Mara: Idols is racist

2010-11-07 10:12

Johannesburg – A race row has erupted around the TV reality show Idols after one of the judges, Mara Louw, lashed out to reporters about the new Idol, Elvis Blue.

She said Idols was full of racism and if M-Net did not soon sell the competition to the SABC, South Africans would never have a black winner.

Louw said: "L'loyd should have won. Finish and klaar!"

"Black people don't have access to DStv," said Louw. "So a large part of South Africa is excluded. White people vote for white people and black people get the short end of the stick."

It is the first time that an Idols judge comes out to slam a winning Idol. Her comments may affect her role in the popular series in future.

Although the numbers showed that Elvis got almost twice as many votes as L'loyd, Louw said: "South Africans are still racist."

Third judge Randall Abrahams said he disagreed. "To say that white people vote white and black people vote black, you have to know every person who is voting and know who he is voting for. And this is impossible."

"M-Net gained many black viewers. How do you know that black people didn't vote for Elvis? People stopped voting long ago for only singing talent, they vote for the whole package. And in any case, it is the white people who buy the albums," said Abrahams.

M-Net spokesperson Lani Lombard said people voted for talent and not race. She said the top four were a clear indication of this. She said Idols was also not limited to DStv and that the Idols were introduced to people on radio stations, in local newspapers and even public performances.



  • elizabeth.loubser - 2010-11-08 09:56

    Mara should go into the townships and see how MANY people in the townships have DSTV in their shacks and then maybe she would sing a different tune.

      thobz - 2010-11-08 13:26

      sorry liz if u hav compact package that does not hav mnet can u watch idols? can u tell between toptv dish and multichoice dish

      A.L.. - 2010-11-08 15:54

      @Thobz... Elizabeth is right. A lot of ppl in townships have DSTV - Multichoice. And yes - you can watch Idols on the compact package. Mara is just disappointingly pathetic.

      Ricky - 2010-11-11 12:50

      LISTEN I completely agree with Mara's statements. Come'on you're in South Africa. We know which side the votes go. Hell we have a history of racism and prejudice committed by the very same people whose honesty is under scrutiny for an outcome that overwhelmingly favors them and reached through a voting poll of two equally capable contestants that overwhelmingly favored them . You think they gonna be honest when it comes to this. They haven't made a major transformation to earn them the right to be considered honest. Have you people forgotten the real evil already? Dont let the devil pull wool over your eyes. Colored people favor white people as well. They see them as their long lost brothers. And Randal, what an hypocrite for saying that you have to know every white person and know what they voting to make a statement like that. Thats just plain stupid. Her statement is in broad context of the subject. How can you tell what a vote was based on if you knew the person voting was dishonest because a person can be dishonest and at the same time he can appreciate the contestant singing he votes for more than the other contestant singing. Anyway how does Randal know that its only white people that buy albums. He is doing the exact same thing that he is criticising.

      defusion - 2011-01-19 09:55

      @thobz - yeah, a toptv dish faces 90 degrees to the left of a DSTV dish, it's quite easy to tell the difference. @ricky - you are an idiot, people vote for talent - not colour, how do you think the non-white people get as far as the finals? if it was about colour they'd be voted out before they got as far as the finals. so you think black people have a special dstv package that only allows them to see up til the semi-finals? also, do you think every black person lives in a township? have you noticed how many wealty black people there are today? There are a lot of black people in townships but the black population in south africa out number the white population at least 10 to 1, what about that? its pathetic that as soon as something doesn't go the way you want it, you blame the race card because there clearly is no truth to what you're saying at all, and as soon as you blame it on race it becomes a touchy media field day

  • Michelle - 2010-11-08 10:01

    Mara is an idiotis racist, I kwew she would say something like this, I'm colored (more black blood in me)but I voted for Elvis.
    Come on Mara get over it!

