Man shot in Pretoria mall

2012-11-26 17:15

Pretoria - A man was wounded in the head in a shooting at a restaurant in the Menlyn Park mall, in Pretoria, on Monday afternoon, police said.

"Last I heard, he was still in a critical condition," said Warrant Officer Annabel Middleton. He was in the Steve Biko Academic hospital.

"A man just walked up and shot the man in the back of the head," the restaurant's manager Wayne Koning said.

He said four shots were fired. No one else was wounded in the shooting, shortly before 14:00.

Dived to the ground

"There were four pops. Originally people might have thought it was firecrackers."

People realised what was happening and dived to the ground.

"The [shooter] just walked towards the door. Us four shop managers followed him to the doors and took the gun from him."

Koning said the man did not resist and was handed over to mall security.


"If you didn't see he was the man who did the shooting, you wouldn't have known it was him. His demeanour was that calm. He literally just turned around and walked away."

A 44-year-old Algerian man had been taken into police custody, Middleton said.

The restaurant was cordoned off and police were seen taking statements.

"The situation is now under control and the centre has been declared safe. We would like to express our sympathies to the victim and his family," the mall's management said in a statement.

  • JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-26 17:28

    Four close range shots in the back of the head and only wounded, how on earth ?

      Thabang - 2012-11-26 17:55

      4 shots fired. Not four shots on the head.

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-11-26 18:07

      Hit? Revenge? Random?

      clivegoss - 2012-11-26 21:39

      suicide ? botched Algerian suicide

      Sally Lewitt - 2012-11-27 01:55

      probably a very small calibre gun.. ?

      koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-11-27 07:41

      Hou jou f’ing oë oop en moet nie rande en sente in to grond in skiet nie *FLAP*. It was good advice.

      michelle.saidj - 2012-11-27 23:32

      Duuuuu! What did you smoke??

  • Mzondi Wakwa Maqina - 2012-11-26 17:55

    This moron don't know how to use a gun.

      lacrimose.wolf - 2012-11-26 19:27

      Hopefully the victim will live to celebrate this

      michelle.saidj - 2012-11-27 23:30

      Do you m??!!!

  • shirley.steenkamp - 2012-11-26 18:06

    This was a hit. Seems like violence is peoples only solution to problems! Just plain crazy. Best of all,he will plead insanoty,do a year or 2 in a mental hospital and time served!!!

      lara.vanrooyen.1 - 2012-11-26 18:12

      They were business partners once. Maybe he was stiffed by the deceased and the shooter stiffed him back.

  • johanna.vandokkum - 2012-11-26 18:22

    A 'man' did this terrible thing to another 'man' but we know little else. Must be so tough being a journalist in SA these days and not allowed to tell the truth.

  • bob.small.7547 - 2012-11-26 18:25

    Another frigging import perpetrating violent crime in SA...!

  • julie.vanniekerk.3 - 2012-11-26 18:27

    Must be drugs related

      sphe.ndlovu.50 - 2012-11-26 20:44

      I think this guy just want free meals and a place to stay for the next 20years.

      michelle.saidj - 2012-11-27 23:20

      Don't make a comment if you don't know the story plz. Pay some respect! Other wise you might regret the day you open your big ass mouth! The man that is dead already was our family.

  • rob.tubbs.39 - 2012-11-26 18:53

    Security at the Mall?????? Too busy washing peoples cars for a few extra bucks...

  • hocine.bouhar - 2012-11-26 19:05

    I'm Algerian and heard that both guys are Algerian so l realy would like to know if is died or he still alive cos the story above seems not clear at all

      merven.halo - 2012-11-27 08:05

      The Victim is still alive. "express our sympathies to the victim" No use of expressing sympathies to a dead man ;-)

      charmaine.achour - 2012-11-27 08:17

      Hocine, He is still very critical, will probably not survive. All four bullets entered his brain & still stuck there. I heard this morning that they are planning to airlift him to Unitas.

      michelle.saidj - 2012-11-27 23:24

      He is dead. They switch the machines of tonight. Sorrry.

  • nyiko.ngobeni.5011 - 2012-11-26 19:39

    Reason to stay away from ppl's wives

      sk.vanderwhatever - 2012-11-26 22:25


  • olga.dube1 - 2012-11-26 23:28

    This happened just next to the store us i heard the shots .. he short the guy 2 times in the head ..

  • Morné Els - 2012-11-27 02:38

    Another Makwerekwere making trouble.

  • koos.vandermerwe.75 - 2012-11-27 07:39

    Menlyn, I don’t go there anymore and just the other day I told my sister not to go there anymore. It was just a matter of time. Same old story. I use to love going to Baobab. Oh well. Luckily there are other enjoyable places to go in Pretoria.

  • Doomsayer - 2012-11-27 07:49

    Does anybody know which restaurant it was?

      Cosmic - 2012-11-27 08:07

      Parrots apparently. And yes it was over money.

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