Limpopo boy kidnapped, raped

2011-12-22 13:01

Mankweng - A 12-year-old boy was raped by a man who abducted him while he was walking from a church in Mankweng, Limpopo police said on Thursday.

Four boys were walking on the street around 5pm on Wednesday when the 20-year-old man accosted them, Constable Moses Molepo said.

"The man asked for money from the boys to buy a cigarette. When they said they had none, he grabbed one of them and dragged him to his nearby home."

The other three boys ran away and told their parents.

Molepo said police stormed into the man's home and rescued the child around 13:00 on Thursday.

"They arrested the man after finding him stark naked, still raping the boy in his room," he said.

The victim was taken to Mankweng Hospital for treatment. His condition was not immediately disclosed.

The man was expected to face kidnapping and rape charges in the Mankweng Magistrate's Court on Friday.

  • Kyle - 2011-12-22 13:06

    Dont arrest him, shoot him in the balls and leave him to bleed to death.

      Kyle - 2011-12-23 07:31

      I'd like to know who gave this a thumbs down and why. It's not like there isnt any chance of them having gotten the wrong guy. He was caught in the act.

      henrileriche - 2011-12-23 08:11

      Who do you think gives usually Thumbs down? Bleeding heart idealist liberals. (Sickness)

  • Annette - 2011-12-22 13:07

    Ho is it that the children told there parents right away and the police only got to the child the next day ag nee man this cant go on realy when is this gona stop!

      Kala - 2011-12-22 13:13

      I hope thats an error on the part of news 24 otherwise that is rather a worrying length of time to respond

      John - 2011-12-22 13:27

      just happens so often.... disgusting

      Lee - 2011-12-22 14:54

      I also am hoping it is a mistake of the reporter otherwise why would they say "They arrested the man after finding him stark naked, still raping the boy in his room". Which to me sounds like the police got there whilst the man was still raping the kid. Terrible isn't it.

      Debbi - 2011-12-23 12:01

      It was probably supposed to read 01h00 instead of 13h00 - i.e. it took the cops 8 hours to arrive. Perfectly normal in this day and age.

  • Kala - 2011-12-22 13:08

    If I was one of the ploice storming that house I don't think I would have been able to prevent myself from shooting the phuker on the spot.

      Kala - 2011-12-22 13:08

      Er Police. Ploice are not very dangerous at all.

      JohhnyBGood - 2011-12-22 14:39

      The Police are dangerous, but only to the innocent . . . :P

  • Tracey-Lee - 2011-12-22 13:10

    Hang this sick insect by his balls

  • Lorenzo - 2011-12-22 13:12

    The death penalty should be given to any and all rapists and murderers. So we can start "cleansing" this ridiculous country. Things are getting really out of hand now…

      Ross - 2011-12-22 14:44

      hahaha... Lenny, do some work!!

  • cosmos.ndebele - 2011-12-22 13:16

    Sickest scumbag ever!!!!!!

  • Sattva - 2011-12-22 13:17

    carstration comes to mind !

      Mark - 2011-12-22 13:59

      is that having one's testicles removed by a motor vehicle?

      JohhnyBGood - 2011-12-22 14:40

      it is when they drive over your balls with a car.

  • Jimmy - 2011-12-22 13:21

    OMFW this is indeed one sick country..

      cosmos.ndebele - 2011-12-22 13:24

      Not country, but rather individuals

      StarStruck - 2011-12-22 13:39

      I agree Cosmos. Someone like this should not have the privilege of walking freely amongst the rest of us. If he can do this for a cigarette then imagine what he will do for a TV or something.

  • richard.hipkin - 2011-12-22 13:30

    Should have shot him while he was "trying to escape".

  • Sledge - 2011-12-22 13:31

    Why the BIG time lapse ?

      Karen - 2011-12-23 10:08

      Yes, I'm wondering that too. Why didn't the community storm the house? Why does it take 18 hours to do something?

