Kleinfontein segregation not about race

2013-05-23 22:17

Kleinfontein - The Afrikaners-only community Kleinfontein outside Rayton, east of Pretoria, insisted in a debate with the DA on Thursday that the criteria for its residents were not based on race.

The community, which has existed for 21 years but came under the media's spotlight this week, merely wanted to live out their values in seclusion, said controlling body chairperson Jan Groenewald.

This would include providing themselves with their own "municipal" services.

"The people that have free access to Kleinfontein, who can apply, are Afrikaner.

"[They] are basically people who associate themselves with our Voortrekker history, the Blood River Covenant and all these historical facts relating to our struggle for independence for the Afrikaner people," Groenewald told reporters.

The criteria to live in Kleinfontein was "based on cultural, language, traditional and religious beliefs".

"You cannot use race as a base to determine anything," said Groenewald.

The gated community, which covered almost 800ha, was in the spotlight this week following reports that Kleinfontein was a racially exclusive community.

DA Youth protest

On Thursday the Democratic Alliance Youth protested outside its gates.

The handful of youths were singing and dancing as they moved towards the gate to protest against the farm settlement's policies.

Some held up placards reading: "Een nasie. Een toekoms [One nation. One future]".

Guards in camouflage were stationed at the gates of the community. Also to be seen were some residents and a number of cars carrying the old Transvaal Republic flag, with an extra band of orange.

DA Youth leader Mbali Ntuli along with a few other members entered the community to speak with Kleinfontein leaders.

"We want to show you what South Africa looks like. We achieve nothing by creating secluded areas."

But Groenewald insisted the Constitution allowed for the existence of their community.

Freedom of movement

He said Afrikaner self determination, as guaranteed by article 235 of the Constitution, was the cornerstone the community was built on.

"We feel that the discussion with the DA Youth and their leadership was eventually constructive."

He said Kleinfontein was in discussion with the Tshwane municipality concerning service delivery.

"We would like to, as we have always done, deliver our own services."

The community's water was supplied by natural fountains and it bought its electricity in bulk from Eskom.

Local businessman Dannie de Beer said all construction and manual labour within Kleinfontein was done either by residents or workers approved by the board.

He said people had to apply for residency and were interviewed by a panel.

Kleinfontein, with about 1 000 residents, has its own primary school, old age home and game reserve.

De Beer said Kleinfontein accommodated both rich and poor residents. He said often people would arrive at the gate with nothing more than a bag of clothes.

If they qualified they would be allocated a house in the caravan park and would usually work in Kleinfontein.

Freedom of movement

Single mother Ronelle Berrington explained she moved to Kleinfontein for her children.

"Your children have freedom of movement," the mother of four said.

Fellow resident Gerhard Schutte, 34, said he has lived in Kleinfontein for seven years and owned his own business.

"When I was in school I became aware of Kleinfontein. It has been existing for 21 years. It was my desire to live here. It is how I want to live."

He denied being racist, saying he just preferred living in the gated community as it prioritised his values and had no serious crime.

Double amputee Dries Oncke, who sustained his injuries when he was hit by a train almost 20 years ago, echoed these sentiments.

"I live here and I stay out of trouble."

Orania Beweging president Carel Boshoff has since invited the DA Youth to visit Orania, the segregated Afrikaner community in the Northern Cape.

  • Bob Bothalezi - 2013-05-23 22:42

    Big mistake DA.

      Sean Bagley - 2013-05-24 01:31

      DA Youth leader Mbali Ntuli says:"We want to show you what South Africa looks like. We achieve nothing by creating secluded areas." It's not as if South Africa currently has anything else to be proud of outside the gates of these small communities now is there.You know with all the rapes,the murders,the HIV/AIDS,robberies,hijackings and what have you. They doing rather okay in Kleinfontein and Oranje,so why not let them be DA and go demonstrate for something that's a lot more worthwhile then this community and their lifestyle.Let them be.It's when wanting to force others into your way of thinking,then that's when it becomes a problem.Democratic values are what the majority of people in a country like South Africa wants and respecting the wishes of minority groups within the framework of the country's constitution.

      Mathata Fela - 2013-05-24 05:05

      Bob, I couldn't agree with you more.I moved from the ANC to the DA a few years back but after this pathetic spectacle yesterday I will never vote DA again. I thought they were above this childish, opportunistic racial rhetoric....It seems like the DA was lucky with their membership numbers so far because the ANC created a void in which they operated. That void for the majority of right thinking people will hopefully be filled soon by Agang.

      Benjamin Ndambi - 2013-05-24 07:50

      Wat got my attention was that I saw only "Black DA" protesting.

