Limpopo cop arrested for sister's murder

2012-04-07 15:44

Polokwane - A police constable was arrested for allegedly murdering his sister and trying to murder his brother in Mahwelereng, near Polokwane, Limpopo police said on Saturday.

The 33-year-old policeman argued with his sister, 39, and brother, 23, at their home on Friday night, said Lieutenant-Colonel Mohale Ramatseba.

"It is reported the sister was shot and killed and the brother was seriously injured. He has been admitted in the local hospital," Ramatseba said.

The motive for the killing was not known.

The constable, attached to the public order unit in Polokwane, would appear in Mahwelereng Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

  • Sboniswa - 2012-04-07 15:48

    WEIRDOS IN THAT PROVINCE, they rape three year olds, they do silly witchcraft and then there is a HIPPO who can't shut his mouth...WEIRDOS

      Sboniswa - 2012-04-07 16:04

      i don't understand that language, so i'm not bothered

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-07 16:12

      Limpopo IS FULL of criminals. Doesn't Malema come from Limpopo? On another note, what screening process is in place with our police force? Why does the SAPS make a habit of hiring criminals ???

      f4ter - 2012-04-07 16:31

      Actually clever students should be doing researcher in the Varsity PC Lambs, not spewing bile at something they can't even comprehend in their wild dreams. So shut up Sboniswa...

      Sboniswa - 2012-04-07 16:34

      Tsek Tsek Tsek what were you looking @, it none of your business

  • Reggy German Macevele - 2012-04-07 15:51

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-07 16:12

      I feel you brother

      Lacrimose - 2012-04-07 16:15

      Ja Reggy, I have no words either :)

  • Crracker - 2012-04-07 17:20

    The way things are going it will soon be news if a NON-cop is arrested for a crime.

  • Cassandra Olivier - 2012-04-07 17:38

    The poor family cant imagine what they must be going through

  • Keith - 2012-04-07 18:09

    I said it before and I'm gonna said it again, LIMPOPO has become a home province of a devil or Satanism since it has changed it's northern province name to LIMPOPO, cassel mathale and his bunch of ANC buddies are another additional problem in the unholy province.

      Ditantane - 2012-04-07 23:14

      they always say there's no stupid comment, but this one is stupid from d very stupid bloger, stupid keith!

      Ditantane - 2012-04-07 23:14

      they always say there's no stupid comment, but this one is stupid from a very stupid bloger, stupid keith!

  • Raj - 2012-04-07 18:16

    Eish, nothing new in recent times as another cop makes the headlines. The very people that our state employs to protect and serve the civilians of this country. This cop was attached to the public order unit, Is this how he was trained to bring about order? He is worse than an animal, as he displayed no mercy for his own blood type. Their is no mention of his sister and brother being or having any criminal activity. If mercy doesn't exist in his blood for his own, then what chances does anyone else have? The state should have a psyco test on all of its existing employees and future ones. Civil servants such as these bring down the good name that others worked so hard to build. Who do I blame? Is it the government that believes so much in AA that they employ anyone because of colour? The civil servants of today are definitely not of the same calibre as those of the past regime. What a pity. These past civil servants did their jobs with much pride and dignity. At least our military has not made headlines or am I wrong? Its about time that the minister of police steps in and does something with his magic wand to bring about safety and security issues that are going to convince the public that this country is going to be a better place for all to live in. Considering its the civilians taxes that pay their salaries something needs to be done sooner than u think. One should wear the badge with pride of doing their jobs properly, if not GET out and let someone else do it despite the colour of the skin. Let's not use the police service as a only hope of employment considering that jobs are so scarce, don't join it for just a source of income.

      Irene - 2012-04-07 19:11

      Well said Raj.

      justice.mpho1 - 2012-04-07 19:25

      \The civil servants of today are definitely not of the same calibre as those of the past regime\...your right those were pure law breakers and they were authorised to do so by ouster clauses that were enacted by brainwashed psychopaths who by nature have no hearts...atleast our government criminalises all sorts of offences committed by anyone irrespective of certain qualities of humanity and COLOUR!

      Jayson - 2012-04-07 22:10

      Pretty cool one Raj. I think its about the SAPS meeting quotas. Giving these guys jobs with loaded guns and going home to there family's. Well,, thats a recipe for disaster. They are under trained and should have better knowledge of the circumstances they are in. Its a really tough world out there. Especially if you wear that uniform. We are hearing too many times, of cop kills family and kills himself. Putting that uniform on is a passion,,,, not a job.

  • justice.mpho1 - 2012-04-07 19:28

    He had an ulterior motive for doing so...\family crisis\

  • Tebogo - 2012-04-07 22:32

    I think cops should not be allowed their service pistols outside of work. That everytime they leave for home, they check it in. This will also eliminate kids finding and using their parents guns.

      Tebogo - 2012-04-07 22:37

      or cops using them in moments of rage.

  • George Krillen - 2012-04-07 23:27

    he will be out on R500 bail later!

      Thandekile Pokolo - 2012-04-08 14:40

      i agree with u george krallin

  • Katlego - 2012-04-09 00:16

    @Keith don't lose sight and blame the province! Your statement may offends may including me! People are accountable for their wellbeing irrespective of where they come from. Crime is a malady tha Mzansi faces not a particular point you idiot!

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