Locals: Cops threw protester from nyala

2014-01-15 09:16

Brits - Following the deaths of two protesters, North West police are facing claims that they assaulted another man who had taken part in the protest and left him critically injured.

The man is in hospital after police allegedly assaulted him for marching in Mothutlung, outside Brits, The Star reported on Wednesday. He was then allegedly thrown from a moving armoured vehicle.  

Residents also claim that four people are dead following the protests and not two. The two were allegedly shot dead by police.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate is investigating the men’s deaths.

Residents began protesting on Sunday afternoon about a lack of water in the area.

Brits had been without running water for three months and water tankers arrived only every three days. Temperatures in the province are between the mid to high 30s in summer.

Locals told the Pretoria News that water supply in the area has always been erratic and when water does run it is dirty and has worms in it.

Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa on Tuesday promised residents that they would get water before the weekend.

  • Thembalethu Mdumane KaNtoyanto - 2014-01-15 09:34

    U will suffer in the hands of anc

      Heibrin Venter - 2014-01-15 09:48

      Which will be first, Jesus or the water?

      Michil Chegwidden - 2014-01-15 13:21

      Heibrin, you are lost what have Jesus have to do with this situation. Angela please stop placing this scam add's. Readers do not visit this Web its an old 419 scam (Nigeria law act section 419)

      Robert Moergabe - 2014-01-19 09:30

      Madibeng/Potch is run by the Taliban faction in the cANCer. Untouchables!!!!!!!!!! VOTE cANCer vote Taliban Nkaaaaaaaaaandla

  • Sganja - 2014-01-15 09:36

    This is getting worse,In solidarity of people of GP must join these community to demand water and Nathi must resign together with Rian pHega

      JMaree - 2014-01-15 10:44

      Vote DA if you want water!

  • Piet Pompies - 2014-01-15 09:37

    Now all supporters of the yellow green and black, make sure you vote for them again so that your suffering can carry on in perpetuity.

  • cj.keuler - 2014-01-15 09:39

    Shocking that in this day and age that people have to die for basic services. I bet you the ministers have water and services!

      Nick Bozman - 2014-01-15 10:28

      Ministers have water and services ! should that not read Oversea's bottled water and room service ?

  • Danny Letsholo - 2014-01-15 09:41

    The very same people who complain,they will vote african national circus (ANC)AGAIN.

      George Slade - 2014-01-15 11:08

      Spot on danny --They are getting exactly what they voted for . If they Vote EFF they will be even worse off . Will they EVER wake up --at least give the DA a chance !!

      Stick Mabula - 2014-01-15 12:41

      Give DA a chance and a black will suffer forever. Yu are so busy praising DA in the WC but truth be told DA is only looking after the interest of the white minority. I'd rather vote EFF no thank you than to invite bullies bcs I will reiterate and booom, we are back to pre-1994.

      Robert Moergabe - 2014-01-19 09:33

      Eishhhhhhh what a stupid. Rather play with your stick

  • DerekMain - 2014-01-15 09:42

    #ProudlyBroughtToYouBycANCer Phansi cANCer, phansi!!!

  • Sipho Gift - 2014-01-15 10:09

    That's the price u pay 4 voting cANCer u give them yo dirty vote they'll reward u death 4 demanding water

  • Carole Small - 2014-01-15 10:11

    I have to say that this time I support the protesters. I have never felt that this type of action is right. But water is life. Without it you cannot survive. This is one commodity they cannot do without. Now suddenly the Minister promises water by Friday. Amazing what can happen in an election year! How many little children are suffering with dehydration now. We all need to stand up for justice in the supply of water. I agree with the sentiment they will just vote for idiots again, but nobody should be deprived of water. Up to now the ANC ignored their pleas, so I can't blame the protesters. Only way to get anything done.

  • Ntshongwana Mavivi - 2014-01-15 10:15

    This is what happens in a country led by corrupt criminals

  • Ian Mulwitsky - 2014-01-15 10:25

    The police is out of control. To neutralize offenders and do crowd control seems to be a skill that our police do not posses.

      George Slade - 2014-01-15 11:10

      With deployed ANC Cadres overseeing them , what precisely were u expecting . VOTE DA --WAKE UP

      Zuki Hlubi RalaRala - 2014-01-15 11:51

      Continue misleading people to be violent when addressing issues , this 2014 not 1914 we are in democracy so if you are out for war you will be met with same circumstances and u will get sympathy as a heroe

      Stick Mabula - 2014-01-15 12:47

      @Geotge - Give DA a chance and a black man will suffer forever. Yu are so busy praising DA in the WC but truth be told, DA is only looking after the interest of the white minority. I'd rather vote EFF no thank you than to invite bullies bcs I will reiterate and booom, we are back to pre-1994 and guess what, this beautiful won't be such a rainbow nation anymore, is it?

      Robert Moergabe - 2014-01-19 09:38

      Hey Stick, for someone that defend the zANC with all his might I find you profile pic quite amazing. Are you telling us something?

  • Shawon Tiltman - 2014-01-15 11:24

    not trying to be funny as these guys are suffering and on top of that being brutalized by the police ..but this is what you can look forward to under the anc and others such as eff ..just look to the north to Zimbabwe a once powerful country now a begging bowl ...but the politicians living in luxury...

  • Mpho Mosanka Mashegoane - 2014-01-15 11:32

    They are killers and i dont care if your mother is 1,people must rebel now and stop running to the useless department.

  • Zuki Hlubi RalaRala - 2014-01-15 11:54

    Police department must be equiped with ice cream and popcorns when residents turn violent for no reason they must massage them to keep SA happy

  • Martin Fourie - 2014-01-15 12:33

    Without proper planned maintenance, everything will fall apart, no funds ? Don't worry we are going to rename another street, we will make this town ours, street by street. This is the way it is done in Africa, use and abuse until nothing is in working order.

  • Tshifhiwa Given Matumba - 2014-01-15 14:27

    ...they realised that they are losing voters (symbolised by strikes), and they are out to finish those who oppose them...they will finish us before elections if we don't take them out now

  • Herman de Waal - 2014-01-16 00:50

    Wow, I mean just... WOW! CNA REALLY don't give a damn about any of us. Turning people against each other, causing a collapse of our social structure, thus leaving us divided, unmotivated, angry, frustrated, sad and desperate. A sure death sentence to a still healing Nation. The truth about our leadership is about to emerge soon. It's a barbaric scene, utter chaos and violence. BUT, this is a very good indication of how angry,desperate and frustrated they are. Protesters must find it hard not to resort to violence when they are this peeved. I do not blame them. Our cops are given orders from the top,and they all have to comply or else they can waai.It's their job to follow those orders. I'm overjoyed to see everyone waking up now. Vote wisely guys.

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