  • Thoka - 2011-12-22 13:35

    what the f*ck, castrate him like an animal. if you cannot bring him to me. shall do it with my eyes closed

      Charmain - 2011-12-22 20:48

      No, not like an animal. Animals get anaesthetic when the vet operates on them. Cut him up live!

  • Jason - 2011-12-22 13:36

    If we killed him doubt he would be missed...

  • EyesEars - 2011-12-22 13:37

    Sometimes I wish the authories will stay out of things like this and rather hand over the !@? to a kangaroo court, who will know what to do with it. Even some prostitutes know how to deal with situations like this.

  • leigh.windvogel - 2011-12-22 13:38

    that poor inoccent child, my heart bleeds.

  • Jason - 2011-12-22 13:39

    OK, so these kids told their parents say at 5h30 latest, and the cops respond the following day at 13h00 - SAPS you seriously disgust me,you could have prevented this child from being raped, and emotionally scared for life - f*ck you SAPS!!

  • Max - 2011-12-22 13:40

    ....And he is still alive, how can that be?

  • Shirley - 2011-12-22 13:43

    law enforcement keeps putting these sickos back on the stree-overturning a child molesters sentece just this week!! How many more children have to die or have their lives ruined before this country will let the law work for the victim and NOT the criminal????? Hang him!!!!

  • Brigitte - 2011-12-22 13:47

    Can Zuma and Maharajh blame this on the Christians too?

      Marius - 2011-12-22 18:21

      Give them a week or two and they most certainly will.

  • STYLEbudd - 2011-12-22 13:48

    cut his winky off!

  • christel.snodgrass - 2011-12-22 13:52

    I don't understand. He kidnaps the boy at 5pm on Wednesday, drags him to his house, but police only rock up at 1pm the following day. If they had reacted much earlier, they possibly could have saved the boy hours of torture by the hands of this sadistic pig!

  • spartanx93 - 2011-12-22 13:58

    what is wrong with these people? has social morality sunk that low!

  • TaniaSandraSteyn - 2011-12-22 13:59

    If the Government wont bring back the death penalty, can we please ask that corporal punishment be considered? So many lashes for every year of the sentence as an option to the criminal if he/she is younger than twenty. My heart is bleeding for this little boy. I feel sick to my stomache.

  • qcoelho - 2011-12-22 14:18

    Cut his B@lls off!!

  • florah.mabathe - 2011-12-22 14:26

    If i was the boy's i will cut his 4-5 off.

  • michelle.dirker - 2011-12-22 14:35

    Please explain to me how this could happen on Wednesday at 5pm and the police only storm into the house on Thursday 13h00!?!?!?!?!?!?!? How many times must that poor boy have been violated!?!?!?!?!?

  • Pontsho - 2011-12-22 14:40

    How cruel can 1 b,this is a call 4 mob-justice since our judicial system is failing us.people don't even mind the consequences of being jailed.Sick bastardit's ppl like this who makes our lives unbearable

  • Ndivhuho - 2011-12-22 14:42

    I cannot imagine the horror the little boy went heart bleeds for him and his parents. Hope God will give you comfort in this very difficult time.

  • Theresa - 2011-12-22 14:44

    He took the boy 5pm on Wednesday and the cops GOT TO HIS HOUSE ONLY 13h00 on Thursday - what am I missing here??

      Marius - 2011-12-22 18:24

      The cops were (trying) to think because it is a serious matter. Hau wena!

  • Lee - 2011-12-22 14:49

    Absolutely disgusting. From what I read daily, these people do not fear the law or what might happen to them when caught which makes you think that to stop crime or rape or other sick actions we need to bring back the the death penalty or some sort of serious punishment. It just seems to be getting worse and worse.

  • The-Azanian - 2011-12-22 15:20

    its either the article is absurd or mzansi has the most slow-responding copz in da word hey...wat abt da boyz parents, im sure they had a peaceful evenin...sick.

