Kirsty's mom sobs as sentencing postponed

2013-11-08 14:39

Johannesburg - Two men convicted of the murder of Kirsty Theologo will only be sentenced next year by the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, sitting in Palm Ridge.

Judge Geraldine Borchers said on Friday she was scheduled for an operation and could only continue with the sentencing of Lindon Wagner and Robin Harwood on 11 February 2014.

Theologo's mother, Sylvia, burst into tears.

"No, I can't do this anymore... I'm finished, I want it to end," she cried.

Family members comforted her. Outside court she told reporters she rejoiced on Thursday when the verdict was handed down, thinking it would all be over soon.

Harwood and Wagner were convicted of assault, murder, and attempted murder. Theologo, 18, was struck on the head several times with a rock in October 2011 on a hill in Linmeyer, south of Johannesburg. She was then doused with petrol and set alight as part of a Satanic soul-selling ritual by a group of people she had known as her friends.

Another friend, who was also assaulted and was 14-years-old old at the time, survived the attack.

  • Brenda Timm Morkel - 2013-11-08 15:11

    This mother is not new to the drug scene. she is an old druggie.... She should maybe have taken a closer look at what her children were doing and where they were in their spare time... but as I say, not new to the drug scene, so she never had enough time to give her children.... Can't say the son is becoming aggressive or rude to her now only, and he maybe feels that she should have been looking over them better...... i feel for her remaining children......

      Hemlock - 2013-11-08 15:37

      Do you know her personally? Do you have the facts to back up what you are saying?.....Unless you have proof, be careful what you say. You could land up being charged for defamation of character. The woman has been through a lot, let her have the peace she needs right now!!!!!

      Minante du Plessis - 2013-11-08 16:06 We really don't care how YOU feel about them

      Ann Slein - 2013-11-08 16:26

      Wow - how insensitive. IF you had first hand info of anything inappropriate, why didn't you tell the authorities and help the kids? I hope you never experience the grip of addiction...Who are any of us to judge this woman?

  • Dawn Erasmus-Coetzee - 2013-11-11 16:21

    @ Brenda Timm Morkel. You should be ashamed of yourself saying things like that!!!! Even if you do know her personally who the hell gives you the right to put a person and a family down like that? This must also mean that you are a PERFECT human being with a PERFECT family who have NEVER done anything wrong????? Never point fingers because there will ALWAYS be 3 fingers pointing back at yourself! Go on your Kane's and ask GOD for forgiveness you horrible insignificant human being!!!!!!!!!!

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