Mourning Mandela - as it happened

2013-12-06 06:26

Nelson Mandela has died. Read the latest news on his death here.


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Last Updated at 09:47
Former president Nelson Mandela died on Thursday at 20:50.

President Jacob Zuma announced that Mandela would be given a state funeral and ordered that all flags be flown at half-mast from Friday and remain like that until after the funeral.

"He is now resting, he is now at peace. Our nation has lost its greatest son," Zuma said.

- Share your memories of Nelson Mandela with us.

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17:47 - PE to don black for Tata

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17:24 - “We mourn with the Mandela family after the passing away of their great father. May the Holy Spirit comfort them and give them hope to continue living in his absence. It is my hope that we emulate and embrace the vision he lived and existed for.” - Gibson Taruwinga

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16:46 - Pienaar: Farewell, Madiba!

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16:26 -

16:22 - 

16:19 -

16:11 - 

16:04 - Tutu chokes up over Tata

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15:46 - "Thank you Madiba for the sacrifices you have made for our freedom.  You fought a good fight, we are honoured to have been blessed with a Leader of your calibre, there is no one like you." - Mziwodumo Rubushe

15:35 - Try not to cry while watching Johnny Clegg singing Asimbonanga in 1999.


15:29 - Gasps of shock at news of Madiba's death at premiere.

15:23 - Zuma concludes his speech with "Long live Madiba. I thank you".

15:23 - Zuma: Outpouring of love we received, locally and abroad, was unprecedented.

15:22 - Official memorial services will also be held in all provinces.

15:20 - Official memorial service will be held at Soccer City in Soweto on 10 December.

15:19 - We have declared Sunday 8 December as a national day of prayer and reflection - Zuma

15:19 - Zuma confirms funeral is on 15 December.

15:18 - Zuma thanks heads of state for messages of support.

15:17 - Zuma speaking now.

15:16 Brand SA in deep mourning for Mandela.

15:01 -
Nelson Mandela's funeral will be held on Sunday, 15 December 2013, according to eNCA.

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14:33 - Take a look at actors over the years who have played Nelson Mandela.

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14:30 - "South Africa and the world have lost a hero. But his example will remain. He was one of the few leaders who understood that war destroys more than it solves. He understood that the price of peace was forgiveness, and his popularity shows the world is still desperate for real leaders, leaders who will put the nation before themselves.

Rest in peace Madiba, you saved a nation and blessed a world." - Wolfe Braude

14:25 - 

14:19 - President Zuma will address the media regarding funeral arrangements for Nelson Mandela at 15:00 on Friday. 

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14:10 - Tutu: The best memorial we can erect is a South Africa where all of us flourish.

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13:59 - Tutu's spokesperson asked if he would like to take questions and he said he doesn't think it's apprtopriate. 

13:57 - An emotional Tutu says the country is entering a new era.

13:54 - Tutu recalls how Madiba told him to assure PW Botha that he (Madiba) would sit next to him if he were to agree to appear before the TRC.

13:52 - Tutu: God is asking us South Africans please become what you are. Show the world that yes indeed we are members of one family. Not as a figure of speech but it is for REAL. You and and you and you... you are my sister, you are my daughter, you are my child, we belong together.

13:49 - Desmond Tutu is making us all feel a little emotional with his speech...  

13:46 - Tutu's eyes are tightly shut as he looks back on Madiba's memory. 

13:45 - Tutu: Who can forget that he had lunch in the presidency with the man who had prosecuted him in the Rivonia trial?

13:45 - Tutu: Who can forget him going to Orania to have tea with Betsy Verwoerd?

13:43 - Tutu: He taught us extraordinarily practical lessons about forgiveness.

13:42 - Tutu: The sun will rise tomorrow and the next day and the next day. It might not appear as bright as yesterday but life will carry on.

13:42 - A visibly emotional Tutu: He cared. He really cared. What's going to happen to us now that our father has died?

13:40 - Tutu now doing the Madiba voice. It's quite cute.

13:40 - 

13:36 - Meanwhile, President Zuma is visiting the Mandela home in Houghton.

13:36 - Tutu: He embodied our hopes and dreams.