  • jupitergreenwood - 2010-11-08 10:02

    That's just not correct, the Black middle class is larger than the White middle class and the Whites are a minority. If the L'loyd had won would that have been considered racist too? Can everyone just stop being so insecure, who cares if its a Black or a White, we are all the same inside, South Africa belongs to all of us. - Jupi

      tafadzwamudyiwa - 2010-11-08 16:40


  • Sprover - 2010-11-08 10:03

    I am white and I voted for Lloyd.

      rlareman - 2010-11-08 15:03

      I'm white and voted for L'loyd, but isn't Mara married to a white bloke ? At least one of her many husbands were white ? There are at least 19 blacks for every white person, can't see the discrimination ??????????

  • Elsa - 2010-11-08 10:08

    Sies, Mara. Can't believe its you saying it.

      almartb - 2010-11-09 10:41

      I can believe she said it!! It is not the first racist comments that she has made. It comes through a lot of times when she opens her mouth!!! She is a racist!!

  • Bullshit!! - 2010-11-08 10:09

    I am a whiteman and voted 5 times for L'loyd ... but the best man won!

  • B Daries - 2010-11-08 10:10

    Elvis deserved to win and so did Lloyd - its just that Elvis got more votes what is the big deal?? I don't think the race card is necessary...

  • Multichoiche - 2010-11-08 10:13

    @ Elizabeth, is the dstv activated though? U can have the satellite, but it doesn't mean it is on.

      cyberax - 2010-11-09 06:50

      MultichoiCH my man, who cares if it is connected or not??? If you can't afford it you don't get it, easy as pie - Why should a private company be forced to broadcast a very popular show for free just because the majority of people can't afford to pay for it - Business 101: The show is there to get people to sign up for DSTv and push sales that way! DSTv invested in the show so it is only fair to expect a return on your investment don't you agree?

      defusion - 2011-01-19 09:59

      so you think they just put the dish up for show?

  • daryltt - 2010-11-08 10:15

    "I didnt get what I wanted! Quick, let me pull out the race card!"

      GBES - 2010-11-09 12:41

      Excellent riposte.

  • Plugit - 2010-11-08 10:17

    My family are South Africans (White) our family voted for Lloyd, when are we going to stop this Black White thing. In fact BEE is based on colour. I guess until we are all treated on merit and have equal opportunities we will always have this problem.

      cyberax - 2010-11-09 06:52

      The sad thing is the younger generation look up to artists like Mara, if she doesn't lead by example and show the way for the younger generation - the past will always hunt us...

  • Carmen - 2010-11-08 10:30

    Mara, you have no idea how many black South Africans has DSTV and to make a comment like that is plain stupid. It's not about which colour the person is but about who has the most talent and who the public likes the most and what Elvis did by sharing his winnings was a very noble thing to do, black or white. With comments like that you are promoting racism in SA when we as a nation are suppost to have moved past that already. Just makes me wonder why you actually cried when Elvis sang. I'm coloured and I voted for Boki, Elvis and Lloyd through the whole competition.

      tafadzwamudyiwa - 2010-11-08 16:42

      lets not be ignorant

      GBES - 2010-11-09 12:42

      I agree. Mara is a "bleddy agent" as malema would say.

  • john - 2010-11-08 10:31

    Up until the last two shows I was voting for Lloyd - the last two shows Elvis definitely showed himself to be the better performer and I voted for him. Rewatch the shows Mara.

  • Averishta - 2010-11-08 10:32

    Mara is the racist in Idols - do yourself a her body language when black contestants audition and then watch it when white contestants audition - I guess it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black... It’s been SIXTEEN YEARS! Let it go already!!

  • Averishta - 2010-11-08 10:33

    Mara is the racist in Idols - do yourself a her body language when black contestants audition and then watch it when white contestants audition - I guess it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black... It’s been SIXTEEN YEARS! Let it go already!!

  • Averishta - 2010-11-08 10:33

    Mara is the racist in Idols - do yourself a her body language when black contestants audition and then watch it when white contestants audition - I guess it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black... It’s been SIXTEEN YEARS! Let it go already!!

