Liquor licence moratorium to stay

2011-11-15 12:43

Johannesburg - A sixth-month moratorium on the issuing of new liquor licences in Gauteng still stands, Economic Development MEC Qedani Mahlangu said on Tuesday.

It would be lifted only in respect of occasional and catering permits from Thursday 17, she told reporters in Johannesburg.

She said stringent measures had been introduced to curb the issuing of fraudulent licences.

The moratorium took effect in August to allow the department to improve its efficiency and to solve problems relating to the liquor licensing process.

These included the issuing of fraudulent documents.

Mahlangu said the moratorium had not been without problems. Its validity was challenged in court, but the ruling was favour of the department.

She said her department was about halfway through dealing with a backlog of about 2 450 applications.

In addition, a new IT and business processing system had been designed to handle applications and would be in place for occasional and catering permits from Thursday.

"Stringent measures have been introduced to curb the issuing of fraudulent licences [and] to date we are confident that no fraudulent licences have been issued," Mahlangu said.

She said liquor licence renewals for 2011/12 would begin on December 1.

  • africanwolf - 2011-11-15 13:19

    Scrap all liquor licences allow any shop to sell liquor like they do in other countries liquor license = bribes and corruption let the people do business peacefully not license this and license that just make sure they obey the rules

      Fred - 2011-11-15 14:44

      Agreed, agreed.

  • Craig - 2011-11-15 13:29

    There should be a five year moratorium on the issuing of taxi permits; there are just too many of them on the roads.

      Chris - 2011-11-15 14:00

      And you think they have permits? Not at all, these guys are law unto themselves.

  • procold2 - 2011-11-15 14:09

    what is a liquor licence for, let anyone sell liquor just make sure that it is done properly

  • Vicker - 2011-11-15 14:11

    So let's get this straight - the law-abiding businessman who wants to get a liquor shop up and running is unable to do so, because your (corrupt) officials are issueing illegal permits and licenses and the only solution you have been able to come up with (obviously after much application of your mind) is to place a moratorium on new licenses. You are a f*****g rocket scientist of note... Let's also see this in the light of our Gumment's ambition of 5 million new jobs - nothing stimulates the economy more than onerous licensing requirements, then putting even this out of reach with a moratorium... Liquor licenses are just another way of Gumment meddling in the economy (of which they know basically f-all...)

  • Shirley - 2011-11-15 14:53

    Government cant even enforce the trading hours to the shebeens or "taverns" So much for equality-if sab submits your application its processed before the guy who submitted his 6 months previously. Geus who submits tavern applications?? Its a big farce!

  • Bill - 2011-11-15 18:53

    This is what happens when you get incompetant BEE appointments. It's the people under her control that are corrupt and unqualified for the job and she costs the industry tens of millions in losses instead of getting the hawks and police to sort it out if she is incapable of doing so herself. Appointing this type of person for important jobs is sinking the economy.

  • bbcronk - 2011-11-15 20:00

    they sell meat and beer`s with no licence`s all over just not in the cbd area . there two law`s running one is invisible they don't see

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