Krejcir kept at undisclosed location

2011-03-25 09:01

Johannesburg - Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir, who handed himself over to police early on Friday, is being kept at an undisclosed location for his own safety, the Hawks said.

"The Hawks shall not reveal where Mr Krejcir is being kept, [and] the issue of his court appearance will come about as the day progresses. He will be charged with fraud," spokesperson McIntosh Polela said.

"Krejcir's days on the run are over...Krejcir played a cat and mouse game with law enforcement agencies. He made several appointments promising to hand himself over but repeatedly failed to do so," he said.

The 42-year-old was being questioned on the death of underworld boss Cyril Beeka, who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Cape Town earlier this week.

Hit list

A hit list was found during a raid at Krejcir's house in Bedforview on Tuesday night. It included the names of Beeka, security consultant Paul O'Sullivan and a state prosecutor. Beeka was allegedly at the top of the list.

Krejcir was not at home during the raid. His fraud charges relate to the R4.5m claim he allegedly made to an insurance company, after managing to obtain medical papers saying he had cancer.

Since the raid, the Hawks had urged Krejcir to hand himself over, adding that it was in his best interests to do so, Polela said.

On Wednesday, the SA Revenue Service (Sars) confiscated a Lamborghini and Ferrari belonging to Krejcir.

"It was part of efforts by the state and law enforcement agencies involved in this case to secure assets and prevent assets from being dissipated while investigations continue," said SARS spokesperson Adrian Lackay.

  • Slapper - 2011-03-25 09:16

    Amazing, 5 minutes in Chooky and already the deal are being done and the Sheik treatment is used. The guy should be in chains and in court, within 48 hrs of his arrest. Lets see the next act in this farce

  • exocist - 2011-03-25 09:17

    "The Hawks shall not reveal where Mr Krejcir is being kept, unless the price is right

  • e.henning101 - 2011-03-25 09:29

    "The Hawks shall not reveal where Mr Krejcir is being kept..." Very good...they probably got this addres wrong as well. This bulletin has just been received. The Hawks accidently dropped Krejcir off at the Sandton Mall, mistaking it for a safe-house they have on the Vaal. Can anybody please assist and donate a gps to them?

      Mgayi - 2011-03-25 12:10

      @e.henning101 " Can anybody please assist and donate a gps to them? " That will be another tender

  • Felix - 2011-03-25 09:31

    'cat and mouse' sounded more like the pink panther than Tom n Jerry to me.

      ChrisG - 2011-03-25 10:12

      They're Pinky, they're Pinky and the... oh damn, there's no Brain.

  • jiamalunga - 2011-03-25 09:37

    Why do Criminals get to make deals? What deal is he going to get, Play golf with Shaik? This country is a joke! Not even Criminals get what they deserve. Just like the ruling party, so I should not be surprised actually!

  • Meanleader - 2011-03-25 09:48

    "The Hawks shall not reveal where Mr Krejcir is being kept,".... just in case we give the wrong adress !! I wonder who drove the vehicles to the Police pound ...... and I wonder if they got there in one peice , or maybe did a detour to the shebeen ! Highly suspicious to attach someones assets for a fraud charge , usually applies to gangster crime !¬

  • Fred - 2011-03-25 09:50

    Now the SAPS are been used to protect hoodlums and thugs, stuff the tax payers.

  • Marcell - 2011-03-25 09:52

    Visiting JZ?

  • preshengovender69 - 2011-03-25 10:07

    he is in Sun City Prison

  • Frangipani - 2011-03-25 10:24

    He s in presidential suite at Michelangelo....HE GOT UP AT 8AM THIS MORNING, HE JUST FINISHED SUMPTOUS BREAKFAST some guys have all the fun especially if in SA!!!!

  • Maddiej - 2011-03-25 10:24

    Or sitting pretty in some hospital waiting for treatment for his "CANCER"

      Tgif - 2011-03-25 10:46

      He will be released with a terminal illness which he contracted during his dealings with the ANC the same as Shaik ,the worlds medical people have not heard of this terminal condition yet but the rest of us know it as ANC Bullsh1t.STOP VOTING FOR THIS INCOMPETENT GOVERMENT!!!

  • Jaco - 2011-03-25 10:25

    I think he is kept in an undisclosed venue for the safety of all the police officials he bribed to maintain his lifestyle up to date.

  • Logs01 - 2011-03-25 10:41

    Let me summarize some info on this Beeka/Krejcir/ANC Cadre/SAPS, saga, 1. Beeka (Underground Big-shot) was Mo Shaik’s (National Intelligence head or something) pal and back the ANC and ANC Cadre’s. 2. Mo Shaik is Shabir Shaik’s (“VERY ill”, convicted Fraudster and JZ’s Pal and former Fin Adviser) brother. 3. Beeka “knows” the killer of Lolly Jackson and spoke to him on the day of Lolly’s “hit”. Killer still at large 4. Krejcir committed Insurance fraud and some other “stuff” and the SAPS “battle” to apprehend him for some time 5. Krejcir “hits” Beeka, Mo’s and the ANC’s pal. 6. Within 3 days the SAPS “hits” Beeka’s house. (Oops wrong house at first, but..). So they KNEW where to find him. 7. Today Beeka is in custody. Moral of the story: Don’t mess with the ANC’s “mafia” pal’s, then the SAPS CAN find you and will act against you. This “ANC/Government/SAPS/Underworld Mafia”- SICK story, will make a nice movie though.

      BigMoose - 2011-03-25 14:40

      No, Logs. Beeka is dead and Krejcir is in custody.

  • Darwinian - 2011-03-25 10:49

    Krejcir kept at undisclosed location...because they don't know the address

  • serobale - 2011-03-25 10:49

    If prison cannot be regarded as a safe place for a criminal like Krejcir, then take all the inmates to where you are keeping him(Safe place), we are all equal before the law unless some like Krejcir are more equal than others, or maybe the HAWKS LOST HIM.

  • e.henning101 - 2011-03-25 12:30

    @Mgayi: EXCELLENT!!!!!!!

  • Pat Frista - 2011-03-25 12:34

    Soundz so silly, he's kept "hit list" on his diary. Probably was like this: 1) go to supermarket and buy some milk, liquids and gas + 2) don't forget lift up children from school 3) kill Beeka ASAP ? Are we so silly to buy this?

  • Mgayi - 2011-03-25 12:41

    here's the location , Robber's Island cell number 4 6 6 6 5

      e.henning101 - 2011-03-25 12:48

      You are killing me!!!!! Very, very sharp humour my friend!!!! hahahaaaaa-hahaha

      Mgayi - 2011-03-25 13:00

      You know e.henning101 , I don't even remember the last time I was angry bcos there's a lot to make you laugh in this country of ours . and now the Hawks are going to " PREFER CHARGES" against me for obstruction of justice bcos I disclosed the secret location .

  • ji - 2011-03-25 13:38

    the only reason its an undisclosed location is that the HAWKS can`t find it themselves .

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