Juju fashion range flying off the shelves

2012-04-19 14:49

Johannesburg - A fashion range inspired by the popularity of embattled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema is flying off the shelves, the Times reported on Thursday.

Branded Malema t-shirts and caps were designed under the banner JUJU by Pretoria-based fashion designer Obakeng Ramabodu.

Since its launch in January, 1 480 sets had been sold, selling at R350 per set. It was produced in China. On Wednesday only 320 sets were left, the publication said.

Gauteng was the leading province in sales followed by Malema's home province of Limpopo.
Ramabodu said he was overwhelmed by the support for his venture.

  • Sharon - 2012-04-19 14:54

    Does that mean he can pay his gardener now? At least he can then say that his clothes-line has created one job, seeing as the clothes were made in China!

      War Lord - 2012-04-19 15:11

      LOL LOL Sharon. I would carve my main arteries off with a blunt knife if I had to wear anything with his name on it.

      Sharon - 2012-04-19 15:31

      @ War Lord - finding a blunt knife would take too long! I'd just chew my wrists.

      Jack - 2012-04-19 15:56

      This is actually great news, now we can see whom not to trust. I for one will certainly not employ or support anyone wearing such branding.

      War Lord - 2012-04-19 16:04

      @Maronne. Who must grow a d**k? JuJu's fashion designer, JuJu or me? I can tell you one thing..........I am pretty sure certain fat boys are having a lot of trouble even seeing their d**ks....he might need a magnifying mirror and some tweezers to expose it.......

      Sharon - 2012-04-19 16:16

      haha @ War Lord, nothing grows in the shade!

      War Lord - 2012-04-19 16:19

      Oh speaking of certain fat boys............wonder why we never see some of them with a girlfriend? Not even when they attend R15 Million weddings on exotic islands.........strange...............if I get invited to such an elaborate wedding on an exotic island, I would certainly pack a pretty girl in my luggage to rub some oil all over my body...........

      Squeegee - 2012-04-19 16:32

      Orange Jumpsuit = R500 or 5 years, Black and white horizontal striped pajamas = R200 or 3 years. Ball and chain footwear = R150 or life.

  • Werner - 2012-04-19 14:54

    Produced in China ! What a hypocrite, what about 'ze brothers' and 'ze learners'

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-19 15:07

      He only sanctioned the entrepreneur, it's not his brand or company. The entrepreneur approached Chinese manufacturers.

      Nosiphom - 2012-04-19 15:39

      Because south african manufacturers were too expensive. It was a business decision. He is an entrepreneur, running a business, not a charity organisation. If the governement was serious about creating jobs, they would have subsidised the production in South Africa.

      Alan - 2012-04-19 15:44

      @Charles - nah - we know Juju was involved, becuase he insisted on BLUE LABELS

  • Ri - 2012-04-19 14:57

    Wow wow Juju the keep the haters amazed, Uve just made R518 000, wow big up Fat boy lol happy

      Felix - 2012-04-19 15:01

      Now he can pay his builders and his gardener. Better save a bit for the courts when the Hawks swoop in with SARS.

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-19 15:02

      It's not Juju who owns the label. Although I'm sure fatboy will get some royalties

      Christian J Denyschen - 2012-04-19 15:14

      Ri don't forget he still need 2 pay the suppliers, shipping and taxes and what have you he'll be lucky if he shows a profit above R100 000 but good initiative by a good entrepreneur not malema.

      Raymond - 2012-04-19 16:15

      Ri, look closely. Juju doesn't have the brains to either design, nor market anything but hate speech. "Branded Malema t-shirts and caps were designed under the banner JUJU by Pretoria-based fashion designer Obakeng Ramabodu." Get it now?

  • CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-19 15:02

    Can I get a beret please with Juju's butt or face pic? Doesn't matter, looks the same

      JJ - 2012-04-19 15:27

      Butt must look like the figure of your IQ... 00

      Patrick - 2012-04-19 15:37

      Sadly, the: "help my dom lyk" berets are not yet available...........

      Paul - 2012-04-19 16:53

      Any chance of getting something with a collar, or is it just striking attire that's available?

  • Shirley - 2012-04-19 15:09

    Seems to be a lot of people wanting to look like an @$$!!!

