Leopard attacks on game farm

2011-08-28 14:27

Johannesburg - A husband and wife guiding team were attacked by a leopard at a game farm near Polokwane on Sunday morning, paramedics said.

A foreign trophy hunter had shot and injured a leopard late on Saturday afternoon, and a tracking party set out to find the animal, said ER24 spokesperson Andre Visser.

Instead, the injured leopard stalked and attacked the group, at 09:00 on Sunday.

The leopard darted for the trophy hunter, but the male guide, believed to be in his mid thirties, stepped in front of his client.

The leopard mauled the man's left shoulder, arm, and abdomen, while his wife received multiple lacerations to her arm.

The couple were airlifted to the Polokwane provincial hospital, but were later transferred to MediClinic Limpopo for further treatment.

  • Grant - 2011-08-28 14:34

    I'm on the leopards side!! However, true to form, the pathetic news 24 reporter has posted an incomplete report....what is the outcome for the poor wounded leopard whose only crime in the first place was to be a beautiful wild animal simply trying to lead his own life!

      Fred - 2011-08-28 15:28

      I am with you on this. I just cannot understand what these idiots get out of shooting an innocent and beautiful creature which can't shoot back. If you have to shoot something, go and join one of the wars raging around the world and see what it is like when your quarry can shoot back at you. No, I suppose you need guts for that. Bunch of cowards.

      Stefanus - 2011-08-28 15:37

      This is the best news I received the whole weekend! Give that leopard a Bells! Trophy hunters go to hell!

      JudithNkwe - 2011-08-28 16:06

      Me too and I am so glad that it got to hit back - 2011-08-28 18:48

      I have NEVER understood "trophy hunting" {hunting 'for fun' in general!]. It just seems so very out of place in a world striving to protect endangered species. Shooting innocent animals as a hobby? It absolutely boggles my mind!!! When man HAD to hunt to survive, yes, understandable. One almost gets the impression that hunters can't let go of 'days gone by'.....Good on the leopard for striking back!!

      Brannas - 2011-08-28 21:34

      Well done leopard, pity he did not get the foreign hunter also.

      Viva Mangope - 2011-08-29 08:20

      i agree "go leapoard Go kill these humans that kill for pleasure"

      JR - 2011-08-29 09:07

      Leopard has my vote as well. Since when do you go hunting by darting the animal. I wish these foreign scum would go shoot their own animals and stop abusing the animals of this country

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:39

      Reading these comments its amazing how ignorant and naive the average person in this country is. I'm a qualified Environmental Scientist who used to hunt. I understand the value of hunting and the fact that without hunting the game farms would be livestock and crop farms. I understand the value of the hundreds of millions of dollars the hunting industry generates in this country I chose to stop hunting because I personally didn't want to kill anymore, BUT I respect free choice and understand the value of hunting. We don't live in Disney Land and all you have to do is look north of our border to see how little wildlife is left in the countries where hunting has been banned.

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:44

      For all you people calling for the death of the outfitter and his wife, you people need to ask your selves who is truly barbaric here? Have you people ever seen someone who is fatally wounded? I can assure you even if its a hijacker you will still feel sorry for them. When you know nothing about life or death its very easy to comment. Lets not forget about the fact that you probably all eat meat any way, but as long as its prepackaged at Wollies your conscience is clear. Hypocrites!

  • BoB - 2011-08-28 14:34

    Got a taste of their own medicine

  • Oddearring - 2011-08-28 14:41

    serves you right, you f....g idiots!

  • gail.longano - 2011-08-28 14:47

    Totally agree with Grant. Wish the leopard had killed the whole lot of them

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:45

      I wonder who the savage is...

      darkwing - 2011-08-29 12:20

      I am a savage. No pretenses. We all are, we just have it covered up under a veneer of civilization.

  • Bruce - 2011-08-28 14:49

    Good,stop messing with nature!!!!!!!!!

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:45

      stop using electricity and driving your car and using resources that rape the earth to get them then... naive...

      Yislaaik - 2011-08-29 10:31

      Lions Man, stop comparing things that have nothing to do with each other. That's a real dumb remark.

  • sam fenn - 2011-08-28 14:50

    totally agree with you Grant! Am SO on the leopard's side! No as a consequence, any and every leopard spotted for the next few months is going to be shot 'just incase'. Pity the 'trophy hunter' was spared.

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:46

      I wonder who is the savage...

