Oscar Pistorius bail hearing - day 2

2013-02-20 10:04
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GALLERY: Pistorius in court - day 2

See the latest pictures from Oscar Pistorius's second day in court for his bail hearing at the Pretoria Magistrate's Court.

Follow updates of Oscar Pistorius's third day in court for his bail hearing at the Pretoria Magistrate's Court.

19:02 - @karynmaughan tweets: Oscar Pistorius’s uncle tells Hajra Omarjee that the state is conducting “a trial by media”.

19:01 - Oscar’s uncle Arnold Pistorius: He's not a violent person, he's a peacemaker.

16:39 - Carl Pistorius: "I feel like the court proceedings went well today. We trust that everyone has more clarity about this tragic incident."

15:35 - Session over until tomorrow and likely decision on bail. Judging by magistrate's comments, I suspect Oscar Pistorius will get bail, tweets Andrew Harding.

15:31 - Mandy Wiener tweets: Two big concessions this afternoon – IO [investigating officer] says he wasn't wearing foot coverings on scene and cops missed bullet projectile.

15:30 - Kunene: Having heard his version, I believe him to be innocent. I hope he gets bail.

15:28 - Kenny Kunene sends Pistorius a message: I will remain loving him and remain a friend. If he calls on me to help him, I will.

15:27 - Kunene: He gave his side [on Tuesday] and all those prophets of doom who he reduced him to guilt, we will wait and see.

15:26 - Kunene: I have been criticised but we have to be impartial and allow the court to take its course.

15:26 - Kunene: It can't be easy for anyone. It [wouldn’t] be easy for me if I were him.

15:20 - Kenny Kunene is giving an impromptu interview to [Sky News reporter] Emma Herd [outside the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court], surrounded by a big crowd, tweets Mandy Wiener. Kunene is a friend of Pistorius.

Proceedings will start on Thursday at 11:00.

14:42 - Oscar Pistorius bail application postponed until Thursday for argument.

14:41 - Roux is asking the court to extend his client's stay at the Brooklyn Police Station. Nel doesn't oppose this.

14:40 Nel: That is the State's case.

Botha steps down.

14:40 Pistorius family start laughing when Botha answers that yes, he believes the Olympian would go on the run.

14:39 - Nair: You believe he would flee to a country with no extradition treaty with South Africa? Botha: Yes.

Nair: Would someone who won Olympic gold not want to face trial? Botha: It is possible. Jail time is a serious thing.

14:38 - Nair: He is an internationally recognised athlete and uses prostheses. Do you still believe he is a flight risk?

Botha: Yes, if he's facing jail term and with his funds he could flee.

14:37 - Nair asks Botha about his opposition to bail. ”Can I ask, do you believe he'd take the option to flee South Africa?"

14:34 - Nair starts questioning Botha, asking about securing the scene, who is responsible. Botha says he was first in command of the scene, and later handed over to another police official.

14:32 - Roux: There was evidence that he never reported incidents to police. Oscar took Mark Bachelor threat to the Hawks.

Nel pops up. Botha: There was never a case opened about any of those incidents.

14:31 - Roux stands up again to clarify that there is a civil case for a malicious prosecution about the previous assault claim.

Oscar Pistorius now suing the woman who laid assault charge against him for malicious prosecution and wrongful arrest.

14:30 - Botha says he chose not to push for Oscar Pistorius assault charge because he believed the athlete.

14:29 - Nel: So this accused knew you from before and in that matter you didn't pursue a case against him? Botha: Yes, that's correct.

14:28 - Botha says he was the investigating officer in previous matter. A docket was opened but it didn't go any further. Botha: I went to the scene. Spoke to the accused and I sent it in and matter was withdrawn.

14:27 - Magistrate asks Nel why he didn't go to the previous incident when he was arrested. Nel agrees to ask some questions.

14:25 - Botha: I knew it was him when my colonel phoned me. Had also been a previous incident at his house when he was arrested.

14:24 - Magistrate: At what point did you realise the suspect is the well known international athlete? Botha: I know Mr Pistorius.