      Kolobe - 2012-04-19 22:25

      white south africans are not the target market here

  • Nigel - 2012-04-19 15:11

    hahhahahahahahahahaha...produced in China, what happened to helping create local jobs, so that workers can feed their families, what a attention seeking egotistical idiot, so much for his focus on helping the poor, just another elitist ANC (ex) cadre looking to get rich quick.

      Nosiphom - 2012-04-19 15:40

      Because south african manufacturers were too expensive. It was a business decision. He is an entrepreneur, running a business, not a charity organisation. If the governement was serious about creating jobs, they would have subsidised the production in South Africa.

  • spartanx93 - 2012-04-19 15:13

    Who would honestly want to wear a shirt with this fat maaifoedi printed on it? malema is a Che Guevara wanna be.

      Alan - 2012-04-19 15:33

      well demmit - braai lighters are getting expensive, and much less fun. Have your buddies over for a Juju Shikken and Ships braai....

  • Donovan - 2012-04-19 15:16

    I still say that toiletpaper bearing his ugly mug will sell even better!!

      Felix - 2012-04-19 15:29

      brb, off to the patent office.

      Donovan - 2012-04-19 15:38

      @Felix,hey thats my idea! That's patent infringemen,lmao!! Good one mate!

      Felix - 2012-04-19 16:04

      Damn looks like someone in Klerksdorp beat us to it :)

  • Frans - 2012-04-19 15:17

    You buy a Juju beret and you get a white protege free.

  • Biggs - 2012-04-19 15:22

    Soon his woodwork will be off the shelves

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-19 15:41


  • Matthew - 2012-04-19 15:25

    why not locally produced?! typical bull#### yet poor and supportive of his people,yet he dosnt give them a few more jobs,by producing it locally...typical

      zaakiro - 2012-04-19 15:29

      Im no fan, but read the article properly before Pretoria-based fashion designer Obakeng Ramabodu not Malema himself. He wouldn't know how to start or run a clothing label let alone design or sell the pieces.

      sean.redmond3 - 2012-04-19 16:42

      Strikes, He needs the clothes to be made so he can sell them before he gets too old.

  • farmfreund - 2012-04-19 15:27

    i wont even wipe my ass with those clothes

  • Brett - 2012-04-19 15:29

    1160 sets have been sold since Jan 1. Thats about 80 sets per week. Is that what you call "flying off the shelves" ?

      Alan - 2012-04-19 15:38

      eish - and I thought that my dyslexic sood stickers for foreheads were going to sell. Back to the drawing board. Hey I got it - I am going to invent extra slippery Juju soap for prisons.

      Karl - 2012-04-19 15:38

      Yes...On the FMCG industry we would rate it as flying on shelve....i aint supporting the guy but his tshirts are showing the support,especialy when looking on its selling price...

      Karl - 2012-04-19 15:39

      Yes...On the FMCG industry we would rate it as flying on shelve....i aint supporting the guy but his tshirts are showing the support,especialy when looking on its selling price...

      Nosiphom - 2012-04-19 15:42

      not exactly "flying off the shelf", but remember our standards are low. 10 000 CD's sold by an artist is platinum!

      Brett - 2012-04-19 15:55

      @Karl I work in the FMCG industry. 80 units per week really shouldnt be considered to be flying off the shelves.

      sean.redmond3 - 2012-04-19 16:43

      30% is a pass.

  • Stlouis Heidtmann - 2012-04-19 15:30

    probably ignorant ancyl supporters yes you an idiot now you dress like one to its actualy good you can spot criminals and idiot from a distance morons

  • lytteot7 - 2012-04-19 15:35

    We need these kind of young people but his choice of using chinese instead of local manufacturers is disappointing. If he went local he would have helped in putting bread in few families' tables.

      Nosiphom - 2012-04-19 15:44

      His choice was a business decision. The chines could build to the quality he requires, ship the stuff here and get it to the shop cheaper than a compnay in Cape town. He is not running a charity organisation but a business - for profit. The government should have come in and subsidised him, but I guess the Khula's IDC's etc, just gave him the run around, and since he believed in his idea he did it without help and did not have money for the local guys, sorry!

      Morrone - 2012-04-19 15:53

      Only if these stupid local manufactures have not turned him away with their stereoypes and egos

      lytteot7 - 2012-04-19 16:04

      if you two have read this story when it broke out a few months back, you will know why he went chinese. This guy claims there are better machines to manufacture his products in china.

