Khutsong protestors, cops clash

2005-12-14 16:33

Johannesburg - A policeman was injured on Wednesday during an exchange of rubber bullets and stones between police and protesters in Khutsong.

This was as protest organisers and police began negotiating inside the stadium.

SA Community Party (SACP) leaders including Paul Mcewa appeared to be hit.

Police had positioned themselves in three armoured vehicles in a corner of the stadium's soccer field and formed riot combating positions.

One of the SACP leaders said minutes before that police and organisers had met to discuss allowing people inside the stadium to leave.

One of the leaders, Nkosi Mphendule, said the leadership was discussing how to channel the anger of the crowd in constructive ways while not losing momentum.

Outside the stadium, smoke from burning tyres could be seen through the rooftops and while stones flew through the air.