  • Davorin - 2011-12-22 16:10

    Dear Mr Zuma I am a blustering buffoon that feels the need to impart his contemptuous opinions on other barely literate idiots. I believe all rapists, murderers, politicians, bankers and hairdressers should be put to death while brutally beaten and serving as president. I may have a neanderthal like grasp of current affairs I do think that the appropriate response to any and all problems is the death penalty

  • Renier - 2011-12-22 16:16

    Under our current laws this guy can only go to prison. Please, please send him there for as long as possible!!! May he get the same treatment (as he gave the child) given every minute. @ SAPS - Why so slow?

  • Silvana - 2011-12-22 16:20

    Poor kid. The humiliation must be unbearable. These sickos should be publicly shamed.

  • TheWatcher - 2011-12-22 16:39

    Poor kid. I hope he can get counseling. He's going to need a lot of it after this. Sick creatures like this should be sentenced to life in a chain gang so they can at least contribute to society and pay for their prison food.

  • NatZach2011 - 2011-12-22 16:43

    This monster needs to be brutally punished....society doesn't need sickos like this! poor kid man :(

      Marius - 2011-12-22 18:28

      Punishment should start with Zuma and the ANC, to stop crimes like this is a political decision.

  • Call_Of_Muti_3 - 2011-12-22 17:03

    This is when an "accidental firearm discharge" is needed from the arresting officers.

  • Stanley - 2011-12-22 17:41

    This is truly tragic! The poor boy and his parents must feel horrible! And what can the law do? Probably remind the perpetrator of his human rights? People should open there eyes when they vote next time... make sure you empower the right okes for the job in parliament so that justice can be served with an appropriate sentence... i'm still too furious to think what it should be... but eventually the scum of the earth who did this will die and pay eternally (may God have mercy, and he repent and do restitution before he dies...)

  • Lynn - 2011-12-22 18:44

    Sick creature. How could he do this to a child. How absolutely vile and inhuman. Lock him up forever.

  • Zoleka Dyani - 2011-12-23 06:18

    What did the parents do all night and the whole morning?

  • Homemissionary - 2011-12-23 06:36

    Despicable.If 5 young boys can't even walk around during the day... I hope you didn't catch AIDS young man.Sorry for the trauma and physical pain you've suffered :-(

  • jerry.pres - 2011-12-23 07:36

    Storming into house after so many Hrs. WTF

  • Prada - 2011-12-23 07:41

    im disgusted by this i hate this pyscho for subjecting a child to this, maybe he had a bright future ahead of him but now we wont know how he will turn out with such a wound in his life.This can happen to any child the way these lunatics are acting and its really firghtening. TO think was walking from a church and God still did not protect him

  • Craig - 2011-12-23 08:45

    Have I got this right, it took from 5pm Wednesday to 13.00 Thursday for the other boys to report the kidnapping and get the police to do something, surely something has to be done about the near 24 hour delay to rescue the boy.

  • Penny - 2011-12-23 08:53

    Please explain why it took the police and parents so long to locate this child and his abductor if the boys saw where he was taken to in the first place - shocking the response time by police, they could have prevented this child from being raped multiple times. I hope the parents are ashamed for not ensuring that the police were doing the job they are meant to do and that they will ask for an investigation into this. May this lad get the support and love he will need to recover physically from this quickly, mentally he will be scarred for life and no doubt have trust issues for years to come

  • Saleigh - 2011-12-23 09:25

    castrate this sick S.O.B!!!

  • Comrade - 2011-12-23 09:38


  • HelenLouiseW - 2011-12-23 10:18

    Poor child!!!!

  • lindall.lestrange - 2011-12-23 11:19

    moer hom vrek! hond! I'm so sick!!

  • lindall.lestrange - 2011-12-23 11:28

    ek hoop die geharde misdadigers het n fees met sy liggaam! ek sou hom op die spot vrek gemoer het. die polisie is daarom maar dom, hulle moes hom lekker pap en in n koma gemoer het en dan gearresteer het!

  • tumelo.theka - 2012-01-17 15:24

    That man should brutalised and hardly punished, he need to be punished for what he did.....