" more like No visible sign of intelligence from jub jub's defence.

      vasti - 2011-10-13 15:45

      maybe it was stolen and is now in a squatter camp

  • Mark Singh - 2011-10-13 14:25

    What difference does it make if there were visible speed signs or not. Prosecute him for driving into the kids and for being intoxicated, drugged, whatever.

  • kalabafazi - 2011-10-13 14:26

    The speed limit in a built up area is 60km/h whether there is a road sign or not. The point is not whether they were speeding, drag racing, driving on the wrong side of the road or high on drugs. The point is they killed 4 innocent children Hurry up and convict them!!!

  • Chris - 2011-10-13 14:27

    Justice system EPIC failure. 3 questions....did you drink and drive? were you under the influence of drugs (a class drugs)? Were you going over the speed limit by drag racing? If you can answer NO to any one of these 3 questions you can go...otherwise, sorry you are guilty and your act that day caused children to die.

  • Tolerant - 2011-10-13 14:35

    Clearly this lawyer get's paid by the hour / day until the money runs out. Maybe Fatboy is paying, he is a friend of Jub Jub.

  • silvi1 - 2011-10-13 14:36

    A bunch of spoilt brats! Put the f*&kers in a labour camp and put them to good use. Let them fix the potholes on our roads.

  • Sue Lorraine - 2011-10-13 14:38

    Visible speed signs or not, who cares, the children are dead and he should be in jail.

  • omrisho - 2011-10-13 14:39

    aarrrggghhh... man up already you inconsiderate ego inflated mofo's - built up residential = 60km/h max, and there were school children in the near vicinity, please man, trying everything to avoid manning up to your own bs - pathetic

  • IC1 - 2011-10-13 14:41

    Another blunder by this dutchie Balt, I am sure they tasked him to be "reconstruction expert" so that these druggies would get off scott free! No worries mob justice will prevail even if the courts wont.

  • RDS - 2011-10-13 14:43

    Watch these buggers get off on a silly technicality like that. They know what they did. Either way, if they get off, im pretty sure mob justice will do the trick. I mean you cant kill 4 kids and get away it... regardless of what the courts say....

  • Freelance Writer - 2011-10-13 14:43

    If it's any consolation, should these boneheads get acquitted, its unlikely they would make it our of the courtroom alive.

  • Mateo - 2011-10-13 14:52

    I had my licence for 15yrs now, but if i remember very well there was the question they always ask,what is the minimum speed when driving in a residential area,which i think is obviously not more than 60km/h.

  • allows - 2011-10-13 14:53

    What a pathetic excuse - EVERYONE should know speed limits in the various areas of our roads. What excuse will he have for been on the wrong side of the road? That there was no sign to tell him???? Jerk!

  • daaivark - 2011-10-13 14:55

    So what? Everyone knows that speed limits in urban areas never exceed 80. Usually it's 60. And does one need signs to tell one to stick to the correct side of the road?

      Matt :-) - 2011-10-13 15:23

      You should go to France :-) when we drove from Holland to England via Hovercraft (those were the days when the Harwich-HvH ferry took 7 hours overday and 14 overnight), we'd drive halfway through Holland, all the way through Belgium, just as we crossed the French border at De Panne there was a sign in English to say "Keep right, pass left". Obviously meant for the Poms who normally drive on the left. But in order to SEE the sign, you had to have been driving on the right from Belgium... :-)

  • Rob Gunning - 2011-10-13 14:57

    Wow... Grasping at straws hey.... No visible road signs???? You shouldn't have received your learners license without knowing the speed limit is 60 km/h unless otherwise stated.

  • Silli - 2011-10-13 14:58

    Speed limits are an absolute maximum. Driving must always be tailored to conditions

  • dithala - 2011-10-13 14:59

    Now they should check where he bought his license, he is stirring more sh*t.

  • cj.venter - 2011-10-13 15:01

    the speed limits are PART OF YOUR LEARNERS LICENSE. a vital thing in order to get your drivers license. making excuses for driving ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. guilty, guilty, guilty!

  • ndosithemba - 2011-10-13 15:02

    Assomblief tog when is this case going 2 b closed, this boy Jub-jub is guilty finish en klaar, just take him down he must serve his setence without any waste of time I am sick & tired of this case, that is wasting of tax payers money.