  • sherry.woods2 - 2011-08-28 14:51

    I hear from a friend en route from the USA that her plane to SA is full of hunters looking to bag lion, leopard and the rest. Truly sad.

      Stefanus - 2011-08-28 15:53

      @Riaan Maybe she overheard them speak about the trip? Maybe she asked them? PLease think before posting dom comments.

      sipholess - 2011-08-28 17:24

      Save the wildlife.....shoot a politician.

      So What If.. - 2011-08-28 17:31

      @ Riaan. Stop advertising your stupidity on the net. There are many ways to determine this. You are not an ostrich, pull your head out of the sand and wake up!

      Millie34 - 2011-08-28 21:04

      These idiots should be banned from South Africa let them go where they can be hunted down

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:47

      And that's why the hunting industry generates hundreds of millions of dollars each year in this country.

  • abroekhu1 - 2011-08-28 14:57

    Wish the leopard had taken the hunter out. What kind of a**hole wants to kill such a beautiful creature. Rot in hell the lot of you!!!

  • kelvin.esterhuizen - 2011-08-28 15:04

    I love it, the hunted become the hunter's. What you sow you shall reap, this is Africa, not a place for Sissies.

  • shirley.schoeman - 2011-08-28 15:04

    Trophy hunters deserve it when things like this happen. If one is forced to hunt for survival its an entirely different story, but trophy hunting totally disgusts me.

  • Doug - 2011-08-28 15:06

    Their weapons should be confiscated and they should be locked in an enclosure with the leapard for justice to be done. I hope it's bloody sore, and I trust the poephol hunter will be forced to pay all expenses, as well as forfeit the "trophy" of the leopard has been finished off.

      Millie34 - 2011-08-28 21:08

      Hey Doug you are so right hopefully the leopard will grab him where his mother last powdered him bloody idiots

  • kelvin.esterhuizen - 2011-08-28 15:09

    You f*ck with the bull, you get the horn. What you sow, you shall reap. The hunted became the hunter. I love it! Stupid idiots

  • NewsHoundMe - 2011-08-28 15:24

    I so like this article... Hunter hunted, karmic justice.

  • gizzy - 2011-08-28 15:27

    Pity the Leopard didn't kill the bastards!

  • Geraldene - 2011-08-28 15:31

    It is disgusting and sickening that they are even allowed to hunt leopards. Leopards are considered to be close to extinction, and are on the endangered species list. There are over 20 subspecies of leopards. Eight sub- species are considered endangered, 4 on the verge of extinction. I hope this leopard was smart in that he caused severy injury to these idiots!

      Jabulaniboy - 2011-08-29 03:07

      Geraldene, you have exposed your stupidity. There are more Leopards in the Limpopo province today than there was in all of the RSA 100years ago. I have the proof and the real truth.

      CPII - 2011-08-29 09:12

      Leopards are not listed as endangered by Cites!

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:50

      What do you base this on? have you ever hear of the EWT? Red data species lists etc? You show your ignorance... clearly you not very 'smart'...

  • forti - 2011-08-28 15:31

    I am with the leopard. Pity I wasn't there to help....disgusting specimens on a par with the rhino murderers

  • RuthK - 2011-08-28 15:32

    Go Leopard! I could happily maul people like that myself. Scum of the earth who have to trade on the pain of animals.

  • Hendrik Swanepoel - 2011-08-28 15:32

    well done loepard

  • Hendrik Swanepoel - 2011-08-28 15:34

    Well done Loepard.

  • michelle.raath - 2011-08-28 15:35

    They got what they deserved. That leopard suffered since Saturday, an eye for an eye, wish we could have shot the trophy hunter and left him to suffer. Why do we have to kill animals for trophies and how can any game farm happily allow this. I could come and finish the leopards job for him!!

  • Derek - 2011-08-28 15:59

    leopard 2 - hunters 0. It's about time the hunters became the hunted!

  • Natasha - 2011-08-28 16:01

    Why cant the animals be left in peace....soon, very soon, we wont have any animals left, for our grandchildren to see...!!!!!SO PLEASE!!!!!!Admire them, Leave them...!!!

  • Rocketman - 2011-08-28 16:09

    Good for the Leopard! Trophy Hunters should be hunted down and fed to the lions.