  • Anti-"Mara" - 2010-11-08 10:34

    Mara speeks from her ar5e and don't deserve the attention that her comments raised. People like this should be nullified by us - the general public. I hope that M-Net / Multichoice notice these comments and sack her from the show! I seriously don't know why she's even on the show - what does / did she contribute except for stupid mindless comments. My suggesion: Get DJ Fresh (5FM) involved... not because of the colour of his skin, but because of his knowledge & love of music.

      Waydup - 2010-12-03 07:58

      I agree! DJ Fresh would make a perfect Judge! but then no woman on the panel.?

  • Ralph PEters - 2010-11-08 10:34

    it is seriously sad that a supposedly profesional judge brings up race in regards to who the winner is...she needs to GROW UP..its pathetic and she should be ashamed at commenting regarding race..or maybe thats because her age and mind set dont correspond with each other..((10year old!!)

  • lovinuallnight - 2010-11-08 10:36

    Who is Mara, she is the only racist pig sitting behind that Idols desk, they really need to get rid of that nuisance so she can go and hold hands with Malema, really cant stand this woman.

  • Lisa - 2010-11-08 10:49

    Mara, you shouldn't be allowed to be a judge on the next Idol's - if you not half plastered, then you speak utter rubbish about things you clearly know nothing about. Save some face and just keep quiet!

  • WHITE MALE - 2010-11-08 10:51

    So where was Mara when Karen Nortje and Jodi Abrahams WON Idols? Or aren't they labeled Black?

      amwillemse - 2010-11-09 12:55

      Eish, she was having a pain pill and a dop!

  • hurweee - 2010-11-08 10:53

    Mara is a hundred percent correct. As long as Idols stays on M-Net, there will never be a black winnder.(and I am white btw) Put the show on or on one of the SABC channels and you will have a very different result. The show should be for the whole of South Africa on a free to air channel.

      Colleen - 2010-11-08 12:38

      SABC already had 'Has SA got Talent.....

      Thukza - 2010-11-08 13:20

      So what if it has "SA Got Talent". At least it is fair bcos everyone can watch it.

      azventer - 2010-11-08 16:15

      We pay to watch DSTV for a reason, they provide quality TV. You cannot compare the quality of SABC with DSTV, everytime i switch to SABC it feels like i am back in 1980 because of the poor quality of their programmes. If they move Idols to SABC i will just watch whatever replaces Idols on Mnet.

      Mike - 2010-11-08 18:11

      Was it whites who won the last few Idols? No. Get over your crap and realise that we are in a world that doesnt always recognise the best but rather the most popular. Even the USA idols had a winner that was not the best. Was that racist too? Enough of the race card. its stale already and only used when there is nothing of value to consider.

      cyberax - 2010-11-09 06:57

      @Thukza - Dude stop wanting everything for free!! Can you comprehend what will happen to the economy if everything is free? DSTv / MNet is a business - Why do you start a business you ask? TO MAKE MONEY!! How do you money you ask? BY SELLING A SERVICE OR PRODUCT OF A HIGH QUALITY AND STANDARD AT A PRICE!! Easy, don't you think?

      pogisor - 2010-11-09 09:53

      I agree 100%. Show Idols on the SABC, then we will definitely have a different winner. That is why I only watch Idols up to the auditions phase where the judges decide who goes through

      GBES - 2010-11-09 12:45

      SABC "SA got Talent" was won by a african coloured.Almost all the finalists were "coloured". Three "coloured persons" won the Idols competition. I black is coloured then ? Proud to be S.African,and proud of Elvis & Lloyd.

      hurweee - 2010-11-09 20:21

      @azventer - I bet you would still watch Idols - dont kid yourself. @Mike - easy for you to talk - never had to deal with a racist incident in your life I bet.

      hurweee - 2010-11-09 20:23

      @cyberax - the Idols winner has access to a recording contract and has instant fame and gigs in the music world. It's a huge prize and should be fairly contested.

