Know cause of plane crash - DA

2012-12-06 20:04

Johannesburg - It is important to establish why a military aircraft crashed in the Drakensberg near Ladysmith on Thursday, killing 11 people, the DA said.

"We have to get to the bottom of why the aircraft was allowed to operate in such poor weather conditions, and what caused the aircraft to crash," DA defence and military veterans’ spokesperson David Maynier said.

The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) said 11 people, including six SA Air Force (SAAF) members, died when the aircraft crashed.

"On board was a crew of six and five passengers, and it was confirmed that there are no survivors," spokesperson Siphiwe Dlamini said.

"The SANDF has commenced with the process of informing the next-of-kin of the deceased members."

He said the names of the deceased will be released when all the next-of-kin had been informed of the crash.

A board of inquiry had been convened to investigate the circumstances surrounding the cause of the accident, Dlamini added.

Maynier welcomed the board of inquiry, saying it was important to establish the cause of the accident.

"The DA extends its condolences to the family and friends of the 11 members of the defence force who died in the crash," he added.

The Dakota aircraft went missing en route to Mthatha after it took off from Waterkloof Air Force Base in Pretoria on Wednesday. It was expected to land in Mthatha at 10:00.

After no communication from the aircraft, the SAAF activated a search and rescue mission but severe weather conditions in the area hindered the operation.

"At first light this morning, the rescue team continued their efforts and located the wreckage in the Drakensberg mountains," said Dlamini.

  • jacob.zooma.9 - 2012-12-06 20:15

    DA can now stop being nosy in everything. Don't they have new traffic rules to implement in Cape Town? I think I just saw someone in seapoint talking on a cellphone while driving, get someone stationed with a camera on top of a bridge there.

      Bluecrest - 2012-12-06 21:29

      BTW... Democratic Alliance to you! Have some respect already!

  • thato.seloane - 2012-12-06 20:15

    Flip, must the DA issue statements that are so obvious to the Airforce? Of course there is an equity to this matter

  • jmatebane - 2012-12-06 20:43

    I knew it... Soo sad, but why was it flying at 11 000 feet? Thats too low to flying over a mountain range or flying a long distance in a bad aircraft where it will be subjected to serious updrafts.

      tiaan.evony - 2012-12-06 22:18

      unfortunetly the A/C is not pressurized so they cant fly above 10 000ft for longer than 2 hours

      rory.n.price - 2012-12-07 00:01

      Jmatebane, nothing wrong with the Dak, my friend ask all who flue in it in the 80's, after conversion they were as good as new, great planes, one will have to wait and see if it was pilot error, or mechanical

      justin.ellis.900 - 2012-12-09 11:43

      Geez i am so tired of you people that dont know anything about aviation commenting. Stick to your day jobs.

  • george.pito - 2012-12-06 20:49

    Cause established it is a BEE operation

  • chris.whittaker.9047 - 2012-12-06 20:53

    This is the not nice part of the DA. Using a tragedy for political mileage. A plane crashed, it is been investigated. DA does not need to issue a statement on EVERYTHING. Let the investigators do their jobs.

      beverly.young3 - 2012-12-07 06:39

      Yeah, but it beats the total silence of the other parties doesnt it?

      chris.whittaker.9047 - 2012-12-09 22:56

      @yaya. I disagree. What exactly is accomplished by the DA saying there must be an investigation? Was someone preventing one from happening? No. Should Cope, IFP and FF etc jump on the bandwagon and also call for an investigation that is already going to happen?

  • jmatebane - 2012-12-06 20:55

    Reading all these comments, it just goes to show like what I had said in the first article... Politicians and Logic are oil and water, they dont mix... What does race and politicians have todo with a plane crash?.... Who died and made the Democratic Alience the CAA or the NTSB?

  • Yolande Waggiet - 2012-12-06 20:58

    i think you all missing the point 4get about DA or ANC 11 ppl died was the pilot qualified or was the pilot liscence bought.

      lee.brand.73 - 2012-12-06 21:00

      both pilots had a wealth of experience. They were top quality pilots

      lee.brand.73 - 2012-12-06 21:01

      both pilots had a wealth of experience. They were top quality pilots

      dmitri.dumas.9 - 2012-12-06 21:18

      To be able to fly the "vomit commet" as we used to call them, you need a lot of skill, and as lee.brand says, they were guality folks who fly her.

      tiaan.evony - 2012-12-06 22:23

      1st learn how to spell and 2nd"was the pilot qualified or was the pilot liscence bought" they are not Nigerian like others in this country.

      JManAtheoi - 2012-12-07 07:56

      Quality pilot....and a good friend.

  • Barefoot - 2012-12-06 21:07

    all air crashes are investigated are they not?

      dmitri.dumas.9 - 2012-12-06 21:36

      Yes they are. The CAA is involved and if the accident is in another country, their specific aviation authority does it. If it is Oceanic, then the country in which the aircraft is registered does the investigation such as AF447 that went down between Rio and Paris a few years back.

  • sidwell.francis - 2012-12-06 21:17

    The DA is just making unnecessary noise,its almost obvious that there would be investigations into the matter,there was absolutely no need for David Maynier to seek attention!

      tiaan.evony - 2012-12-06 22:25

      But what if the government would like to hide something,that might have been wrong with the A/C????

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-12-06 21:41

    Condolences to the families of the departed souls. May they rest in peace.

  • thabo.manganye - 2012-12-06 21:46

    Wasn't it bad weather, how many time have we had those accidents in the past few years, some people just seek attention , just like Malema going to Marikana to give support to striking miners, accidents do happen. If you know will it bring them from the dead?

  • thabo.manganye - 2012-12-06 21:56

    Every single accident that takes a life is worth investigating so let's not say some are more special than others or being a pessimist, should I say is it because it claimed the lives of some white people so there is some urgency to know what happened. How many times are people dying on the roads ( s.a roadlink) and nothing is sa, is it because the people who die are not important considering that its mainly B....

  • shaun.miekle - 2012-12-06 22:18


      JManAtheoi - 2012-12-07 07:57

      Shaun you seriously need to get your facts straight you racist idiot. I wish you could say that to my face.

  • richard.payn.12 - 2012-12-06 22:58

    rest in peace.

  • theunislbotha - 2012-12-06 23:45

    Oh so it was darkness already

  • pierre.louw.547 - 2012-12-07 07:22

    Because they were flying in bad weather conditions, the most likely cause could have been the formation of ice on the props and wings which severely impacts the aerodynamics of the aircraft. The aircraft will decent by itself and nothing the pilots can do about it. I was on a flight last year in a Cape Town based Dakota which were flown by one of the pilots involved and I can assure you experience and quality of the pilots is not the issue here. Condolences to the family of all involved in this tragic accident. RIP

  • zip.reeper - 2012-12-07 07:36

    was it a black woman pilot, like that black captain who immediately crashed his Navy sub into the sea bed?

      pierre.louw.547 - 2012-12-07 07:54

      ZIP.Reeper I forgot that comments on News24 articles are only reserved for uninformed and racist people like yourself. Clearly you did not read my comment properly or cannot grasp it?

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