  • leona.meyer1 - 2011-08-28 16:11


  • leona.meyer1 - 2011-08-28 16:11


  • Riaan - 2011-08-28 16:39

    Ban hunting!!!Who gives us the right to bear arms against them.The rhino population is already being wiped out by our hands.All animals are beautiful and deserve to be here just as much as we do...if not more

  • wateva - 2011-08-28 16:41

    Good leopard - stupid trophy hunter!

  • JadedJay - 2011-08-28 16:48

    Good on you, Mr Leopard.

  • Genevieve - 2011-08-28 17:01

    Way to go Leopard! Should have killed the husband & wife for fu*king with nature's animals. And the hunter - should of ripped out his guts.

  • Newsferret - 2011-08-28 17:25

    Ban foreign trophy hunters we don't need their money, we need game protection and management, not incompetent hunting expeditions making greedy people rich.

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:18

      Yip we don't need the hundreds of millions of dollars the industry brings in... lets rather mine everything instead...

      darkwing - 2011-08-29 12:26

      Yes, let's kill everything that cannot be eaten or used otherwise by people and be done. No more poachers and hunters. Let's just kill it, because it's beautiful. It's a sad day if we have to rely on trophy hunters to bring money in for the country. And I wonder who benefits from this?

  • Ron - 2011-08-28 17:48

    If there is no hunters there will be no wildlife left in africa. Hunting makes that beautiful animal worth keeping on and worth keeping it from extinction

      rusty.kruger - 2011-08-28 18:19

      Keep telling yourself that Ron.You must mean 'Conservation'.

      Ron - 2011-08-28 18:26

      Rusty why dont u go listen to a bob marley song and stair at your Die andwoord poster above your bed and get inspired

      Ron - 2011-08-28 18:29

      You go to account privacy settings the rest u will understand if not ask

      Stephanie - 2011-08-29 06:51

      oh yes that lovely word hunters use to justify the slaughter. get a grip Ron, along with some morals

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:20

      Ron its like arguing with a bunch of ignorant fools. read the comments, everyone is calling for the death of the people involved and you wonder who is more barbaric... These are the same type of people opposed to culling elephants in Chobe, and guess what, there is no riverine bush left...

  • Freddy - 2011-08-28 18:12

    how sick are those people? wish the leopard would have killed the hunter!!

  • bernard.unger - 2011-08-28 18:15

    im all for hunting all predetors as long as you do it alone in a pair of shorts bear handed then you can call your self a hunter on an even field

  • Jan - 2011-08-28 18:27

    Pity that the leopard did not kill the hunter. That would have been justice !!

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:21

      I wonder who is barbaric here...

  • Jenni - 2011-08-28 18:35

    Pity the leopard didn't get the trophy hunter! Such a shame

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:21

      I wonder who the is really barbaric here...

  • liezelb - 2011-08-28 18:44

    Karma's a bitch. Let's see what the infection brings.

  • Chris - 2011-08-28 18:46

    Go Leopard!! Pitty the hunter got away....

  • Jan - 2011-08-28 18:56

    Such a pity that the leopard did not kill the hunter as well as the husband and wife guide team who are instrumental in this type of activity. My sympathy lies with the leopard. H

  • boerinkwd - 2011-08-28 18:59

    I am an Outfitter (bringing my own trophy hunters to SA) and I am also a PH (profeesional hunter). Hunting takes places on my own game farm and we shoot about 500 animals, stalking on foot, per season. Thats how we make money out of my farmland. It took about 12years to get where I am now, spending about R7m on setting it all up...Anyone thats against hunting - is welcome to buy my farm at marker price - and then save all the animals from being hunted!!! Easy to stand on the sideline - casting emotional comments. Too all the tree-huggers & bunny-huggers: PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! Buy my land and be a hero!!!

      Riaan - 2011-08-28 19:41

      what a arrogant prick.sounds like you are so proud of killing an innocent animal.I hope one day they will do the same thing to you as you do to them.Karma will come your way!

      csread - 2011-08-28 20:02

      Surely better to get people to take photos than kill the animals. Game reserves make big money from shutterbugs world wide. No need to kill.

      shortfinal - 2011-08-28 22:26

      @boerekind You hurt animals, poeple will get emotional.Do you think it is only that when poeple get hurt you are allowed to get emotional. Sensatiewe onderwerp. Myself can throw some hunting trophys at your feet, but I now shoot with a camera. I am not on the sideline. Go to hospital and tell those injured poeple to get their act together, the leopard got emotional with them because he was in severe pain.....but thats allright, it is only a leopard. We are custodians off these animals. Insteed off providing them with a safe haven, we hunt and mutilate them, so that you can make a living and your trophy hunter can brag about his leopard kill. heee.heee. He will remember this one. Point is, I have a right to be emotional. If I am ontop of the foodchain I chose to use my so called superiour intellect to conserve these endangered animals, as I do with the Rhinos. You made your choice, now live with the noise!!

