KZN cop convicted of wife's murder

2012-01-16 22:49

Johannesburg - Pietermaritzburg dog unit member Constable Morné Croeser was on Monday convicted for the murder of his wife in August 2010.

Judge Esther Steyn of the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Pietermaritzburg rejected Croeser's defence that he and his wife, Erika, who was stabbed at least 14 times in their home at the Albert Falls dam, were attacked by an intruder.

Croeser said they were attacked on their return from visiting a pub late at night. However, the State contended he stabbed himself in the stomach to support his explanation.

Steyn said there was no direct evidence of the fatal assault, but circumstantial evidence to support Croeser's version could not reasonably and possibly be true.

After being convicted, Croeser, who was out on R5 000 bail, was ordered to be detained.

State advocate Irene Neyt and defence counsel Murray Pitman were expected to address the court on Croeser's sentence on Monday afternoon.

Two days were set aside for the proceedings. Erika Croeser worked as an eco-tourist co-ordinator at Msinsi Reserve at Albert Falls.

During the trial the court heard evidence of marital discord between the Croesers.

  • Boer - 2012-01-17 06:58

    What an idiot. Trash.

  • Marco - 2012-01-17 08:16


  • Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2012-01-17 08:17

    There's been a recent spate of white people behaving badly. This cop in this article, Kotze, that couple that killed and skinned that oke in Welkom, that oke who snatched and killed the schoolgirl (sunday rapist), and a number of other cases. I guess there's something in our water. South Africans are shockingly criminal in nature.

      Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2012-01-17 09:21

      And as if to further stress my point, bang in the front page of News24's SA section is a Mr David Coughlan, guilty of raping a 15 year old girl. Let's face it, we are all criminals.

      GrootWitHaai - 2012-01-17 09:40

      Hard to dispute that. Something is wrong in this country. Violent crime has become as common as petty crime. Lack of accountability is the common denominator in this country and it all starts at the very top.

  • Jacqueline - 2012-01-17 10:25

    As I said before, women do need protection- From men. I am so sick and tired of hearing about abuse and murder against women and children 99% of the time executed by men. May Croeser suffer endlessly in jail.

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