  • Mara No - 2010-11-08 10:58

    I think Mara and Malema had a wild discussion before the counting of votes. "Bloody agents!!!!"

      A.L.. - 2010-11-08 16:54


  • Charles N. Coetzee - 2010-11-08 11:02

    In season 3, 4, and season 5 all three winners was non-white. I do not have the statistics of M-Net’s subscriber’s available, but is it then accurate to assume that there are more Coloured subscribers than black subscribers and if so, are all M-Net’s Coloured subscribers racists? If Idols is sold to the SABC, is Mara actually implying that it is better for Black people to vote for Black people than it is for Whites to vote for each other further implying, Black racism is more righteous and justified than White racism? Or, is Mara concluding that Black people in nature is less racist than white people? I think that in Mara’s new founded need to be less politically correct she is simply admitting that she is and always have been a Racist – “Finish and Klaar!”

      Henlau - 2010-11-08 14:45

      An excellent comment.

      Clint - 2010-11-08 17:33

      Excellent comment, Mara is a racist and I am surprised it has taken so long for something like this to rear it's ugly head! Anyone watching Idols re-runs will see exactly how racist Mara is! Makes my blood boil to think that this woman is an ambassador of our country! Mara you are part of the problem not the solution!

      Johann - 2010-11-10 08:55

      I stand to be corrected Charles, however, I do believe during August 2010 black individuals/ black families made up 53% of DSTV subscribers, should be easy to fonfirm this. It leaves Mara looking even more stupid as ever, doesn't it?

  • David van Niekerk - 2010-11-08 11:06

    I sincerely hope Mara will not ever EVER be apart of Idols anymore. We as a country are trying our hardest to live together and so far we all done pretty well. Then every now and again we get some1 shoving really irrelivant(CANT SPELL) things in our face which hurts a few of us and in turn angers us. Please Mara we thought you were better then that. i really hope you suffer the consequences of saying what you have said well done to Loyd and Elvis.

      pinky.sdudla - 2010-11-08 21:31

      Out of all the comments i have read here you are the only one who actually make sense...and hit on the right spot. I agree she was out of line and she should have know better, but anyway she is an emotional person at least i have noticed that.. and she can be very negligent sometimes.. that comment was uncalled for. But on the other side the fact that the program could only be accessed via m net put most of us on a disadvantage position.. people who would by nature vote for Lloyd lets not forget that the guy came from a Black neighbourhood.. whether he could have be the best or not.. "his people" could have voted for him. and we all know the circumstances such communities lived in, and all other dynamics.. the fact that same could have been morally correct that would be a debate for another day, but the guy was less priveledged period. "and kindly do not reduce this engagement into a race comment"

      naughtyangel - 2010-11-09 13:02

      honestly pinky, dont say things you cannot back up, many many people of all colours are now less priveledged and remember there are more of you than any other race in this country. his people, my people that is racist in it self.

  • Leanne - 2010-11-08 11:08

    I am a white and I voted for L'loyd!

  • Mgayi - 2010-11-08 11:15

    I don't watch Idols but I think Sesi Mara Louw's statement is not entirely correct . There is a small element of truth though in that most blacks don't have DSTV but I would imagine that the majority of black DSTV subscribers are infact middle-class citizens which far outweighs the entire white population in SA. But then again are we voting for race or for talent ?

      GBES - 2010-11-09 12:50

      You are right my brother. Mara had her favorite who lost.My wife voted for Lloyd & I voted for Elvis. She called me a "bloody agent" and kicked me to the far side of the bed.We cannot always win.

  • South African - 2010-11-08 11:17

    Mara you are the bightest lamp in a blackout. You have by your words labelled yourself a racist - the very thing that you are against. Are you that desperate for publicity?? Keep it up you will self destruct!

  • Jackie - 2010-11-08 11:22

    I take serious offence to her stupid comments, I am a white south african and Lloyd had my votes from day one, so I think she needs to shut it!

