Limpopo attacker still at large

2012-01-06 16:06

Johannesburg - The search was still continuing on Friday afternoon for a 51-year-old man wanted for an attack on his estranged wife and the murder of her son, Limpopo police said

Beeld named the man as Johan Kotze.

"He is still at large, nothing new has come forward," Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said.

He said the man was no longer in Limpopo, but that police were closing in on him.

"We are dealing with an intelligent man, he is evasive. He is not in Limpopo, but we are closing his space bit by bit and we will grab him.

"We have beefed up the team of detectives and trackers. We are working together with the Hawks and I am confident he will be arrested." Mulaudzi said there were reasons to suspect someone was tipping him off about the police's efforts.

"He dismissed reports that he had been seen in Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

The man, whose identity document indicates he was born in Namibia, allegedly forced three men, believed to be his workers, at gunpoint to gang-rape his estranged wife and mutilated her in his home in Modimolle on Tuesday.

He then lured his 19-year-old stepson to his house and shot him dead when he arrived.

Beeld newspaper reported on Friday that the 19-year-old university student had repeatedly pleaded with the man not to shoot him. He was shot in the chest and head.

The man fled in his white Toyota Fortuner, registration number DCS 392 FS. The three workers ran away and their whereabouts were unknown.

Mulaudzi said the woman was taken to hospital for observation on Thursday.

"We took her to hospital. She was not feeling well and we hope she will be discharged today [Friday]."

  • Lyndatjie - 2012-01-06 16:17

    South Africa... a place were criminals are safe, protected and can get medical parole while victims are prisoners in their own homes and used as bait to feed the criminals.

  • Johan - 2012-01-06 16:19

    I put R50 on it that the Police actually have NO idea where he is. But saying that makes 'em look incompetent of course.

      Rosamund - 2012-01-09 16:53

      I wouldn't bet you. You are more than likely right.

  • Deon - 2012-01-06 16:21

    By this time he might be in Windhoek or Cape Town.

      Theresa - 2012-01-06 16:24

      Or Mozambique...he has 3 passports

  • Gerrie - 2012-01-06 16:30

    Please SAPS don't kill this guy when you get him. When in jail he need to be raped @least by 10 guys daily until 100 yrs old. Need to get what he deserve.

  • Thoka - 2012-01-06 16:31

    Naive killer can not outrun cops he probably is the master at this, what i know he is coward he can kill but can not kill himself. Go boys bring him alive. I am waiting with the biggest stone

  • DjCapiche - 2012-01-06 16:35

    This article, much like this investigation, is going nowhere.

      Squeegee - 2012-01-06 17:10

      My thoughts exactly..

  • AyGeewils - 2012-01-06 16:37

    Total incompetence ...

  • Nigel - 2012-01-06 16:38

    To the authorities - give us this man's picture so we can help. We want this sicko in jail, forever

      Squeegee - 2012-01-06 17:10

      Check Beeld

  • melissalarajones - 2012-01-06 16:42

    I wish they'd stop referring to this thing as a "man". But unfortunately there isn't really a descriptor foul enough to attach to it. And please don't anyone go using the term "animal", because no animal I know of would do a thing like that.

      galef - 2012-01-09 13:20

      we could refer to him as an piece of afterbirth.....absolutely useless..

  • Karring - 2012-01-07 10:15

    exciting story this. what a nice script for my next movie.

      Theresa - 2012-01-07 13:06

      You're one sick individual...maybe we should hunt you down as well

      Karring - 2012-01-09 09:32

      LOL Theresa lighten up please?

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