Lawyer caught doing 201km/h in Pretoria

2012-04-06 15:34

Johannesburg - A lawyer was arrested for speeding on the Mabopane freeway, north of Pretoria, on Friday, Gauteng traffic police said.

The 29-year-old was on his way to church when he was caught driving 201km/h in a 120km/h zone, spokesperson Busaphi Nxumalo said.

"He had no valid reason at all, just that he was late for a church service."

The lawyer was taken to the Akasia police station but was later released on free bail.

He will appear in the Pretoria North Magistrate's Court on Tuesday on charges of reckless and or negligent driving and an alternative charge of exceeding the speed limit.

  • rbphiri - 2012-04-06 15:46

    Is he going to represent himself? or will he "lawyer up". The speedster got bail, I guess his not only involved with the law but his also above the law.

      Sharon - 2012-04-06 16:05

      They say that the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client...

      rbphiri - 2012-04-06 19:09


      Ditiro - 2012-04-07 14:42

      you not making any sense what did you expect to happen?

  • vuyo.zuccherro.gqwaru - 2012-04-06 15:48

    You have the right to remain silent... You have a right to legal representation... Wait can he represent himself?

  • empanza - 2012-04-06 15:49

    All men are equal but some men are more equal then others.

      werner.smidt - 2012-04-06 16:56

      They say that a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.

  • empanza - 2012-04-06 15:49

    All men are equal but some men are more equal then others.

      John - 2012-04-23 07:10

      All men are equal in the eyes of god, only man believes that some men are more equal than others, they are the fools

  • Nigel - 2012-04-06 15:51

    can't stand lawyers

  • harries.thaba - 2012-04-06 16:10

    Should have been locked without bail option till he appears in court on tuesday.

  • veritas.odium.paret - 2012-04-06 16:10

    Ha ha, Find a loophole out of THAT, mr shark!

  • Cassandra Olivier - 2012-04-06 16:16

    That's a new one at least he didn't say his wife was in labour

      Rob - 2012-04-07 14:36

      How could he lie? He was on his way to church! Pity his conscious did not bother him when he put his right foot down.

  • Frans - 2012-04-06 16:19

    Name please!! They were quick to name Gareth Cliff, why not this fool?

  • Sechaba - 2012-04-06 16:31


  • seymore.butt - 2012-04-06 16:57

    obviously he is in a hurry to meet his maker....

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-07 01:51

      And destroy himself in the "making"......................?

  • Judith - 2012-04-06 16:58

    Jail every offender! This is outrageous

      justice.mpho1 - 2012-04-06 17:20

      Do u have a better option?

      Nicki.Labuschagne - 2012-04-07 08:17

      We don't have enough jails .... and driving too slowly is also a dangerous offence.

  • justice.mpho1 - 2012-04-06 17:19

    He managed to scare the dumb officials by a few remarks and got 'FREE BAIL',i wonder if he will get free pass from prison...being a LAWyer pays!

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-07 01:55

      Well they say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, if not at the charge office then perhaps the lightning will strike him in court!?

  • Buti - 2012-04-06 17:28

    48 minutes only for a LAWYER to appear in court for bail application.

  • Johan - 2012-04-06 17:34

    "Free" bail!

      Eugene Walters - 2012-04-06 18:53

      I thuoght it is a zero tolarence on speed and drunken driving and still get free bail those serious talks on road safety and people thiink its a joke 200 kmh do you realize how many people you could kill

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-07 02:05

      Why do they suddenly not practice what they preach - My vehicle is marked to be able to do well over 200km's perhaps I should try it some day seeing that if caught I would get off it leaniantly......especially over Easter when there is such a hi consentration of families on the roads trying to reach their precious holiday destination with their kids and loved ones in one piece! (Sarcasim intended). Then ask for forgiveness the very next day! This youngster is a hypocrate!

  • Sharon - 2012-04-06 17:42

    Does he have a pilot's licence? He certainly was doing some low flying.

  • Andrew - 2012-04-06 18:17

    Must have been an ANC cadre???

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-04-06 19:03

    A good measure of our mentality : The article just ahead of this one : 15 Children flung from bakkie. Driver lost control. Some children in critical condition. Driver unharmed. No comments from readers. No mention of driver culpability or action from authorities. But... ...This article : Someone caught doing 201km/h. No-one hurt. No-one even inconvenienced. Commentators crucify the driver. Driver is criminalized. When will we learn that speed is not the problem...

