Kroonstad pedestrian hit three times

2013-01-04 22:06

Bloemfontein - A man was hit by a truck and two cars drove over him in Kroonstad, Free State police said on Friday.

Constable Werner van Tonder said the man was run over on the N1, approximately 5km outside Kroonstad on Thursday.

"The driver of the truck that hit the pedestrian is believed to be unaware of the incident."

He said the after the man was run down by the truck, two cars drove over his body. They stopped, and the police were called to the scene.

"The victim is still unidentified. He is an African man and is believed to be around 55-years of age. He was wearing a green shirt and black trousers at the time of his death."

  • vusimuzi.khumalo.1 - 2013-01-04 22:35


  • thembisa.nozombile - 2013-01-04 22:36

    God take charge on our roads, be the light and guide as we await the return of our loved ones from their holiday destinations. May the old man's soul rest in peace.

      infijar.ken - 2013-01-04 23:45

      Yes Thembisa, I hope his soul rests in peace. As for the roads in this country, I've driven on some of the wrist, but yours scare me to death. Just 60 odd kilometres of N1 from Three-Sisters to Beaufort West convinced me people driving with GP number plates are the craziest on this planet. I was so glad to turn off and head to Oudtshoorn.

  • berni.venter - 2013-01-04 22:44

    What was a pedestrian doing on the highway? That was illegal when I wrote my learners licence years ago. Neither the truck nor motorists were to blame!

      david.banner.104418 - 2013-01-05 06:39

      But today you only need 30% to pass your learners.

      frank.cornelissen.1 - 2013-01-05 07:19

      The fact that he was on a highway just reiterates the level of stupidity displayed by the average South African. You do not win any battles with objects made of steel going 120kph and somehow this basic knowledge escapes scores of idiots being run down on a daily basis. Speed doesn't kill, stupidity does!

  • nico.dejongh.90 - 2013-01-05 00:02

    "The driver of the truck that hit the pedestrian is believed to be unaware of the incident." You have to run into the side of a truck for the driver not to 'see' or hear.

      JohnB - 2013-01-05 06:47

      What time of the day/night did this happen? If night, what colour clothes was he wearing? If dark then one cannot blame the driver/s. News24, once again half a story, having said that, may his soul RIP and condolences to the family. When a pedestrian always wear light coloured clothes at night, that's what I was taught.

  • byron.pienaar - 2013-01-05 01:32

    Why did the chicken not run across the highway? didn't want to be run over

  • magdeline.malefane - 2013-01-05 06:15

    More road safety campaigns needed for pedestrians some of them dont even cross the road at the traffic lights.

  • Pedither Masondo - 2013-01-05 07:20

    ever since december i have been reading about free state and its bad road incidences something should be done about it.

      Kombisa - 2013-01-05 08:31

      Free State is the heart of the country as such holiday makers travel through. Many a times these incidents involve people that pass by either to EC, GP, WC,NW,NC and KZN. The major challenge is speeding and following distance. They trafficking officers there already have a zero tolerance approach, for instance should you exceed the zonal speedy limit by 30km's an hour you get detained only to appear in a properly constituted court within 48hrs from time of arrest.

  • mzseatla - 2013-01-05 07:23

    Thats so sad.......#Sigh

  • beki.khumalo - 2013-01-05 07:55

    'He is an African man'

  • philani.ndlela - 2013-01-05 08:25

    Road accidents are as a result of behavioural negligence so government can not be totaly blamed for such outcomes. Perhaps stringent law enforcements and more education may help in reducing such accidents

  • donald.perumal - 2013-01-05 11:42

    Hi All There are various reasons why this man was on the highway.All of them hav eto do with govt's attitude to road users,safety measures,housing(informal ones near highways),lack of proper transport etc.Awareness and Education -we all need to work on them!

  • Madimetsa Mashishi - 2013-01-05 13:52

    i blv if u cn say a man hit by a car wl undstnd dat! y u say African which point do u wnt to highlite

  • mulis.muli - 2013-01-05 16:20

    on N1,thats on highway.but is bad unidentified.ooooh my God Help South Africa

  • richardnealejohn.underwood - 2013-01-05 16:49

    @ JohnB How do you blame N24 ? It says he was wearing a green shirt and black trousers

      johan.vermeulen.127 - 2013-01-05 17:00

      some people are just plain thick and/or like to be published

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