  • Gary Wynn√® Vickers - 2013-05-23 23:09

    I can see news24 closing comments very soon, let them live there, if that's what they want then let then be

  • ANASKA - 2013-05-23 23:39

    When Orania came into existance there was an uproar and look at them now!! = any problems = NO - Kleinfontein has only 650 people and if Zuma and the ANC did not mess up this country as much as they are presently doing this situation would not hve materialized

      William Lee Robbertse - 2013-05-24 00:18

      Nurse Helenk... please its more uneducated to comment with conviction if you don't know the facts or the people you called stupid. shame on you !!

      Cane Corso - 2013-05-24 01:00

      Nurse H. Who are you to judge again? Ooo shiver me underbrooks. Helenk spoke. Grow up. People have choices. Retards like you just can't handle the fact that they exercise it. You want to cry me a river because everyone doesn't embrace your whatever? Shame, you poor lonely empty thing.

      Patricia Dewet - 2013-05-24 08:17

      Reading all this I get the feeling that black people are jealous of the lifestyle of white people and always want to live there, because why all these remarks of calling people names. People feel comfortable living with their own. Speaking the same language, going to the same church, having the same upbringing even eating the same type of food. That makes people happy, and happy people are far more productive.

  • Nhlamu Chuma - 2013-05-24 00:03

    Next year Zulu will be compulsory at University of KZN, that's a force, what's the difference here? I think its related

      Rayno Grever - 2013-05-24 06:33

      Sharpeville 2

  • Mfaniseni Thusi - 2013-05-24 00:21

    Who is more racist?

      Cane Corso - 2013-05-24 00:46

      Seeing as we're all equal. That makes for equally racist ne?

  • Monique Naude - 2013-05-24 00:22

    SFW if people choose to do things for themselves. I can't believe that people are complaining about a group of individuals who have lived there for 21 years and caused no trouble! Grow the hell up people, and rather stop b!tching about this. Focus on the corrupt government and their buddies milking us for all we've got. Rather protest against e-tolls which will send food prices sky rocketing, leaving all the poorest of people in the lurch.

  • Gaddafi Ngubonde - 2013-05-24 00:37

    South Africa will never be the same, this community existed 21 years before the 20 years agreement with Marget Tharther and her team. Leave them alone. South Africa will be divided to several countries years comes.

  • German Mazokera - 2013-05-24 01:24

    There is a lot of good positive to learn from these people. If all south africans are to life this way then there won't be need of police courts jails and above all these guys they value life and why can't we do the same instead of complaining

      William Lee Robbertse - 2013-05-24 01:48

      German, You have a valid point there my man, wish more people can be like you and see trough the misguided Media hype over Kleinfontien, these people are normal people with high values, and want to live in piece and harmony with the rest of South Africa's People, they are not confrontational they refrain from name calling and harbour no criminal intent. I know I am one of them.

      Theko Botsane - 2013-05-24 05:37

      if criminals did not have rights,we wouldnt have to live like this.wat a doomed nation.

  • Stephen Brookes - 2013-05-24 01:45

    Who cares if they want to live in a segregated area? Who cares. It doesn't influence anyone Haha.

  • Skiel Raophala - 2013-05-24 02:37

    All comments which i have read indicate that apartheid is stil existing but it seems it hides somewhere in our heart. The comments are like blacks vs whites.

  • Interesting - 2013-05-24 03:09

    So sad tho. Let them live in segregation if they want to. Stupid.

  • Osiris Fox - 2013-05-24 03:36


  • Annemarie White - 2013-05-24 04:03

    Why all this hoo-ha now when this place has been there for donkey's years?

      Sean Potgieter - 2013-05-24 08:05

      One word: Elections...

  • Riffak Traws - 2013-05-24 04:26

    Kleinfontein: a model community municipalities should take notes from.

  • Mbuyi Mabuya Maphalala - 2013-05-24 05:04

    So what,who cares, let them be.

  • Gary Doyle - 2013-05-24 05:11

    They'd never be given any kind of independence. It scares the goverment that competent people have the ability to prosper and make a success on their own. Makes the anc look even more like a circus.

      Barefoot - 2013-05-24 06:04

      the DA was the one protesting, or which article was i reading?

      Gary Doyle - 2013-05-24 07:37

      I know the DA are protesting there, they obviously trying to score some points. You'd hear from the anc should this group ever request independence like some other ones have.

  • Sabelo Lex Mthembu - 2013-05-24 05:25

    It's pretty sad that one would opt to be isolated from society but hey, each to his own I guess. You only live once.