14:22 - Botha now says it is probably 300m from where the witness was. Closer than 600m.

Aislinn Laing tweets: "Pistorius has eyes raised for once, looking over at the policeman that's leading his prosecution, his face impassive."

14:21 - Nel: Cross examination is a terrible place to be, so think carefully. Do you believe your version? Botha: Yes.

Nel: I don't want to embarrass you but I want to ask you about how you measure. Are you sure about distance to lifts [of the courthouse]?

14:20 - Nel: There were two people in the house. How many are still alive? Botha: One. (Pistorius bows his head and leans forward)

Nel: And now he wants us to believe that he slept on that side of the bed.

14:19 - Nel: Did this accused phone police? Botha: No. Nel: Phone security? Botha: No. Nel: Phone [for an] ambulance? Botha: No.

Nel: Were [Pistorius’s defence] keen to get to the memory stick? Botha: Yes, it seemed as though they were. Were looking until they found it.

14:18 - Nel: When did you first hear about this phone? Botha: Only heard about it yesterday [Tuesday] afternoon.

Nel: You changed your mind about whether bail should be opposed? Botha: Yes, I spoke to the guys about how it went down.

14:17 - Botha: When Oscar Pistorius answered phone call from security guards, he said "I'm alright" and started crying.

14:16 - Nel: I have to ask it. If she was in the toilet and she heard her boyfriend shout, would she have answered?

Botha: She would have answered.

14:15 - Nel: Is there anything inconsistent with [Pistiorius’s] version? Botha: I found it difficult to believe that if you hear a noise and then you don't get your girlfriend to protect her.

14:14 - Nel: But there was an opportunity to give a version during a warning statement? Botha: Yes that is true.

14:13 - Prosecutor Nel to Roux: He never offered, 'I want to show you what happened?' Anger in gallery, someone objects: "He was traumatised."

14:12 - Nel: Did anybody volunteer the cellphone to you? Botha: No, nobody volunteered the cellphone.

14:11 - Nel: You said he was vulnerable. What did the vulnerable person do? Botha: He went to the bathroom to take care of danger.

14:10 - Roux finishes with Botha. Nel stands, asks light be taken out of his eyes. Magistrate quips that it's a tactic. Nel tries a joke.

14:09 - Roux: You couldn't find anything that was inconsistent with Oscar's version. Botha: Yes, that's what I said.

14:08 - Botha: I went out and there were no more feet covers left. Roux: There was a complaint and you had to rectify that.

Roux suggests that Botha contaminated the scene.

14:07 - Roux: When you were in the house you were walking without protective shoes? Botha: Yes. It was not deliberate.

14:07 - Roux: Did the firearm go off when it was under the table? Magistrate: Do you concede that? Botha: Yes.

14:06 - Roux says the weapon was passed to Pistorius and went off.

14:05 - Roux focuses on the shooting at Tasha's Melrose Arch. Roux: Do you have evidence that he fired the shot? Botha: I don't have evidence that he fired the shot - I have witness statements.

14:04 - Roux: That [offshore] account is not the account of the applicant and he can't draw money from it. Botha: That could be possible.

Roux: There is however an account that he forgot about in Brunswick, Carolina. A dormant account set up in 2002.

14:03 - Roux moves onto the house in Italy and the offshore accounts: Let's cut it short, he says. There is no house in Italy, Roux says.

14:02 - Roux: He slept on the left side that evening because of the shoulder problem. He usually sleeps on the right side. Reeva also spent the previous night there. She usually sleeps on the other side and did the previous night.

14:01 - Roux pulls up plan of the house on the big projector screen here. Pistorius doesn't raise his head at all.

14:00 - Roux: You may not have seen the accused had a medical patch on his shoulder as he had a problem with [it]. Botha: No, I didn't.

14:00 - Karyn Maughan ?tweets: Carl Pistorius turns back and looks straight at his brother. He smiles.

13:59 - Nair: You are in possession of two statements from two different witnesses about the screaming? Botha: Yes.

13:59 - Magistrate: Would you say that the house was 20 times the distance from this wall to that wall? Botha: About from here to the lift [of the courthouse].