  • Stefan - 2010-11-08 11:28

    Mara is the biggest racist in the country.

  • Stefan - 2010-11-08 11:29

    Mara is the biggest racist in the entire country.

  • Stefan - 2010-11-08 11:36

    Mara and Julies should get marries, bloody agents!!

  • liz - 2010-11-08 11:46

    The reason that South-Africa will never grow This is one of the reasons South Africa will never grow and have peace it's because of narrow minded instigators like mara louw and julius malema. You should be ashamed of yourself BABY

  • Juliass Juju Malema - 2010-11-08 11:49

    I voted for Lloyd bcz I wanted change, due to financial constraint I only used one sms vote, I could not call in by using my cellphone airtime, anyway, please stop embarassing us Mara, are you intoxicated again? its not racism, Elvis was equally good, if not more talented, at the end its all about personal preference, more importantly it is all about the financial sacrifice one is willing to take I can only deduce that Elvis fans voted 200% more than Lloyd's fans).

      A.L.. - 2010-11-08 16:55

      LOL @ "due to financial constraint I only used one sms vote"

      yolandie04 - 2010-11-09 11:27

      Well if you had mxit you could have voted for 20c. I know many that got mxit for that reason

  • Barbara - 2010-11-08 11:58

    Everything in this country gets blamed on racism. Cant ppl just rely on merrits and get the big fat chips off their shoulders

  • Ntathu - 2010-11-08 11:58

    Sisi Mara,unfortunately your comment got to South Africans who get emotional when one mentions racism. I understand you well when you say only a few blacks have access to DSTV and access to MNET. Instead of being accussed as racist I think my lovely South Africans need to mobilise that next idols is on SABC to accommodate all South Africans, rich and poor, black and white. MNET is for the elite and rich, that is a fact.

      peter.weatherall - 2010-11-09 10:00

      Really? Are you guys for real??You all make it sound as though DSTV is only for whites and ag shame poor blacks are excluded.Take you're frikken wallet, head down to randburg, and pay the subscription like everyone else!!!Sometimes I just don't know what to say about this level of stupidity.

      GBES - 2010-11-09 12:54

      Haibo wena ! The black middle class is more than the whites since last year.When you have a good paying job,you MUST & will get dstv.It broadens your horizons. SABC " SA got talent" first two seasons was won by an Indian & a coloured .Black & White voted for these talented guys.

  • Ntathu - 2010-11-08 11:58

    Sisi Mara,unfortunately your comment got to South Africans who get emotional when one mentions racism. I understand you well when you say only a few blacks have access to DSTV and access to MNET. Instead of being accussed as racist I think my lovely South Africans need to mobilise that next idols is on SABC to accommodate all South Africans, rich and poor, black and white. MNET is for the elite and rich, that is a fact.

      bbmjames24 - 2010-11-09 10:05

      Just because you do not have the money or care to put in an extra effort to earn a little more money does not mean that it is just for the rich and elite, it is quite afordable if you want it. Let me just inform you on the current South African employment credentials, it is 70% to 30%, so check the stats on dstv subscribers before making stupid biast comments. I am pretty sure you will find that it is pretty even if not suprisingly more to the other way around.

  • Paul - 2010-11-08 12:02

    The day we all stop mentioning racism, thinking racism, referring to the past or giving it new names like BEE, affirmative action or transformation is the day this ugly cancer will up and die. But as long as we all don't let go of it, it is going to be part of who we are and how we conduct ourselves in this awesome country. The wisest words I've heard recently is "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending". What happened in the past is just that, passed. I would like to be president of this country, but I'm not the best candidate. But it's not going to help me become president if I scream "Racism!". So please stop this nonsense. O, and by the way. Referring to someone as an idiot does not solve the problem either.

      Nwabisa - 2010-11-08 13:05

      I would vote for you to be president in a heart beat!!

