Loslyf reader thrown off plane

2005-04-04 22:59

Cape Town - An irate businessman was chucked off a Nationwide Airlines flight at the Easter weekend when he allegedly kicked up a fuss because flight crew would not allow him to read Loslyf magazine on the aircraft.

"Nowhere on my ticket does it say that this magazine may not be read on the aircraft," said Capetonian AC Hoffman on Monday.

"And, I held the magazine in such a way that not even the woman in the seat next to mine could see what I was reading."

Hoffman and his partner, Tim Els, were en route from Johannesburg to Cape Town on business.

They are developers working in the tobacco industry and travel between the two cities once a week.

Els said: "AC always buys Loslyf."

According to Hoffman, this time around, he accidentally dropped the magazine while they were boarding the flight.

"The air hostess saw me dropping the magazine, and when I was unwrapping it in my seat, she came over to tell me to put it away," said Hoffman.

Snatched the magazine

"At first, I refused, but then she went and told the captain who broadcast her request via the intercom so that everyone could hear."

According to Hoffman, the air hostess then snatched the magazine and took it to the front.

"She came back and threw the magazine down in my lap. That's when I told her she was fuckin' rude," said Hoffman.

"She obviously does not know the difference between fuckin' and fuck you, because she claimed I was swearing at her."

The aircraft was already moving and turned back from the runway towards the airport building where Hoffman was unloaded.

He had to make a statement to the police.

"This will not be the end of the matter," he said.

"My hand luggage has not even been returned yet," he said.

According to Vernon Bricknell, the airline's chief executive, his personnel complained about Hoffman's alleged "offensive" behaviour.

"Our policy contains no stipulations on pornography, but we simply do not allow that kind of stuff on our flights," he said.

On sale at airports

"It is not acceptable. If you want to look at it, go and do so in the toilet, but not there in front of everyone. There are children around."

Eugene Goddard, editor of Loslyf, said on Monday: "The only CNAs still selling the publication are those at airports.

"It is strange," he said. "Why do you sell something at airports if people are not allowed to read it on flights?"

  • Recently, Goddard and Loslyf were in trouble for allegedly offensive material about Amor Vittone (now suing Loslyf for R1m) and singer Juanita du Plessis.

    Goddard was unable to provide an update on how the cases were progressing.