Jub Jub witness excused

2011-11-30 14:19

Johannesburg - A witness expected to testify for a second time about urine samples taken from musician Molemo ‘Jub Jub' Maarohanye and his co-accused Themba Tshabalala was excused on Wednesday by the Protea Magistrate's Court.

This was after the witness, Jose van Rooyen, was recalled to the stand following a request from Maarohanye's lawyer, Ike Motloung.

Prosecutor Raymond Mathenjwa said Motloung had indicated he intended to consult another expert on the urine samples and then cross-examine Van Rooyen.

However on Wednesday, Motloung told the court he could not secure the expert due to his client's financial constraints, and therefore would not be able to cross-examine Van Rooyen again on the urine samples submitted.

The next witness to be called was Vodacom's forensic liaison manager, Petro Heyneke. She explained to the court why the footage of the alleged race between Maarohanye and Tshabalala was not easily accessible on the phone a schoolgirl used to film the incident.

This was because the SIM card number that was in the Samsung phone used to film the alleged race had been dormant for more than six months when the footage was sought.

Heyneke said the SIM card number was then deleted by the cellphone network and recycled for a new SIM card starter pack, which was bought by a user in Cape Town.

Maarohanye and Tshabalala face charges of murder, attempted murder and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The pair allegedly ploughed into a group of schoolchildren on March 8 last year, killing four of them and seriously injuring two others.

The trial continues.

  • elphaas.mgiba - 2011-11-30 14:37

    If you have money in SA you can kill and go to court and get away with murder. Whoever the Judge is please dig a deep hole for him in the nearest crave yard and bury him there, no court of law can justify what Jub Jub and his friend have done. They have cause more pain to the families of the school children now cause them hell, you think if you are well know you can just kill.

  • Pierre - 2011-11-30 14:39

    You were drugged. You were under the influence. You killed those people. Accept It. Go to Jail and don't pass the Start.

  • Frederik - 2011-11-30 14:48

    I do not understand the difference in the court case of these 2 guys, and the so-called 'rapist'. the 'rapist' was caught, heard, judged and sentenced in a week, he is now in jail for 50 years. These two killed 4 kids, drunk- or drugged does not matter, they were speeding so it was homicide, put them in jail.

  • Barefoot - 2011-11-30 14:54

    so you can save videos on your sim card these days? technology and experts get amazing everyday

  • Peter - 2011-11-30 14:55

    Just like that drunk judge, a while ago. This should be dealt with a lot quicker.

  • MoAfrika - 2011-11-30 14:58

    How long is it going to take? will it ever happen???I dont see how this case is any different from the most recent one of cyclist being killed by a drunk? it didnt even matter at what speed he was driving, the fact of the matter is the car he was driving hit people and they died...

  • Ian - 2011-11-30 15:02

    was hoping the headline said 'jub jub executed'

      elphaas.mgiba - 2011-11-30 15:30

      I was hoping to see the headline "Jub Jub put to his final place of rest"

  • Ann - 2011-11-30 15:05


  • Simon - 2011-11-30 15:34

    What the hell has a SIM card got to do with media that is stored on the phone's memory...

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