      Heidi - 2012-04-07 00:31

      What dumb idiot would load 15 children on the back of a bakkie? Nevermind, we all know the answer!

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-04-07 02:14

      Simple answer to that one - I can only be on one forum at a time and concentrate only on that one to provide my true heart-felt opinionn without confusing myself.

      Nicki.Labuschagne - 2012-04-07 08:07

      So true - I bet everyone commenting on this forum has broken the speed limit by a large margin at least once. This person, black, white, yellow or purple, did not harm anyone. I am not saying it's all right to break the speed limit and take a chance, but that we do not know the exact circumstances and road conditions. What I do know is that I see taxi's behaving recklessly and dangerously on the road I travel on a daily basis and it doesn't even involve speeding.. Also, this person's quick processing through the system was probably because he/she knew his/her rights and didn't allow bribery, misuse or intimidation, or simply that the offence was not deemed to be as serious under the specific conditions that existed at the time. Lastly (tongue in cheek) a lawyer rushing to get to church on Good Friday surely can't be a bad thing :)

      Manu - 2012-04-07 16:07

      In this instance the only reason we can say that 'speed is not a problem' is because there was no accident. He was lucky. But had there been an accident we would have no difficulty in saying 'Well he was doing 201 km/h!'. Most people do not appreciate that an accident is an event resulting from the simultaneous occurence of other events. DUI, speeding, overloading and so on together increase the chance of an accident. Doing 201 km/h in a 120 km/h zone is begging for an accident. This driver deserves to be crucified. It's like a person who runs around with a knife in a crowded room. You give the person a good whack about the ears.

  • Mahara - 2012-04-06 19:18

    Is being late for church service not a valid reason??

  • Dennis - 2012-04-06 19:20

    An interesting article on how paranoid we have become about the speed of vehicles on our roads.If we perhaps calculate the amount of time wasted in sitting in vehicles, watching and hoping for someone to transgress, so we can follow the bureaucratic system of issuing a ticket that in the end doesn't get paid, we cold possibly cover the cost of installing the "E-TOLL" system on the Gauteng highways, then we wouldn't have to demonstrate that its a hopeless system that shouldn't have been implemented any way. Perhaps if we looked more at the condition of vehicles and the way people drive and ignore road signs, we would be serving a purpose. To date no-one has physically linked the high speed of vehicles to the ridiculous amount of people killed on the roads. Look at the facts and we see more people killed because of jaywalking, or overloading or un-roadworthy vehicles or something stupid that some idiot did to cause the accident. high speed is possibly 1% of these deaths.

      Zwelakhe - 2012-04-07 04:24

      I couldn't have put it better, Dennis. I call the main cause of accidents "driver stupidity" as many accidents on our road are avoidable, only if we can tackle the real problem, which is "driver attitude".

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-06 19:36

    must be a politician,over paid,underworked,unable to manage a simple thing called time.

  • SergeD69 - 2012-04-06 19:48

    I'm upset!!! Should have gone faster and not get caught!!!

  • Rodent - 2012-04-06 19:58

    All these churchgoers, you know.

  • Raj - 2012-04-06 23:59

    Why is the bail MAHALA, He has broken the Law by speeding well over the legal speed limit. I stand to correction, but I strongly believe that when anyone is over the speed of 160kmh they are jailed with no admission of guilt or bail as they have to appear directly before a magistrate. Being late for church is not much of a valid reason for speeding as it endangers the lives of other road users. if being in church on time was so important then he should have set everything else aside and left earlier. Well done to the officer who caught him, at least he was not a corrupt cop and did his job even though this was a lawyer he had caught. NO one is above the laws of this country. The traffic cop has to make sure that he has his evidence and paperwork in order, if not this lawyer to going to get away with the offence he had committed. Driving at such a high speed still delayed him in reaching the church on time as he was arrested anyway. I think his action was just foolish. It would be good to read about the outcome of this case.

      Zwelakhe - 2012-04-07 04:34

      Raj, are you driving an old jalopie? The cars they are making today have got all the features to make your driving even safer with excellent braking systems, superior road holding and many more.A speed of over 200km/h on one of the German cars is like cruising. That is why in Germany, they have a motor way with a minimum speed. If you go deeper into the root causes of accidents, it is not speed but "driver stupidity". If we as drivers can change our attitude on the roads, our roads can be much safer. Our enforcement needs to focus on that, just like the government is doing with HIV/AIDS, focusing on behaviour.