13:58 - Botha: The distance is not exact. I wanted to do so by air photos and plotting measurements but not done yet.

13:56 - Roux: I can put it as a fact to you that there was no female screaming... You cannot connect it as a fact to that house. Botha: The statement says there was screaming. (OP's lip begins quivering).

13:54 Botha: We don't know anything that happened on these phones. We know nothing.

13:53 - Roux: What is the premeditation in the phone calls that Oscar Pistorius made? Botha: It seemed to us that no one phoned anyone.

13:52 - Botha: We've got nothing to show that anyone phoned from the handsets that we have.

13:51 - Oscar Pistorious looks surprisingly composed, eyes downcast, making notes. Calmer at the technical analysis than emotional testimony, says Mandy Wiener.

13:49 - Roux: There's no substance to claim that he was shooting from 1.5 meters. Botha: I can't say that now.

13:48 - Roux: A spent bullet cartridge was found in the toilet bowl that wasn't discovered by your officers. Botha: Yes.

13:47 - Roux: You don't have any facts that before the shooting he attached his prostheses. Botha: I don't have any facts.

Roux: Our forensics expert went through the toilet carefully on the afternoon of the shooting when we got access.

13:46 - Roux: Did you take steps to establish the owner of the ammunition? Botha: No. Roux: It was his being stored [for his father].

13:45 - Roux: Did you take any steps to contact us to ask about the ammunition? Botha: No. Roux: It was the father's ammunition.

13:44 - Botha on the .38 ammunition: It was wrongly handed over to the lawyer. Roux: It was handed to the lawyer.

Botha pushed about the ammunition and whether he knew about it. Roux: Did they not take photographs of the ammunition?

Roux: You were the investigating officer. You were there. I have difficulty with some of your answers.

13:42 - Oscar looking more composed after break, according to Alex Crawford.

13:41 - Botha: Ballistics hasn't told me anything. Forensics hasn't told me. I'm standing here without expert evidence.

13:41 - Magistrate checks with Botha that he heard the question correctly. Botha: Yes. I did tell the attorney that in the morning.

13:40 - Roux quizzing Botha about his speculation that Oscar could be a flight risk. "I just want to understand the words you use."

Botha admits that he told Oscar Pistorious lawyer and family that he didn't believe bail should be opposed. He says this was early in case.

13:39 - Roux: You said the accused could be a flight risk? Get the impression you don't say to the court that you entertain possibility.

13:38 - Investigating Officer Hilton Botha is still under cross examination. Advocate Barry Roux casting doubt on his version.

13:38 - Roux to Botha: do you stand by everything you've said under cross examination? Botha: yes.

13:36 - Court has resumed.

12:45 - Court has adjourned until 13:30.

12:44 - Roux: Is there anything you found that is inconsistent with Pistorius's version of events? Botha admits not.

12:43 - Roux: There were no signs of an assault on Reeva's body and no signs of her defending herself from assault? Botha: That's correct.

12:42 - Karyn Maughan says: Prosecutor Gerrie Nel stares down as Botha concedes on almost every ground raised by Roux.

12:39 - Roux: It seems that an approach was adopted to discard anything that could've been consistent with a defence.

12:38 - Roux points out that the security guard that Oscar Pistorius spoke to on the phone heard him crying after he forgot to put the phone down.

12:37 - Botha admits he hasn't checked whether Pistorius called Netcare hospital. Roux: That call was made at 03:20.

Roux to Botha: "It's a high profile case. You have assistants."

12:36 - Botha admits he would have locked the toilet door too if he had been in Reeva's position having heard Oscar shouting to call the police.

12:35 - Roux: Have you ascertained who Oscar Pistorius spoke to after shooting? Botha: Not really.

12:33 - Karyn Maughan tweets: Roux is destroying Botha. This is like watching a baby seal getting clubbed.

12:32 - Roux: There could be a person with dangerous weapons in [the] bathroom. We have a person without his legs on wanting to protect himself and [Reeva].

12:30 - Roux: If Reeva heard that scream, what she should do? Run out to where the danger might be or lock herself in the bathroom?