  • nma - 2011-10-13 15:02

    Will someone lock this guy up already please ? This is an absolute travesty of justice and a total lack of respect for the lives of those that he so carelessly and shamelessly took! Road signs or no road signs, if anyone doesn't know what the prescribed speed is in a residential area, they should not be driving! I know what I would do if it was one of my children he had killed.

  • Deeteem - 2011-10-13 15:03

    The lawyers hired by the dronk and getik are worse than the accused !!

  • Wizard101 - 2011-10-13 15:05

    They were guilty when they race down the road and hit and killing the children,now according to this stupid law they are innocent untill proven guilty,the bastards must pay for what they have done.

  • ndosithemba - 2011-10-13 15:06

    This boy has no mollas anymore its finish , its time he go down 2 life setence atleast then I will b happy & celebrate that SA. law has prove me this time.(Money talks in SA.)

  • BRAKKENJAN STORMER - 2011-10-13 15:16


  • Briggitte Van Zyl - 2011-10-13 15:21

    Well, he was on the wrong side of the road - so he could not have been looking in the right direction for speed signs - what is the prosecution doin - this is a cut and dried case. Ifit was my kid, there would be no case - i would take matters into my own hands

  • Jacques Smit - 2011-10-13 15:25

    no signs, and? you drove too fast, possible intoxication and under influence of whatever... admit it and take it like a man, you made a mistake. come on big men, stars, rappers...whatever. thake it like the "hard ass" you are, don't be a softie now...

  • GuyverXT9 - 2011-10-13 15:26

    His lawyer sounds like scum.

  • RuthK - 2011-10-13 15:31

    Anyone who did not pay for their license knows that when its in a built up area, and no speed signs are present then you go no more than 60km... kame excuses for a lame little man...

  • Fredster69 - 2011-10-13 15:36

    Only when you buy your license will you not know the rules of the road

  • Michelle - 2011-10-13 15:43

    If they wrote their learners, they would know there are speeding limits in certain areas and what they were....

  • Doug - 2011-10-13 15:57

    FFS!!! They r obviously guilty. If they r found not guilty let mob justice prevail. Let me know where and when. I can spare a few litres of petrol.

  • Jessc - 2011-10-13 16:01

    Stop griping at straw these two bastards are guilty now sentence them

  • isiphukuphuku - 2011-10-13 16:11

    Who are these people who habitually give the 'thumbs down' to comments?

  • Gibbonater - 2011-10-13 16:20

    What is the problem here. Lets look at the illegal things that happend leading up to the kods being killed. When does common sense come into play or are these people devoid of this.

  • Dirty Panda - 2011-10-13 16:26

    Ignorance of the law excuses no one.

  • Marushka Nortj? - 2011-10-13 16:27

    Did he buy his lisence??? Highway = 120km/h, other roads = 100km/h and any residential area etc.. = 60km/h!!!!!!!! Seriously??? :/

  • biskit - 2011-10-13 16:57

    Outside a school...there were probably predestrian signs and warning signs for kids around

  • fireman - 2011-10-13 17:10

    Therefore by implication, no speed limit signs made drag racing and killing the children acceptable? Absolute nonsense. Urban areas where there is no signs indicating speed limit automatically becomes 60kph. Therefore the two drag racing criminals were exceeding the speed limit. Done deal.

  • fireman - 2011-10-13 17:14

    Also willing to bet that you could not see in either car due to tinted windows, making it equally difficult to see out. Both clowns could probably not see much above the steering wheel because the seats were reclined that far back they are almost lying down and the loud music would have been producing the obligatory "thump" "thump"

  • jaco van heerden - 2011-10-13 17:18

    innocent untill proven guilty boys and girls...

  • Riaan Pretorius - 2011-10-13 17:52

    Relax everybody, his lawyer is just trying to have the speeding offense dropped from the charge sheet, since no sign where visible he could have known to drive slower with a school near by. His lawyer should have mentioned it is like buying a hamburger and they don't tell you it can make you fat.

  • gillian.gordon - 2011-10-13 19:02

    Where did they get their drivers license...Pick 'n Pay?

  • phakiso.shadrack2 - 2011-11-30 14:50

    jail term awaiting you Guys sorry you can say whatever you want to say. ditweba ke batswalle ba lona tlung e lefifi. bye

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