13:35 - Desmond Tutu is speaking now in at the SABC building  Sea Point, Cape Town.  

13:23 - Kenya and India have declared national days of mourning following Madiba's death. 

13:14 - "I believe [Madiba] has left a strong enough country with solid foundations to mean we should dismiss the inevitable doomsayers and expect little market reaction." - Emerging markets expert Peter Attard Montalto has written on Fin24.

13:12 - We have lost a great leader, says Transnet.

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12:58 - According to, Nelson Mandela is the top trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

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12:45 - 

12:41 - News24 user Fay Benjamin had this to say about Mandela's death: "I'm in a taxi and this lady sitting next to me starting crying, saying she's thankful to Madiba for all he has done for our country. Therefore we thank you thank you Tata for being the father of our nation. May your soul rest in peace."

12:39 - World bows in respect to Mandela.

12:37 - Mandela finally resting - grandson

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12:30 - 

12:28 - The SABC has cancelled all TV shows for Mandela tributes. Read about it here.

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12:19 - 

12:16 - Gran's dancing brings relief for mourners

12:12 - Preparations have begun for Mandela's funeral. Heads of state, including US President Barack Obama, are expected to attend.

12:10 - MultiChoice starts DStv Madiba tribute channel.

12:08 - "I really believe death has no power over a man who has loved freely, served his purpose fully, I believe for this man, death is liberating, its platform to the more-ness of life. If there is any grieve in us, it can only be because we KNOW that we are required to step forth and do our part  in shaping the South Africa we seek to live in and enjoy." - News24 user Lesego Setou.

12:03 - US golfer Tiger Woods remembers Tata Mandela.

12:00 - And in slightly weird news, it appears some people are confusing Nelson Mandela with the actor who once portrayed him, Morgan Freeman.

11:52 - Metrorail will be providing free train travel to and from Cape Town station between 12pm and 15:00, and from 19:00 for those wishing to attend the City’s prayer service at the Grand Parade. MyCiti buses will also be providing free travel into and out of Cape Town's CBD.

11:43 - Celebs including Hugh Jackman, Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres have paid tribute to Madiba.

11:33 - Spontaneous tributes to Nelson Mandela are popping up across South Africa. Find one near you or start your own and tell us where you are.

11:26 -  Mandla: We look forward to continue our interaction with him as one of our beloved ancestor.

11:01 - "Had to make a work-related phone call. The guy answered the phone by saying "I'm sorry for our loss". That says more than anything." - Cath Jenkin

10:57 - The City of Cape Town has created a dedicated webpage where it will list all the upcoming events to honour Madiba. 

10:52 - 

10:43 - How Nando's has remembered Madiba:

10:37 - This is how a barista in Cape Town paid tribute to Madiba (via Facebook):

10:36 - Messages of support continue to pour in as South Africans digest the news that former president Nelson Mandela has died.

10:23 - South African flags fly at half-mast at Parliament in Cape Town. (Rodger Bosch, AFP)

10:14 - FW De Klerk has told eNCA: “The greatest lesson he taught me was to be honest and open... to look your opponent in the eye and try and find common cause...”

10:11 - My thoughts and love go out to the Mandela family. Rest in Peace Madiba. You will be missed, but your impact on this world will live forever, celebrity Charlize Theron has tweeted.

10:03 - The City of Cape Town will host an interfaith religious ceremony at the Grand Parade at 17:00 n Friday.

10:02 - 

9:58 - Statement: Zelda Le Grange on the passing of Nelson Mandela (This might bring a few tears as well.)

9:52 - Hamba kahle, Madiba

9:50 - 

9:46 - In the early years after his release from prison, Madiba would often sing his own version of the nursery rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” during visits to small children. Watch the video on the Nelson Mandela Organisation's page here.WARNING: Video will bring lots of tears. Probably.

9:32 - The mood beginning to wane here a little in Houghton. The singing is continuing but sense of reality is also sinking in perhaps, tweeted EWN reporter Mandy Wiener

9:28 - Bateman says it's unclear how long Madiba's body will remain at One Military but we'll get an idea once the government makes funeral announcements.