      Stephanie - 2011-08-29 06:57

      Because you don't have the ability to be a hero??? People like you disgust me,you show a complete lack of morals and intelligence- if you wanted to have an intellectual debate about this you can drop the tree-hugging bull and talk properly to the rest of us here who give a damn for our world and animals. Very few people on this forum care for the money or effort you put into your farm when you could have put the same amount of effort into being a constructive, good person

      Stryder - 2011-08-29 09:15

      You are such a big strong man. Wish I could be man enough to shoot animals for fun. F*kcing loser.

      Lions Man - 2011-08-29 09:25

      Riaan don't see the arrogance at all... You sound arrogant. As you said calling for harm on someone else... karma will come your way.

  • shortfinal - 2011-08-28 19:42

    Feel the pain off being egotistick maurons.You should have been left to spend a few days with your wounds in the bush, ......idiots!!

  • Zain - 2011-08-28 21:00

    I am glad they were hunted for once. I hope that in future people will learn when you do something wrong it always comes back to bite you!

  • Millie34 - 2011-08-28 21:01

    The leopard should have killed all of these idiots! Why can't the human race treat nature and wild animals with respect!

  • nkhadi - 2011-08-28 21:18

    How dare are they to shoot animals for fun. Poor leopard. They should thank their stars you did n't finish them. We need to stop the cruelty agaist animals.

  • maseratifitt - 2011-08-28 21:42

    A trophy is something to be proud of. Something deserved through sacrifice, dedication and hard work. How can a despicable cowardly act be called "trophy" hunting? People subscribing to this are at the same level of civilization as those who collected human skulls, scalps and other body parts many years ago. Poor leopard. RIP. You did your best.

  • PhilipK - 2011-08-28 22:16

    Why am I not sorry for this people?

  • boerinkwd - 2011-08-28 22:48

    The way the hunt on this specific leopard has been conducted I do not know - and yes, as Professional Hunter I am totally for ethical hunting practices only. But the comments from all of you are so 'up in the air', typically uninformed emotional opinions (wonder how many of you has NEVER eaten venison, incl biltong?). Buy your own game farm and breed your own animals - THEN show / tell me and the rest of the world how Game Farms should be run without any hunting! As long as we have foreign trophy hunters hunting in SA - the hunted animals will have justification to be farmed with...Currently the SA Hunting Industry generates 700million US$ per year for South Africa...PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH - BE A HERO BUNNY-HUGGER AND BUY MY GAME FARM TO STOP ME HUNTING PLEASE...thats now after you stopped eating any other meat either!

      CPII - 2011-08-29 08:19

      Agreed boer. What these bunny huggers don't understand is that game farmers slaughter their stock on the range as opposed to take them to the abattoir. Idiots.

      Misan Thrope - 2011-08-29 08:45

      @boerinkwd - There should not be such a thing as a game farm, not for money or anything else. You actually raise an animal so that someone can kill it. That is sub-human. Some PHs like to appease their guilt with the "ethical hunting" bullsh*t but you're not fooling anyone. How in heaven's name does anyone claiming to sane actually kill an animal? You have got to be a deficient human to even have the ability to do this - but to actually defend the practise is psychopathic.

      Yislaaik - 2011-08-29 12:37

      Owning a game farm is purely for money. May those who own them rot in hell. And CPll, as a matter of interest, were these guys so hungry that they would eat leopard meat? Don't talk sh*t. They're a bunch of sadists who want to brag to their friends that they shot this enormous dangerous animal. I'd love to see this one explaining the injuries.

      CPII - 2011-08-30 09:28

      Yis you fool, where did I say the leopard's flesh is for eating. Do you understand English?!

  • Jabulaniboy - 2011-08-29 03:05

    I read most of the 'Boom Rapser" comments above. if you are born dumb, it seems you will just stay dumb.

  • Ingletor - 2011-08-29 03:52

    Shouldn't be shooting animals unless you intend eating them.

  • Al - 2011-08-29 08:02

    Good for the leopard, well done!! Defend yourself, maul the killers!

  • Sharon - 2011-08-29 08:02

    Karma's a bitch !