Lifeguard drowns at Margate Beach

2011-06-04 18:35

Durban - A lifeguard drowned at Margate Beach on Saturday morning, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said.

Shelly Beach station commander Mark Harlen said that the lifeguard, in his early 20s, was reported missing at 10:20.

Members of the NSRI, the police and Tower 13 lifeguard services participated in the search.

A police helicopter spotted the man's body, and the NSRI's rescue craft recovered it from the surf.

Police had opened an inquest into the death, but no foul play was suspected, said Harlen.

  • L J - 2011-06-04 18:44

    This is so sad - someone who saves lives loses his. May you RIP & condolences to the family, friend & colleagues

  • Heks - 2011-06-04 20:07

    Condolences. So sad!

  • Mpuma Fred - 2011-06-04 20:07

    Asshole stryder

  • Boer - 2011-06-04 21:15

    Its sad to see a young life gone. How is it possible that a lifeguard drowns?? Isnt he suppose to save people. Was he properly trained????

      Kaapie - 2011-06-04 21:35

      Nothing is impossible, but I have lifeguards employed that cant even swim a 400m in 10 min, cant perform basic first aid, so ja anything is possible

      Clifford - 2011-06-05 00:33

      Does a trained solder die in battle????????????

      Krolie - 2011-06-05 06:04

      @Kaapie What has happened to employing lifeguards that have their certificate and continuing daily fitness training of the guards? Has things changed so much that anybody is employed to do an important service such as lifesaving? Who ultimately takes the responsibility now when something goes wrong? No ways. How can anyone then trust that they are in safe hands when swimming?

      Marie - 2011-06-05 09:39

      Boer he was swimming to keep fit to save morons like you when you come on holiday. (Our biggest nightmare times - HOLIDAY TIME!!!) It was an unfortunate drowing - he could have had a heart attack or cramp - waiting for outcome of autopsy.

  • Clifford - 2011-06-05 00:31

    I just wish some dumb asses would learn to think before they give such stupid comments like Mr Rogers,because then you look stupid and sound like dickheads. This lifesaver had been a lifesaver at this beach for a couple of years now and had most likely saved some of these inbreeds relatives of Mr Rogers.

      Krolie - 2011-06-05 06:09

      @Clifford. I agree. I can also say that I have been at Margate beach last month, and the lifesavers are vigilant, constantly checking on people in the water, and in my opinion do a wonderful job. They are all as fit as could be, and not just sitting around trying to wish the day away! They clearly take what they are doing serious, and this unfortunate incident must be terribly upsetting to them.

  • Lyndatjie - 2011-06-05 05:16

    Good Heavens... there are some hartless, hurtfull and thoughtless comments on this page. Accidents happen people and it doesn't choose who it happens to! Just for a moment think of that person's poor family and friends reading what you wrote here. Just for once think of the next person before you spew forth your vitriole!

      x - 2011-06-05 12:54

      Exactly my thoughts - thanks Lyndatjie. I can't believe people can be so callous and not think that family members could be reading their comments. Shocking and disgusting.

  • Louise Becker - 2011-06-05 09:41

    Johan was an excellent lifesaver for many years may he rest in peace. Condolences to all colleagues at Margate beach and to his family. Sad that people cant respect other people and always have to make racist remarks. Shame on you ALL!!!!

  • gwen.vokes - 2011-06-05 09:56

    after a recent holiday to Margate Beach, Have to say the Lifeguards were wonderful! God Be with all the team at Margate Beach at this time!

  • I Wonder - 2011-06-05 16:37

    Damn ppl! A young man lost his life! Do we have to turn every piece of news into political ammo? It is SICK!!!! Heartfelt condolences to the guard's family and his colleagues.

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