  • Sbulele Bavus Mnyaka - 2013-05-24 05:36

    then why the kleinfontein residential criteria accomodates only a certain race if its not about race

  • Edgar Mooi - 2013-05-24 05:37

    Guys im a black guy if ds white guys enjoy that why wrest with them , leave them , as long as they are not training the army for terrorism ...... Why are we panicked ,how many area are coverd with only blacks , villages ??? I dont want to b wt them bcs in my culture u dont just kiss ur wife in public as if she is magoshas .... We respect any romantic thing to respect the feelings of others

  • Maureen Dlutu - 2013-05-24 06:03

    The DA is fooling all BLACK man around who's willing to do stupid things like this!!! So what if these people is living in isolation? Will any white politican like Zille live in a black township jst because the ANC or any other say so!!! In SA's crime rate I wish I can live with my family in isolation!!!

      Farzana Rahiman - 2013-05-24 06:13

      the aritcle states, theyve invited the DA- the DA and will not fly for this..assumptions assupmtions!

  • Kgotso Mgd Selome - 2013-05-24 06:06

    First Orania, now Kleinfontein. are there more areas secluded only to afrikaaners?, or are afrikaaners really paranoid?

  • Xolani Ndimba - 2013-05-24 06:09

    Looking at the comments here and the real mindsets of many, I expect close to 3/4 majority outcome in favour of the ANC in 2014 National Elections. Others see absolutely nothing wrong while others feel that all must be integrated in the country, a feeling which goes against what apartheid, it's beneficiaries and supporters and the old South African flag stood for. Just when I was hoping that the country will make inroads against corruption, Gupta gate, killing of civilians by security forces etc. Clearly we have more pressing matters - persistent racial apartness or separate development.

  • Mbekezeli Zulu - 2013-05-24 06:11

    This ANC our ANC is trying by all mean to follow the rules and please everyone ,we must just deport anyone back to Holland who thinks he's better than the natives - these this is our land - it's our land there should be no compromise. Imagine us having a settlement like that in holland - YEBANA!!!

      Gruntus Maximus - 2013-05-24 06:19

      Well if you and a bunch of like minded people were to buy a piece of land and then build a gated community where all business was conducted in isizulu i don't think there would be a problem. Similar things have happened there.

      Leon Coetzee - 2013-05-24 06:30

      Go watch james mannings obliviian hour and wise up. Go back to the bush you makwenkwe!

      Peter Zylstra - 2013-05-24 06:33

      Sorry Zulu, this is and was'nt your land. it was the land of the koi people who were murderd by your people.

  • Rayno Grever - 2013-05-24 06:31

    This is similar to the Amish community in Pennsylvania where they don't bother anyone and nobody bothers them. In SA we live in gated communities to keep crime out unlike townships where the wolves live among the sheep: where toddlers and elders are raped on a daily basis. Everyone has the right to feel safe so what's the problem?

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-05-24 06:37

    I wish I could live in a place where my children could walk freely and I could sleep peacefully!!! I have so many fears for my children growing up in SA!!

      Daniel Maako - 2013-05-24 07:32

      I don't understand,who's forcing you to live in South Africa?Why don't you just go to another Country where you won't have any fears for your children!

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-05-24 06:44

    I'm white and unfortunately English, so they not going to let me in either!! That's their choice, I respect it!

  • carel.merwe.7 - 2013-05-24 06:47

    Foootsek whena hincha...

  • Karabo Phetoane - 2013-05-24 07:00

    @Leon if you didn't know civilization started in Africa and you must be thankful we invented leather clothing that you wear.

      Christopher Laurenz - 2013-05-24 07:21

      Actually karabo. An invention is something you invent, hence the term invention. Leather is not an invention, an animal has been 'wearing' leather for a lot longer than us then. we copied their invention.

  • Ren - 2013-05-24 07:02

    @karabo u must be thankful for the wheel the Europeans brought here!

      Karabo Phetoane - 2013-05-24 07:08

      @Ren they must also be thankful for the steel and iron we supplied to them to make those wheels and for the street lights we invented.

  • donrico.silva - 2013-05-24 07:02

    Let them be...we all have a choice!

  • Jacques Shreky Stander - 2013-05-24 07:03

    Im a proud white afrikaans speaking South African. I don't wane live there !! But don't judge anyone who would. Allow everyone the freedom to live how they choose , f#*k you people love to judge and stir . Go on with your own lives !!!!

  • 1Mic - 2013-05-24 07:03

    You cannot force anyone to like you. If they are happy with their small common

  • 1Mic - 2013-05-24 07:15

    You can't force anyone to like you. If they are happy with their small community then let them be. This is not an issue which requires a political party to toi toi over. Is their segregation fuelled by racism? Absolutely. That's why they wave old Afrikaner flags. In this era one decides to be racist or not, which is a conscious decision within. So let them be, it's their rights ( to be wrong and happy). Can't force them to like the DA or ANC.