  • Reuben - 2012-04-07 06:37

    if it was sumbody else the fine was gona b heavy ths is unfair

  • thinga - 2012-04-07 06:50

    I did 240km/h yesterday morning on the N1, and here I AM! was testing my Audi

      Oom - 2012-04-07 14:01

      I don't know what the big fuss is about 200km/h was the top speed of the old "brandy n coke" Ford Sierra. I did 185km/h in a VW beetle 1600 once! When you start talking about 280 km/h on my R1 well then I would understand if they want to arrest someone.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-04-07 07:39

    A travesty of justice as usual with the connected and rich being given preferential treatment. This idiot must have his licence confiscated and must never be allowed to have another. let the bugger us the Gautrain.

  • Zion - 2012-04-07 08:12

    What is the bet he will argue that maths and sums do not count and are infallible. The Cops who caught this clown will be charged for misreading their speed traps. No sir, not 201 but 120km/hr. And the State gets sued for 3million smackeroos.

  • Chriskoi1 - 2012-04-07 08:56

    Hy wil vrek so gee hom n' nog viniger motor so dat hy dan maar sy ding doen en vrek op die pad solank hy nie iemand anders probeer saam vak nie

  • Soon - 2012-04-07 09:19

    ek ry n motorfiets vinniger as enige van julle duitse motors, maar ek hou by die spoedgrens so om te se die motors is vir daai spoed gebou is bull, dis die wet as jy die wet kan oortree dan kan jy enige wet afmaak as nonsens en sy naam is???????

  • Mthokozisi - 2012-04-07 10:32

    ey he shud hav atleast gav a valid reason...though its beta cos he ddnt sleep in jail.traffic offic\r\ners ar reali crus abt deir jobs lately

      Had - 2012-04-08 13:18

      Glad to see your command of the English language hasn't been adversely affected by texting or using IM applications !

  • Aubrey - 2012-04-07 10:49

    Guaranteed he's a card carrying member of the anc.

  • Deon - 2012-04-07 11:34

    Why use Church as a excuse, shud have left earlier, church would not have stopped if he was late, he's not the pope

  • eddiebant - 2012-04-07 12:20

    Also one of those that thinks he's above the law,If he's bright he may lie himself loose or knows the magistrate.

  • Deon - 2012-04-07 16:25

    Why free bail? Lock these scum up for good.

  • Abdul - 2012-04-07 18:27 should KNOW better.......go take a look at what speed could do!!! see the website fatalmoves dot com

  • Raj - 2012-04-07 22:27

    Zwelakhe?2012/04/07 04:34:41 AM\r\n\r\nRaj, are you driving an old jalopie? The cars they are making today have got all the features to make your driving even safer with excellent braking systems, superior road holding and many more.A speed of over 200km/h on one of the German cars is like cruising. That is why in Germany, they have a motor way with a minimum speed. If you go deeper into the root causes of accidents, it is not speed but \driver stupidity\. If we as drivers can change our attitude on the roads, our roads can be much safer. Our enforcement needs to focus on that, just like the government is doing with HIV/AIDS, focusing on behaviour\r\n\r\n Zwelakhe, seems as though you have been brainwashed by some demon. Don't stress this usually happens to selfish people like you. Bottomline SPEED KILLS. FYI I am not driving a jalopie as you say, the car I drive is equipped with airbags ABS amongst other safety items.besides it has nothing to do about what I drive. Its about being a responsible road user, something you are probably lacking together with other speedsters such as this lawyer. Not everyone in this country can afford a German car as you say with all of its extra specs. A STUPID DRIVER would travel at such high speeds knowing that this is a festive season apart from the speed traps, road blocks, heavy traffic conditions and excessive police presence. Your statement are somewhat contradictory, go back and read it carefully. You are not living in Germany, this is South Africa and need I say any more about our road conditions. Its egotistical, selfish maniacs that think they have the driving ability to handle any situation, failing to realise that mechanic failure can occur at anytime without prior warning. if you are well planned and got your priorities right then there is no need for such an excessive speed. Catch a wake up, people still die in German cars despite the safety features.... Or haven't u heard of it before.

  • Mkululi - 2012-04-08 08:58

    he had no valid reason at all bt was released on free bail? Kanti lomthetho wase SA unjani? Some dey get bail n others they dont what is happening here in Mzantsi maar? May b l should go 2 America.

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