12:29 - Roux: Will you accept that Oscar Pistorius would have felt more vulnerable without his prosthetic legs? Botha: Yes.

12:28 - Botha concedes that if, [like in] Pistorius's version, Reeva went to [the] bathroom, he would've heard noises.

Pistorius gives a great sigh of grief, blows his nose on tissue, says David Smith.

12:26 - Karyn Maughan tweets: Roux hammers Botha about fact that Reeva's bladder was empty when she died - evidence consistent with Pistorius’s claims that she'd gone to the toilet.

12:25 - Roux: Will you accept that is consistent with someone getting up at three o'clock in the morning to empty their bladder?

12:24 - Roux: If I put it you that Reeva's bladder was empty, and it could not be as a result of perforation and leaking, what would you say?

12:22 - Karyn Maughan tweets: Botha starts getting aggressive. Barely 20 minutes into cross examination and he's unravelling. Horribly.

12:19 - Roux: Instead of verifying information, you introduce untested evidence.

12:18 - Roux: The drugs found were a herbal remedy used by many athletes. "It's not a steroid and it's not a banned substance."

12:17 - Roux this testosterone, let’s put it in context – what’s the name of the medication? Botha can't say.

Pistorius bent forward, sobbing furiously, his whole body shaking hard, says David Smith.

12:16 - Roux: Did you ever take steps to ask for other phones, other than ones you found on scene? Botha unravels.

12:14 - Roux: "How far is her house away?" 600m away - there is laughter and gasps. Magistrate calls for silence.

Botha: The witness's house is 600 metres from the house. Gasps from the public gallery. Roux: do you think that's fair?

12:13 Botha: Witness heard "two to three" shots, saw lights on, then 17 minutes later heard "two to three" more shots.

Roux: Did witness say she heard it was Pistorius or Steenkamp talking between 2 and 3am? Botha: She did not. It sounded like an argument.

12:12 - Roux asks about the witness who says he heard the screams and shots - points out that he said it was "four to six" [gunshots], not four.

12:11 - Roux: When curtains are drawn and blinds are closed, it's pitch dark in the bedroom.

Aislinn Laing tweets: "Oscar Pistorius crying, gasping for breath behind me. Cross-examination of investigating officer landing some punches but not many."

12:10 Botha: But three of the cartridges were found in [the] bathroom, only one [was found] in [the] hallway.

12:09 - Roux [trying to] show that the shooter was standing in the passage [to align with Oscar's version].

12:07 - Roux is arguing that the trajectory of the bullets to hit the toilet is consistent with the accused’s version.

Botha concedes. But he's now having to re-explain.

12:05 - Roux asking about the distance the bullet travelled.

12:03 - Lawyer Barry Roux hits back at state claims that athlete failed to give version of shooting. Botha concedes Oscar did.

Barry Bateman tweets: "Oldwage is smiling from ear to ear, looking smug. [Defence lawyer] Roux having a go - Botha confirms Oscar said on scene issue of burglar."

11:59 - Nel asks what happens to the memory stick with details of offshore accounts on it. "It's still in their possession," Botha says.

11:58 - Botha: We have a statement from former soccer player Mark Batchelor that Oscar Pistorius threatened to break his legs.

11:57  - Nel: Does his version of self-defence fit for you? Botha: No. I believe that she was in the bathroom and he fired four shots and killed her.

Botha: I do not believe the story he was defending himself and protecting his girlfriend. Nel concludes.

Pistorius slumps forward, crying, tweets David Smith.

11:55 - Botha: We also have a statement from a person who said that the lights at the house were on. He heard the gunshots and went to his balcony.

Botha delivers the killer line: He [The witness] said he heard a female screaming, and then another couple of shots.

11:54 - Botha: We have a witness statement saying she heard what sounded like fighting, loud talking from 02:00 to 03:00.

11:53 - Botha: it's highly unlikely he was trying to protect himself or Reeva.

11:50 - Botha: If I had heard a noise, as Pistorius claims, "I would have tried to find where my girlfriend was".

