Level crossings to be upgraded

2011-08-25 09:35

Cape Town - The Western Cape transport department has identified seven dangerous level crossings that needed to be upgraded to prevent serious accidents, an official said on Thursday.

"It is with enormous gratitude to my department's roads branch and to Metrorail Western Cape that I am able to announce that we will together be eliminating seven level crossings, including... [those] ranked by the task team as the most dangerous in the province," said transport and public works MEC Robin Carlisle.

The most dangerous crossing in the province was at Koelenhof.

"A bridge is to be built on Bottelary/Kromme Rhee Road over the railway line, with pedestrian access below," said Carlisle.

This project was currently in its inception phase.

Task team

In June next year, the Vlaeberg road, where four people were killed in January 2007, will be re-aligned to a new point on the R304 and a bridge will be constructed over the railway line.

"The existing service road will be surfaced, allowing us to eliminate a further four small crossings right next to the R304, including the Lynedoch crossing. The project will also see the R304 substantially upgraded. Environmental approval is expected before the end of 2011, and we will go to tender early in 2012," said Carlisle.

He said he had ordered the appointment of the level crossing task team a year ago, after a minibus taxi crash at the Buttskop level crossing in Blackheath killed 10 children.

On Wednesday, 14 children and a bus driver died when a bus plunged into a dam in Knysna.

  • Grant - 2011-08-25 09:42

    Its taken a year to come up with these results! Yet another highly paid 'task team' that has drawn out their mandate for as long as possible to derive as much remuneration as possible.

      Green Oaks - 2011-08-25 10:16

      Thank God these guys don't have to launch the Space Shuttle

  • logical007 - 2011-08-25 09:47

    How hard is it to cross a level crossing??? a pole drops when train is coming, a train does not creep up quietly - it makes a great noise.... so my advise to all the people is don't cross the crossing when you hear that huge racket of noise getting louder and louder and the poles drop in front of you...... let the "penny drop" in you head - you cant beat the locomotive!

  • PinkSparkle - 2011-08-25 10:25

    We don't need the crossings upgraded, we need the taxi driver's upgraded. If the crossings are in good working order, why spend money to upgrade it? This was human error and negligence, it has nothing to do with the crossings. Now there will be even more chancers while these crossings are under constructions. With this logic why not upgrade our roads because there are so many taxi accidents? Makes no sense does it?

  • Joe - 2011-08-25 10:42

    Last year August I nearly died at the Vlaeberg Road crossing. While a train was approaching I stopped to wait for the train (there was not barriers that come down) An idiot was speeding down the road while not focussing and slammed into the back of my car, pushing me forward towards the oncoming train. I instinctively slammed my foot on the brake, the car came to a standstill literally 1/2 a meter from the passing train. In a matter of seconds my whole life flashed past me. I can only thank the Lord for protecting me that day.

      Jamie - 2011-08-25 11:07

      What are you, a coach ?

  • Foxie911 - 2011-08-25 20:52

    It is so easy for the public to blame Transnet when accidents occur at level crossings, but the rule STOP, LOOK. LISTEN is ignored every time someone tries to beat the train. The road signs are there - OBEY THEM, just as we are expected to obey other road signs which have not been erected just to annoy motorists and make the place look untidy - ALL road/traffic signs are there for a reason - to keep people safe. However, nowadays nobody really gives a hoot, do they?

      B4UGO - 2011-08-25 21:32

      Exactly... and the only ones who do give a hoot are completely legal....

  • drBob - 2011-08-26 12:37

    Why bridges - loads of expense and on-going maintenance. Why not gates as in Europe and the UK, and not just on one side of the road, but both - then idiots like the taxi driver last year cannot shoot through???

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