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-05-24 07:26

    Songeze, I am white and ENGLISH so they won't let me in either!!! I don't share their afrikaans culture! Leave them be, they been there 21 years already, living peacefully, why all the fuss now!! They obviously doing no one any harm,or we would have heard of them sooner?

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-05-24 07:27

    and....I'm not racist....I hate everybody!!!!!! LOL

  • Jaap Kotze - 2013-05-24 07:36

    Why don't I have the ''right'' to associate with and honour my own customs and believes? Is it to clean, orderly and , in general, civilised!?

  • Henk Tredoux - 2013-05-24 07:42

    People must be free to choose how they want to live and who they want to live with......but why does Kleinfontein get " segregation attention"? What is the criteria to enrol into Oprah Winfrey's school in Vereeniging?? As far as I know it's racial AND sexual segregation?!? Go do your home work!!!

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-05-24 07:45

    Deon in today's economic climate no one is going to deny them anything, money talks!!! As long as they can pay for petrol and spend at the mall, no one will say no!

  • Sipho Mnguni - 2013-05-24 07:52

    I am an African of Zulu descent and I find nothing wrong with this community. I always believe that I think logical and act rational. And I try not to be swayed by emotions and influenced by the crowd. Really, I find nothing wrong with people who choose to live their as long as that does not interfere in any way with my rights. Indeed, they are correct to invoke section 235 of the Constitution, 1996. Furthermore, everyone has the right to freedom of association as section 18 of the same Constitution. Section 15 provides for the freedom of religion, belief and opinion. They are just occupying a little piece of land as opposed to the vast land that South African is. Do I envy them? Of course, not. Live them alone to live the way they like.

  • Aaron Larry Chaava - 2013-05-24 07:55

    So i take it by some coments that ths isnt racist, just cult...seeing as even english speaking whites arnt alowd...wait sounds familar...wernt the nazis doing the same thing, makng a country with just pure arayan blood, with certain criteria? In that case let the new nuts hav wat they need, excpt state resources, dont care wat the paying

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-05-24 07:55

    Sipho, now you are someone I would welcome as a neighbour anyday!!!

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-05-24 07:56

    At least they never named the place Witfontein?

  • Brian Gugulethu Ngobe - 2013-05-24 07:57

    You stupid racists keep on claiming of inventing things, name one thing you invented, mmmmm let me see you cant cause you are the most unintelligent people in this country, the only thing you've been successful in doing was to oppress other different races from yours and now that you can no longer do that you are more bitter and angry and keep calling other people apes to make yourselves feel better. if you dont like living around black people save yourself the stress and hang yourself because black people are all over in a mass and they are not going anywhere.

  • Nwanawavhathu Jaycksen - 2013-05-24 07:58

    They dont black police and ths is not about race? Stil al da criteria listed fit white people and not a single black or indian people and stil ths is not about race. The want to establish their own white government in south africa nd ths has nothin to do with race? ANC is here to stay. Get over it u white racists. Im black and proud to be 1

      Cane Corso - 2013-05-24 09:51

      And your communication skills are a prime example why certain people avoid people like you. You are nothing but the worst type of bigot you wish to expose. This however you will not grasp.

  • Asanda Ndamase - 2013-05-24 08:10

    Ey gudluck to the Kleinfontain fellas...but seriously nw, yal shud try see dis situation if it were the ada way around(were plausible or nt). Couple of Zulu chaps stayin sumwher in the Netherlands or wateva n nt allowing the natives in.

  • Louise Barnard - 2013-05-24 08:26

    no one here as anything really constructive to say,

  • Jaco JP Venter - 2013-05-24 08:46

    Nou weet ek hoekom ek nooit weer vir die DA sal stem nie!Alle Afrikaners stem asb vir die VF,die DA het nou bewys hulle gee niks om vir die Afrikaners nie.

  • Lubabalo Lamani - 2013-05-24 09:12

    I do not blame these people. Let's face the facts, our government is utterly useless!!

      Cane Corso - 2013-05-24 09:52

      Lol. Thanks for that one.

      Pheello Maleleka - 2013-05-24 20:31

      You fool you think whites will like you with this comment

  • Cane Corso - 2013-05-24 10:02

    What is the difference between this gated community and any other within the cities? The bigot black racists who cant handle being excluded. Like AA and BBEEE they need special protection like an endangered species. Pathetic.

  • Ren - 2013-05-24 10:34

    So proudly black African that you use African America slang to talk, at least we know how patriotic you are, wanna be gangsta's yo yo homies!! Bwhahaha