11:49 - Botha: I found a holster for the firearm on the same side I found the overnight bag and slippers.

11:48 - Botha: Pistorius told the person "we'll fuck you up". The person was so scared he sought legal action.

11:47 - Botha: [Pistorius’s friend Justin] Devaris intervened and convinced the complainant to back off.

11:46 - Botha: there was an incident at Kyalami where [Pistorius] threatened to assault a man over a woman.

Botha: The accused was at a racetrack and there was a fight between him and a certain person about a girl. The accused became enraged.

11:44 - Botha: "Realising what the consequences would be with the media, he asked someone else to take the rap for him, and he did."

11:44 - Botha: A person told me the accused accidentally let off a shot in a restaurant "with another person's firearm".

11:43 - Pistorius claimed he had been a victim of burglary and violent crime, but Botha says he never made a complaint to the police.

11:42 - Botha: We haven't been able to investigate off-shore accounts other than that memory stick that was spoken about.

11:40 – [Pistorius] had an Oakley cabinet with sunglasses in his bedroom, Botha says. They also found two boxes of testosterone, needles and injections.

11:37 - Botha: Once in the bathroom toilet there's no way out. The window is small. If you make it through you'll fall.

11:37 - Botha: The cricket bat was found in front of the first wash basin.

11:36 - Botha: The phones and firearm were found on the carpet close to the shower door [next to toilet].

11:35 - Botha: Bullets went through [the] top of [the] door. It seemed to me that the gun was fired down, [this] corresponds with where [the] bullet holes were. 

11:35 - Botha: It appears the trajectory was down - from top down. [Angle from door to toilet seat]

11:34 Botha: Ballistics [are] still dealing with projectiles and angles.

11:31 - Botha: The window leading from the toilet looks onto the backyard where there were two dogs.

11:30 - Botha says to get to the bathroom from the balcony you have to go past the bed.

11:29 - Botha says according to his preliminary investigations, the shooter would have to be inside the bathroom with [their] back to [the] basins...

11:27 - Prosecutor Nel pointing to a diagram of Pistorius's house projected on to a white screen, talking through the details with Botha.

11:24 - Plan of [Pistorius] house is shown to [the] court.

11:24 - Court resumes.

11:22 - Pistorius back in court. Photographers allowed back in. They go beserk, tweets Karyn Maughan.

David Smith: Pistorius returns with a piece of paper and stands before a hungry pack of photographers. A cacophony of clicking.

11:13 - Mandy Wiener tweets - So far: Extra charge unlicensed ammo, [Pistorius a] flight risk, offshore accounts, cellphones not used, cricket bat broke down door.

11:06 - There is a small group of protesters outside court singing quietly, says Mandy Wiener.

11:05 - The phones seized show no record of calling the police or paramedics, Bateman says.

11:05 - Barry Bateman tweets: [Pistorius] didn't disclose foreign property or bank accounts in [his] statement. Botha believes he's a flight risk.

10:46 - Nair calls half-hour delay so lawyers come up with a better picture of what Pistorius's bathroom looks like.

10:45 - Nel says objective facts can't prejudice the State. We'll adjourn for a few minutes.

10:44 - [Defence attorney] Roux says he wants the plans to be projected. Nair makes it clear that he doesn't want to prejudice the State's case.

10:43 - Nair asks if there is a diagram to illustrate this evidence. Roux says he's given one to Nel.

10:41 Botha: We think [the] shooter would have to walked into [the] bathroom, faced the wall where window was in and fired straight at [the] door.

10:40 - Nel asks Botha if shots were fired directly at toilet basin and he agrees. "If you fire straight at the door, you miss the toilet."

10:36 - Botha: The top part of the toilet door was broken. Shots were fired through the door.

Botha: four shots were fired through the door, four cartridges found. He used a cricket bat to break door.

10:34 - Botha: I saw a firearm on the shower mat. Collected 2 cellphones and 2 more two more Blackberries. The two iPhones were not used that morning. The Blackberries hadn't been used in months.

10:33 - Botha: Standing in [the] doorway, the shower and toilet are to the right. The toilet is 1.4 by 1.14 metres.