      Jules - 2011-01-19 11:25

      Well said Paul. It is about time that we judge people on merit and nothing else. Today I am going to start a new beginning and make a new ending - something everyone one in SA should do and then maybe we would unite as South Africans........

  • Alicia - 2010-11-08 12:05

    I wish Mara would shut her mouth, everytime she opens it she seems to talk BS!!! She has no idea, she just hates it when it doesn't go her way!!! It's Mara's way or the high way in her eyes!!! Build yourself a little bridge and get over it Mara!!! And, if Idols knows what is good for them they would get rid of this ratty bitch!!! NEGATIVITY has no place in the New South Africa!!!!!!!!!

  • Cloudy - 2010-11-08 12:05

    Good grief now we know she has finally lost her mind!!! Stiupid woman!

  • Martie - 2010-11-08 12:06

    It will only be fair when it is one man one vote. I do not vote for anything on TV. It's a money making thing and we the fools are paying.

      gary55zw - 2010-11-08 12:14

      black people don't vote. this nation is still polarised tho..

      Fiona - 2010-11-09 12:24

      I completely agree with you, Martie. I wonder how many individuals voted for Elvis and Lloyd, as opposed to how many votes each got; the picture might just be different. We need to eliminate syndicates from these voting competitions and then we'll really see who the winners are. That remains to be seen though; the more idiots who vote millions of times in order to get absolutely nothing in return, beats me. And for those who say that they do it because they want to hear more of his music, the guy's got quite a few cd's out already. Money well spent for nothing in return - stupid, just plain stupid!

  • KUDU - 2010-11-08 12:08

    Have another dop you chop!

  • Bee - 2010-11-08 12:08

    This is the reason I stopped watching Idols mid-season because in SA it is always about race. All the judges could talk about was a black winner - why should race have anything to do with singing? I would rather watch American Idols or SA's got talent - where the talent rather than the race matters.

  • KUDU - 2010-11-08 12:09

    Have another dop you chop!

  • ingridlotze - 2010-11-08 12:19

    "Black people are not prepared to waste their airtime on voting" is what I was told by my black friend. Hence the voting system could be fundamentally flawed. Maybe it is consumer behaviour and not racism that needs to be thought about?

      Fiona - 2010-11-09 12:27

      Maybe they are cleverer than we think. Why spend money voting for somthing or someone that you are not gonna get a return from. All you'll get for your RRRRR's is a thank you. No thanks!

  • Gareth - 2010-11-08 12:27

    I'm also white and I also voted for Lloyd consistently from about the top 10 stage. My 2nd favourite was Boki for whom I also voted and felt Sindi was overrated, yet she came 3rd. Being a Lloyd fan, I have to admit that in the final, Elvis Blue's song was better and this may have had some influence on undecided voters. I am no expert, but wouldn't be surprised in DSTV has more black subscribers than white. I also believe there are those who vote along racial lines but that they are not in the majority.

  • Nix000 - 2010-11-08 12:31

    I really think that it is time for Mara to be put out to pasture. She has only now decided that a black is good enough to win Idols. I really hope that this past season was the last time we, the paying clients of Mnet and DSTV (Mara!)will be exposed to her "I LOVE YOU MY BABY " falseness. Mnet and DSTV should remember who pays the bills and its definitely not MARA! Lynette

  • Gareth - 2010-11-08 12:32

    Could somebody please tell me know what we have to do to get rid of Mara. Lets not even discuss her

  • Michelle - 2010-11-08 12:35

    Did Mara indulge in the Red Bull and Vodka again?? Wake up and smell the amphetamines!! I am white and I voted for L'loyd. Talent wins over colour, Mara!!

  • Colleen - 2010-11-08 12:37

    Mara is the only racist involved in Idols!! Ever since her white husband dumped her, she has hated whites. I am a 70 yr old white female and I adored Lloyd.

  • Victor - 2010-11-08 12:38

    I saw their performance and although I did not vote I would have voted for Elvis as he was just better. Mara should please behave herself and watch her tongue. Is this country not polarised enough?