Kazi didn't die in vain, says father-in-law

2012-08-22 20:17

Johannesburg - A young Muslim man who died after being beaten in an apparent racist attack did not die in vain, his father-in-law said outside the Krugersdorp Regional Court on Wednesday.

"We are convinced that Fayaaz [Kazi] has not died in vain," Hasimbhay Motara told reporters.

He was responding to the court's rejection of the bail application by murder accused Roedolf Viviers.

Motara broke down as he said his daughter, Kazi's wife, would be satisfied with the court's decision.

A multi-cultural South Africa could "not afford another incident of this nature", he said.

Another family spokesperson, Zahib Asmal, said: "The family is understandably sad that Fayaaz is not here today... [But we] have every confidence that justice will take its course.

"We feel for the families of the two men [who are] also victims of this crime," he said.

Earlier, Magistrate Reginald Dama said he had "no choice" but to deny bail to Viviers, 28, who faces charges of murder and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Zayne van Tonder, 33, accused of assault, was granted R2 000 bail.

Dama said he was initially concerned this amount was too high as bail "is not used for the purpose of punishment".

He said that the accuseds' legal representative Sakkie Smith assured him that R2 000 "fit his pocket".

The two allegedly made racist remarks to Muhammad Fayaaz Kazi and his friend Anser Mahmood at a fast food outlet in Magaliesburg on 6 August.

An argument and a fight ensued. Kazi was severely beaten and died in hospital.

On Tuesday, attorney for the accused, Sakkie Smith, read out an affidavit by Viviers in court, detailing why he believed he should be granted bail. Viviers said he looked after his ill and elderly mother.

He was the sole breadwinner of his family and provided for his fiance and her young child. Viviers signalled his intention to plead not guilty to all charges. There was no risk he would skip bail, Smith said.

He suggested that Viviers' bail be set at R5 000.

Prosecutor Micky Thesner said the State opposed bail as Viviers was accused of a schedule five offence which, according to the Criminal Procedure Act, requires him to prove exceptional circumstances existed to get bail.

The State did not oppose Van Tonder's bail application and suggested it be set at R2 000.

The matter was postponed to 29 November.

  • Avesh Athmanand - 2012-08-22 21:01

    The deceased fasted during the day for Eid and perhaps was looking forward to dinner !!!

      andreas.meyer.12327 - 2012-08-22 21:47

      Maybe that made him aggressive? Now why isn't it mentioned that at least one of the moslems armed himself with a brick?

      nibiru.sekkiejorge - 2012-08-23 07:04

      @andreas Your comment will be deleted by news24. As they follow a policy of selective deletion

  • elewies - 2012-08-22 21:19

    Lock this hate-mongrel up for life

      andreas.meyer.12327 - 2012-08-22 21:47

      Rather get an education!

  • eddie.botha.3 - 2012-08-22 21:25

    How sad for this country that a terrible crime like this (and we assume the accused are still innocent until proven guilty)is used by different groups to promote their racism and ethnic differences. An innocent man - in this case a Muslim - has lost his life. Her could have been my son or yours. Whoever is responsible for this cowardly and reprehensible act must pay. A week or what ago we lauded the achievements by a young Muslim cricketer who brought this country grreat pride.... a week or so later some of us try to defend the murderous acts by a weak specy of mankind who feels he could improve his manhood (??) by killing a fedllow human being.. How long do we still have to stumble down this crevice of racial intolerance... until it's too late? The Afrikaans churches have been telling their flock for years that we were the chosen people. I have news for you... if there is a God, he or she would in this case cry about the flaw in the creation when it made man.

      nadineelvina.francis - 2012-08-23 10:03

      Gees Eddy 99 losers who really don't like the Truth. Murder in any form is wrong. News 24 racists can go take a flying leap and join Chris Mahlangu in jail. Its where they all belong.

  • jacques.stander - 2012-08-22 21:27

    I don't care if the killers black or white!! Lock him up & throw away the key.

      sandra.j.rennie - 2012-08-23 11:32

      I agree jacques - what the devil did he do this for ?