10:32 - Botha: In Oscar Pistorius's bathroom, I saw part of the toilet door. I saw one cartridge in [the] passage way, three in [the] bathroom.

10:31 - Botha: a passage with cupboards through it lead to the bathroom. You have to turn right to get into [the] bathroom.

10:30 - Botha: If you face the bed, the room entrance is behind you, bathroom entrance to the left.

10:30 - Botha: upstairs and to the right you have the main bedroom. We found an overnight bag and slippers.

10:29 - Botha: You have to pass the deceased and the staircase to the left to get to the kitchen.

10:28 - Botha: As you enter you see the staircase, at the bottom on the left is where [the] deceased was found.

10:27 - Botha: "Pistorius had an unlicensed .38mm pistol in a safe in his bedroom. He had a license for the 9mm pistol used in the shooting."

10:26 - Pistorius has begun to cry again after details of Reeva's gunshot wounds are presented.

10:25 - Botha: I was present during [the] post-mortem. Three entrance wounds: right side of head (ear), right elbow (broke arm), hip.

10:25 - Botha says he obtained statements from security guards and neighbours and attended the postmortem of the deceased.

10:24 - Botha: "....if he managed to leave the country, we might struggle to get him back [through extradition]."

10:23 - Nel asks about extradition. Botha: "Difficult. We don't want another Dewani to happen. We're still waiting to get him back in the country."

10:22 - Botha: "[Pistorius]'s lawyer came to the house with a locksmith to open a safe in the kitchen. It had a USB stick with details of offshore accounts."

10:22 - Botha: We asked to have the safes open. There was a specific safe in the kitchen but no key, so they brought a locksmith to open it.

10:21 Botha: "We know that he has offshore accounts and a property in Italy. We know this because we went through his safes."

10:20 - Botha is opposing bail. "The accused could be a flight risk. It's a serious crime, a serious matter.
If he is convicted he faces 15 years to life imprisonment."

10:19 - Investigating officer Botha: [I] arrived at scene at about 04:15. "I found the deceased lying at the bottom of the stairs."

"She was already declared dead" by medics. "She had on white shorts and black vest. She was covered in towels."

10:17 - Roux is satisfied with the response, says Barry Bateman. The State calls investigating officer Hilton Botha.

10:16 - Nel reveals that Reeva Steenkamp was shot on right side of her body. He says this is part of case that murder was premeditated.

10:15- Nel: We have a witness who says she heard non-stop fighting between 02:00 and 03:00 [on the] morning of [the] shooting.

10:14 - Nel: The state is in possession of a statement that there was an argument.

10:13 - Nel: State not obliged to provide information to accused, but will go into detail with some questions. Bearing in mind the investigation is not concluded.

Nel says the first order of business is a response to the application by defence for further information.

10:12 - Magistrate apologises that efforts to set up a video link to the overflow courtroom have been unsuccessful.

10:11 - Oscar Pistorius enters the courtroom ... And the magistrate greets him "Goodmorning sir", [Pistorius] replies "Good morning Your Worship".

10:10 - Barry Bateman: "Nair enters court. The accused is called. Oscar is wearing the same black suit."

10:09 - Pistorius bail hearing resumes.

10:06 - Barry Bateman tweets: "Counsel returns. Nair is being called. We'll start soon."

10:03 - Mandy Wiener tweets: Court official tells us he can't hold up the case any longer. It will go ahead and they'll try set up the feed as soon as possible.

09:47 - Barry Bateman says State and defence counsel are absent. They're probably in chambers.

09:46 - @JacaNews tweets: Investigator Hilton Botha in [a] black suit, grey shirt and tie.

09:45 - Delays in setting up extra media room,where TV screens meant to show proceedings in Court C, mean Oscar Pistorius case still hasn't started, says Karyn Maughan.

09:35 - No demonstration and no banners outside courthouse today. Just a dozen bored camera crews, tweets Phillip de Wet.

09:35 - Mandy Wiener: "And the TV screens arrive! Hoorah."

09:29 - Andrew Harding says Pistorius’s father is now seated and appears to be praying.