  • Mbulelo - 2012-04-19 15:40

    Big up to the designer for using the niche market that was created by jujus popularity, it shows young black people can think . I hope he can come and open other juju range here in republic of cape town. I will support your you namakanjani

      Karen - 2012-04-19 19:20

      No pics? Would love to see what it looks like ...

  • Alan - 2012-04-19 15:42

    Ahhh - got it - I am gona patent the new Juju Orange Overall. The Hawks have already placed an order!

  • ludlowdj - 2012-04-19 15:43

    Which just goes to prove that a fool is indeed born every minute, most of them seem to support male-enema as well.

      Eugene Walters - 2012-04-19 16:24

      dont wear that trash in Cape Town

  • Karl - 2012-04-19 15:44

    How can he support china fakes if care for South African yourth....\r\nWho chose this stupid guy to lead yourth??????

  • Bokfan - 2012-04-19 15:44

    Erm 1500 sales in 4 months = 400 a month = 10 a day = NOT exactly flying off shelves. Plus you could probably divide the figure by 10 anyhow because of the lying, bluster and bs that is associated with the range

  • Gert - 2012-04-19 15:46

    I THINK HE HAS FINALY MADE IT--HIS TRUE NICHE IN LIFE It is a unique combination of fashion and politics--all his slogans like ---'nationalise' kill the boer, 'overthrow botswana' 'leave my secret trust fund alone'-- etc can be displayed on t-shirts and he is getting paid for it. This is better than woodwork.

  • Alan - 2012-04-19 15:46

    The new Juju Range is Called the 'Shikken Free Range'. Proceeds to KFC

  • Alan - 2012-04-19 15:47

    You know what - I want to become Zapiro2. There is just endless material for satire in SA.

      sean.redmond3 - 2012-04-19 16:48

      Please do, Zapiro does one, once a week. We need more. Anyway this article is useless without pictures.

  • Vernon - 2012-04-19 15:50

    here we go again,free advertising on news24

      Alan - 2012-04-19 15:53

      c'mon Vernon - I would buy a Juju beret and stick a few turkey feathers on it. We could have Juju parties of note. We would drink JW Blue Label, eat KFC Fatboy Rounders, and March home. I think KFC should come out with JuJU Toi's (toys).

  • Brett - 2012-04-19 15:58

    I hear Juju's woodwork tool kits are coming next...

      Alan - 2012-04-19 16:05

      Juju's tool would just be too much!

      sean.redmond3 - 2012-04-19 16:49

      What? Nothing comes in the kit.

  • Elkita - 2012-04-19 16:06

    Hahahahaha.I hope he can pay the gardener now

  • zipho500 - 2012-04-19 16:22

    This guy makes good business out of nothing really,well done young man! South Africa needs your creativity!

      Sidney Gilroy - 2012-04-19 16:37

      Yeas! I especially like that he is supporting the manufacturing industry! In CHINA.

      zipho500 - 2012-04-19 16:56

      He went to China coz no manufacturing company would take his proposition and now that it's a success u hypocrites start to moan!!!!!

  • sean.redmond3 - 2012-04-19 16:27

    No pictures?

  • braamc - 2012-04-19 16:27

    I got a pair of pants with a photo of Juju on the backside, enjoy farting so much more

  • Jackie - 2012-04-19 16:41

    Just further proof that he doesnt care about his people at all. Why get the stuff made in China when we have such unemployment here? O of course....he can inflate his prices even more if he imports. Worm poo!!!

      sean.redmond3 - 2012-04-19 16:51

      Juju did not have them made. He is too stupid, somebody else had a brain wave.

  • acsteyn - 2012-04-19 16:55

    Produced in China? Well you son of South Africa and lets support the poor undernourished and jobless masses. Lets take over the mines and pay through our asses for the rest of our lives but lets get the clothes from China. What a two faced lying bastard.

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-04-19 17:06

    don't hate the playa , hate the game !

  • sampson.mamphweli - 2012-04-19 17:22

    The fact that people are even commenting means Malema is still as famous as ever.

  • Katelyn - 2012-04-19 17:41

    the shirts should state : I wish to be as smart as JUJU ! HAHA

  • Sterling - 2012-04-19 19:59

    There is a lot of money in the clothing business, I was just reading that P. Diddy made over one hundred million dollars in his clothing line. More blacks in SA should be going into business and stop believing the lies the ANC are telling them.

  • ernest.nzukiso - 2012-06-06 20:00

    go juju go

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