  • veldt66 - 2012-08-22 21:33

    I blame these guys (killers) s family backgrounds, these people are taught not to respect other human beings from a young age. I would not be suprised if these d...cks where not part of the gangs that comment on News24 on daily basis. Look now they fckd up their lives forever & those of the victim s family. Racism is always a wrong option & it reflects intense human weakness"""""

      crracker.crackerr - 2012-08-22 21:45

      No, veldt66. Don't try to turn this into propaganda. The fact that you would not be surprised does not make it real. Anybody can come up with such rubbish and one hopes that this commetn alerts people to the risk of snuffing up rubbish like you have posted. I can tell you now that the gangs posting on these forums are the gangs out to cause as much racial disharmony as possible. Gangs with violent intentions commenting here? See the kolobes above. So piss off!

      introvert.introverts - 2012-08-22 23:39

      I support you veldt66, some people in this country are counter revolutionary and will continue to suffer for their ignorance.

      jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-08-23 08:14

      veldt66, I notice 61 thumbs-down on your statement and 89 thumbs-down on eddie's remarks above - seems that majority of News24 readers are racists after all and condone kicking fellow South Africans to death!

  • pierre.walt - 2012-08-22 21:40

    Were is my comment/?

  • introvert.introverts - 2012-08-22 21:48

    Lock up the trash and throw the keys in the ocean.

  • lynda.pitcher.1 - 2012-08-22 22:17

    Haven't we learned enough from racism.......I am in awe of this man who can think of the family of his son in law's murderers. We can all learn a lot from him and try not to let the hatred and ignorance that led to this attack and senseless murder be perpetuated in those that have to face the consequences

      Zukile Marcus - 2012-08-23 06:59

      tell that to a white judge. we as black community are watching close these racial judgements being made to black offenders; and we will be singing it was regrettable avoidable. one day is one day

  • judy.knoetze - 2012-08-23 06:29

    This person has now ruined the lives of several people with his one act of ignorant intolerance. That of the victim and his family and also the lives of his own elderly sick mother, fiance and baby!

      mercia.bonello - 2012-08-23 12:34

      That is indeed Judy, and its not only sad for the Motara's but also to see how old this accussed is. He's life is also now being ruined for letting anger overpower him. And yes it might not be a racial attack, but a murder has been committed. Justice must serve its cause. But when something like this happens we must focus on what God can bring forward in us, see what his plans are for us, catch the revelation of how God wants us still to honour him by staying humble. By seeking his face and to bring us closer to him, we must have a need for him. Once we come to the realisation, heaven will pour its blessings. Very sad!

  • kyle.buitendag - 2012-08-23 07:36

    rot in jail you fat dutchman............

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-08-23 10:19

      Kyle, I have lived amonst the Dutch for many years. Calling this sorry excuse for a human a Dutchman is an insult and nothing more. Do you have any idea how much money the Dutch spend here every year on projects the government neglect to sponsor?.

  • Duits - 2012-08-23 08:12

    Don't these people think before they do stupid things? Oops, forgot I suppose he only had 1 braincell. How childish can you get by making such snide remarks about the guys beard? What a senseless why to take a life. I hope they slap your backside in jail for a very long time. I get p'ed off that after they committed the crime then the judge must take into consideration about his mother, fiance and a baby. Did you think of the family of guy you beat up to a pulp?

  • psalm.proverb.3 - 2012-08-23 09:08

    The Kazi and Motara families have been dignified in their grief. May they be comforted. I truly feel for Kazi's widow - married for about a year only. No doubt planning many years together with her husband. Whichever way you look at it, no one wants to lose their loved one this way - or through any other act of violence. May the truth come out and may justice prevail.

  • imraan.khan.71066 - 2012-08-23 09:14

    Justice must prevail , you do the crime now do the time !!! Nobody should be allowed to think that there is no consequences for their actions. The perpertrator knew what he was doing , he had a choice to avoid beating a fellow human , he had full knowledge of the damage being done- he is now accountable and should get an equal punishment.

  • bob.small.7547 - 2012-08-23 10:48

    Judging by Roedolf Viviers Physical size and build, he is nothing but a common bully. He has smacked one to many this time. Like it or not he is going to spend a long time behind bars……he is going to need those muscles on the inside!

      nibiru.sekkiejorge - 2012-08-23 13:24

      Certainly not a guy to pick a fight with

  • kyle.buitendag - 2012-08-23 14:13

    Piece of crap cant even get himself a suit........pathetic

  • peddiej - 2012-08-24 16:47

    Shame killing someone over something so stupid!!! Very sad indeed!!!

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