09:26 - "I just spotted members of the defence team rolling up what looked like house plans. Likely used to plot movement," tweets Barry Bateman.

09:25 - Barry Bateman tweets that Oscar Pistorius's family have taken up the same spot behind the dock - father Henke, brother Carl and sister Aimee.

09:16 - Court official tells photographers to leave court - before they can get pictures of Pistorius, says Karyn Maughan.

09:12 - Official says he will delay proceedings in the main courtroom until TV screen arrives as it is downstairs allegedly, says Mandy Wiener.

09:11 - Karyn Maughan tweets: "Pistorius's family try not to look at the dozens of photographers taking pictures of them. Some bow their heads."

09:11 - Photographers have been allowed in, tweets @barrybateman. They'll be asked to leave when court proceedings start.

09:07 - State expected to kick off proceedings by responding to his lawyer's request for answers to "our 5 key questions", says Karyn Maughan.

A member of Pistorius’s defence team has told Andrew Harding Tuesday "went well". Today could be tougher.

09:05 - Oscar Pistorius's brother Carl now back in court and deep in conversation with the defence's forensic team, says Karyn Maughan.

09:05 - Pistorius has been sitting with his brother in the holding cells, says Karyn Maughan. [His] brother bought him energy drinks and protein bars.

09:02 - Phillip de Wet tweets: “Media overflow room is (shock!) not ready. No video screens, audio link isn't up yet. Well played again, DoJ.”

08:59 - Investigating officer for prosecution tells Andrew Harding he'll go through evidence for much of day.

08:57 - Media access: everyone stands in fairly orderly line for accreditation. Then everyone forms a mob and pushes and shouts, says Phillip de Wet.

08:56 - Karyn Maughan tweets: Am okay thanks everyone. Got caught in the Pistorius media crush and fainted. But fine now and back in court.

08:52 - Phillip de Wet tweets: Award for best attempt at Pistorius access must go to Telegraph's @Simmoa. "It's my birthday!" she shouts at officials. Really is too.

08:50 - Mandy Wiener tweets: "Every citizen who is not a journalist now wants access to overflow court. Refusing to leave even though they're not media."

08:43 - Contracted [technicians] are laying cables and setting up screens in [the] overflow room as [journalists] queue to get access to [the] main court, tweets Mandy Wiener.

08:36 - The Jacaranda news team tweets: "Utter chaos here ... [Journalists] still haven't been allowed in courtroom."

08:25 - Kenny Kunene has arrived at court for the bail proceedings, tweets @heatSouthAfrica.

08:23 - A member of the media just fainted outside [the] Pistorius courtroom because of people pushing to get into court, tweets @TheCitizen_News.

08:16 - Very pleased to report that court officials are setting up an overflow room for journalists replete with video screens etc, says Mandy Wiener.

08:15 - Pistorius's family has just walked through the court doors, tweets @asasokopo.

08:08 - Alex Crawford: "My cameraman Garwen McLuckie tells me [Pistorius] arrived with [a] blanket over his head."

08:07 - Alex Crawford tweets: "Journalists have been queuing for two hours now to get inside the court - and the case doesn't begin for an hour."

08:01 - Pistorius’s legal team has just walked through the front doors here, carrying stuffed briefcases and rolled up documents, says @MandyWiener.

07:35 - Andrew Harding tweets: "Shiny wristbands for journalists covering Pistorius I have mine and now queuing outside court C. Sweltering day here in Pretoria."

07:22 - In Pretoria today [and the] Dept of Justice has a new accreditation system for the Pistorius case,so more queues... tweets @Simmoa.

07:01 - Journalist queuing outside Pistorius trial again from early this morning. What will the prosecution reveal, asks BBC journalist Andrew Harding.

06:45 - Pistorius has arrived at court - through the front entrance this time, tweets @karynmaughan.

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Competition regulation for a growing and inclusive economy

ADVERTORIAL: The Competition Commission of South Africa is conducting advocacy work in the South African automotive aftermarket industry and has gazetted a Draft Code of Conduct for public comment.

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