9:27 - A handful of SAPS officers have arrived at the entrance to One Military Hospital, tweets EWN reporter Barry Bateman.

9:26 - As the news of Nelson Mandela's death spreads across South Africa, mourners have gathered outside his homes to remember him and celebrate his colossal life. Read the story here.

9:22 - 

9:16 - Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille at the Civic Centre where she will brief the city on what the plans are for tributes to Madiba:

9:10 - 

9:05 - Light a candle on News24 for Madiba here.

9:03 - 

8:59 - News24 user Ntsiki Maduna wrote: "It's hard to put it into words. He was more than a hero to me. Nelson Mandela was the one who asked Oprah to build a school and because of that I had an excellent high school education. I am a product of his dream and I will thank him by being the best that I can be.

Rest in Peace Tata :( :("

8:52 - There will be road closures and restrictions in Cape Town and Johannesburg as the cities pay tribute to Mandela. Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille will hold a briefing to announce the city's plans for its tribute. Find all the details about the road closures here.

8:37 - 

8:29 - Watch US President Barack Obama pay tribute to Madiba:

8:26 - 

8:24 Mandela endured a a long history of heartache

8:17 - Desmond Tutu speaking at the Nelson Mandela tribute service at St George's Cathedral said: "Tutu: God, thank you for the gift of Madiba."

8:12 - 

8:09 - 

8:01 - Former president Thabo Mbeki says: “President Mandela and his generation discovered the mission of their generation. They were at all times faithful to it, as a result of which they fulfilled it.”

He said Mandela’s departure “demands of those of us who remain, South Africans and all Africans on the rest of our continent, that we commit ourselves selflessly to address the many challenges we face”.

“As we mourn President Mandela’s passing, we must ask ourselves the fundamental question - what shall we do to respond to the tasks of building a democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa, a people centred society free of hunger, poverty, disease and inequality, as well as Africa’s renaissance, to whose attainment President Nelson Mandela dedicated his whole life?”

7:51 - 

7:43 - News24 user Brian Delport sent us this tribute: "A really sad feeling has come over me this morning; my emotions are running all over the place. I have a deep respect and love for the man, Nelson Mandela, although I never had the privilege of meeting him in person. I’m not one to idolise any human being, whether it is a Hollywood star, a great Rock star or any high profile person, but Madiba is one person who stood out as a human being above all others. A man I would like to have met and honoured. I would like to have told him what a special person he was and how I would like to be like him and how I wish the people of the world even had 10% of his character in them, the world would be a much more happy and peaceful place.

I’m fighting the tears all the way to work this morning as I know we have lost a great man. Rest in peace Madiba, I will always honour and remember your name."

7:39 - 

7:31 - The Nelson Mandela Foundation distributed a heartfelt tribute written by Ahmed Kathrada to his friend.

7:29 - Pictures of former president Nelson Mandela, of him in various stages of his life, have been displayed by crowds singing outside his Houghton home.

7:28 - See a timeline of Nelson Mandela's life here.

7:11 - 

7:06 - See photos of crowds gathering to mourn Madiba.

7:03 - See a selection of Mandela's life in pictures here.

7:02 - 

6:50 - Vavi: "He was a phenomenon, he single-handledly saved us from imminent civil war."

6:48 - Suspended Cosatu secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi says: "What a contribution, what a supernatural human being, unmatched in a 100 years, this giant of Africa, this giant of the world."

6:46 - 

6:42 - News24 user Justine Williams sent us this photo and story of when she met Madiba: “On the 24th November 1996, those involved in the Nusas trial gathered for a reunion lunch. I was fortunate enough to be there due to my father, Raymond Tucker's role as part of the defence for the accused. Madiba, walked in as honoured guest to a small crowd, eager with anticipation and before greeting the adults, he turned to the kids and thanked them for taking the time to come and see him. That, in one sentence sums up Nelson Mandela.”

6:38 - Mandela's body has been moved to One Military hospital in Pretoria.

6:27 - 

6:22 - Candles have been lit and roses have been placed outside Mandela's former Vilakazi Street home in Soweto.

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