MEC warns murderers of public officials

2012-07-11 18:02

Johannesburg - The KwaZulu-Natal government is concerned at the killings of public representatives in the province, community safety MEC Willies Mchunu said on Wednesday.

"I would like to condemn these unnecessary and barbaric killings...This is truly an unacceptable behaviour and it will not be tolerated," Mchunu said in a statement.

"This is a warning to the suspects that the police will work tirelessly to make sure that they are brought to book."

A KwaZulu-Natal induna (headman) was found murdered on Tuesday. It was the third murder of a public official in a week.

Mchunu said the induna, from Vryheid-Ngenetsheni, was found shot in the head by his family who went looking for him when he did not return after going to fetch his cows.

The National Freedom Party said it was shocked by the murder.


"We request the police to urgently arrest the criminals," NFP general secretary Nhlanhla Khubisa said.

The party called an urgent meeting with the provincial police commissioner for Thursday to discuss the killings of NFP members.
Last week, a party official was shot dead in his car while on his way to collect firewood with his two children in Nquthu, outside Dundee.

ANC regional leader Wandile Mkhize was shot dead outside his home on the South Coast last Saturday.

Mchunu said human rights violations had been an "historic problem" in the province.

"This is truly unacceptable behaviour and it will not be tolerated."

He called for calm and appealed to political party and community leaders to help the police catch criminals.

  • wizeman.slim - 2012-07-11 18:33

    "I would like to condemn these unnecessary and barbaric killings...This is truly an unacceptable behaviour and it will not be tolerated," Mchunu said in a statement. "This is a warning to the suspects that the police will work tirelessly to make sure that they are brought to book." Now, Willies, why can't you issue this same warning for the barbaric farm killings and attacts? I know the answer, but do you?

      charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-07-11 19:35

      They claim that their blood is more precious than the children who are raped and murdered everyday. I agree with your comments

  • carole.small.96 - 2012-07-11 18:41

    Are the lives of Public Officials more important than anybody else??? Now we know why other murders are never solved. Those people were not important enough. Thanks for letting us all know that the police will only work hard if you are \Important\ and now the murderers also know that the police will only work hard at catching you if you murder public officials

      charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-07-11 19:35


  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-07-11 19:34

    Really now, when a child is raped and murdered everyday, then it is nothing, but when so called high and mighty are murdered, then everything will be done to catch the criminals! So then, Government of S.A., what is Justice according to your self made laws? Is your blood more precious than those of children? Please use your brains before you make these statements that you are more important. I agree with the comments below.

  • Tiaan Liebenberg - 2012-07-11 19:37

    Sies, you are naughty. You must not kill the officials. If we catch you, we will give you a big hiding. Pathetic statement

  • jimzimbo - 2012-07-11 19:42

    "This is truly an unacceptable behaviour and it will not be tolerated,".....OK so what are you going to do here, how will you demonstrate that this behaviour will not be tolerated??? These are empty meaningless words, SA crime and so called politics and so called police force have degenerated into a disaster....this is only the beginning. The anc has ensured that sa is turned into a you chose to "tolerate it" or not.......empty words from stupid incompetent idiots!!!

  • Lindelwa - 2012-07-11 19:46

    Political differences are resolved by murder in KwaZulu-Natal, the home province of our president. the only province where the ANC membership is still increasing. makes you think!!

  • ec.van.niekerk - 2012-07-11 19:56

    Dear Mchunu, The gravy train has only so many coaches, the ppl lining up for a ride is LONG so plz don't blame ppl for taking action to speed up the line for a seat on the gravy train!!!!!

  • Emily-Jane Elson - 2012-07-11 20:02

    What a croc of $H1t!! They are NO more important than we are. Having the job you do means absolutely nothing! In the end at the Pearly Gates, you are not judged by the job you had but how you lived your life and how you were unto others.. We must kick up a fuss for the so called VIP's getting killed, but the rest of us don't matter when we're murdered, assaulted, raped etc?? Cannot believe the stupidity and arrogance.. Self proclaimed Holier than thou A$$|-|oles!!

  • Jujupuke - 2012-07-11 20:12

    You give me the Willie's, Willie!!! Stop looking at this cos he's you're Comrade. The ANC is silent when it's a farmer murdered by torture But some non descript traditional Leader is too close to home. Catch a wake up the people are WEARY!!! I Know cos I'm of the people.

  • IcemanGP - 2012-07-11 20:55

    back to the 70's when the cANCer were systematically assassinating IFP members.

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-07-11 21:26

    If that isn't a show of racism then I don't....anc mainly responsible for the lack of tolerance between the's comments disapproving of one of their own who was murdered, yet silence when other races are murdered....things really don't bode well with this lack of caring for ALL RACES.

  • lynn.syme.1 - 2012-07-11 22:37

    What about the average citizen Willies Mchunu? Maybe you are next?

  • lynn.syme.1 - 2012-07-11 22:39

    Aaaah let them murder each other!

  • piet.boerie - 2012-07-12 05:18


  • Darra - 2012-07-12 05:49

    Please News 24, the man makes an obvious, inane, simplistic statement and you see fit to report it? In the manner you do? A warning? Surely this would be an obvious course of action? Is he going to go on and warn them that they will be taken to court and given a fair trial and given lawyer assistance if they cant afford any themselves? AND that they will be innocent until proven guilty? Hau Mchunu, you are so lucky! you make such a 'profound, earth shattering; statement about a horrific sickness that probably has been endemic within the anc for years, and you get a large wonderful picture of yourself on the net! and high profile exposure on Google news? Hell, do I have a lot to learn.

  • - 2012-07-12 09:11

    That's how you get to the top in african politics

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