KZN man killed in burning wreck

2012-09-07 17:05

Johannesburg - A man was killed on Friday when his car burst into flames following a head-on collision on the N2 near Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal paramedics said.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha said two cars collided head-on around 06:00 on the N2 south near the Mtunzini toll plaza outside Richards Bay.

"One car burst into flames and the driver was trapped in the burning wreck. He burnt to death."

Botha said the other car veered off the road on impact and the driver was also trapped in his car.

"The man sustained critical injuries. He was extracted from the wreck and rushed to a nearby hospital."

Botha said severe weather conditions were affecting traffic in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday.

"Mist covering the roads are creating hazardous driving conditions as visibility is very poor."

He advised motorists to be careful on the wet and slippery roads.

  • afrikeni - 2012-09-07 17:24

    Why not told of which car make & model that burst into flames after collision. Granted, there are many contributing factors to combustion but it's of interest to the buyers or maybe a trend may emerge about which cars are susceptible to fire in a collision.

      syd.harling - 2012-09-07 21:39

      Any car can catch fire if the crash is severe enough. No particular make is more susceptible to catching fire than another.

  • syd.harling - 2012-09-07 21:37

    Badly written!!!!!! Mist are??? covering the road? Mist IS covering the road. Really News 24, learn English or write in a language you understand.

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