M&G publisher detained at airport over ID

2012-04-02 09:30

Johannesburg - Twitter was abuzz on Sunday after newspaper publisher Trevor Ncube was detained at OR Tambo International Airport for close to an hour.

“It’s time South African immigration stopped assuming every black African coming into the country is a desperate criminal,” an angry Ncube tweeted after announcing his detention.

He said he was released with just an apology.

Ncube tweeted he had been detained after immigration officials said there was something wrong with the photograph on his passport.

“After taking out their own IDs, they realise mine is same as theirs,” he tweeted.

When the Witness tried to get comment from him, he declined, saying "sorry, too upset to talk now".

"Sad part of my experience with OR immigration is the three ladies that dealt with me did not appear clear as to what was wrong with my ID. I have been using same SA ID card since 2003 and travel at least three times a month via OR," he continued to tweet.

Zimbabwean-born Ncube is the publisher of the Mail & Guardian newspaper.

OR Tambo immigration officials said they would only be able to respond on Monday.

  • Peter-Peter - 2012-04-02 09:46

    “It’s time South African immigration stopped assuming every black African coming into the country is a desperate criminal,” there is 'guilty conscience rearing its ugly head again

      colin.dovey - 2012-04-02 10:24

      Yesterday it was reported that Lulu Xingwana, Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, ... was on an SAA flight when she swore at cabin crew and used the k-word - a case of the Pot calling the Kettle Black?

      kaMazibuko - 2012-04-02 14:21

      @xavier sounds like u didnt read the article, stop exposing your ignorant a$$

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-04-02 09:49

    Sorry chap, these mistakes happen to every race... just saying.

  • Forceptor - 2012-04-02 09:50

    ag shame

  • tiaan.fourie - 2012-04-02 09:58

    “It’s time South African immigration stopped assuming every black African coming into the country is a desperate criminal,” - I think it's time Mr. Ncube realized there is such a thing as "criminal profiling" and according to the statistics, black African men have higher chances of being involved in criminal activity, than say a black African woman. It's not being racist. It's a statistical fact. Deal with it.

      siyadyosiba - 2012-04-02 10:01

      I am black and I fully agree with you. I take no offence on this fact.

      nsda29 - 2012-04-02 11:00

      Tiaan I agree too but when you become a victim of that 'mistake' then it makes you angry. Some Black males also hate crime, and some of them have been victims of crimes committed by black males so being mistaken for a criminal really makes you hate the idea of assuming that about black males. So lets give the guy a break he's been thru a lot and because of that he has the right to make that statement.

  • Robert - 2012-04-02 10:16

    why is everything about race, when a black person is involved.The 3 immigration ladies were probably black as well. Get over your skin colour and grow up.

  • Gordon - 2012-04-02 10:17

    they are just testing the new media crackdown system.

  • sarah.bouttell - 2012-04-02 10:20

    A whole hour. Gee. I am underwhelmed.

  • robbieyahu - 2012-04-02 10:25

    hahahaha i love it ...mail and guardian !!! why didnt he share his comment on facebook ??? hahahahahaha because his comment will have to await APROVAL !!!!! and not be posted at all !!! hahahaha i love it when they get their own medicine !!!! the mail & guardian is worst of all !!! THANX NEWS24 for having our posts up without having to wait for a comment to maybe be posted !!! what has happened to free-speech mail and guardian ???? hehehe i wish they detain the top guys of mail and guardian every time they come or leave the country'll quickly see them change their pathetic style of censorship !!!!! GOOOD !!! OHH AND GOOD FOR NEWS24 for posting this before the mail and guardian even have the wording ready for this article .....!!hahaha !! what a joke

  • Jaco - 2012-04-02 10:26

    Why always assume it is about race when they get questioned or detained? Just a thought, what if you were white and it happened, what will your rant and rave be about then?

  • Patrick - 2012-04-02 11:52

    A lot of you have missed the point there, he said every black African is assumed a criminal. A lot of you ignorant people here dont have to deal with being labelled such and such, and are doing most of the labelling in most cases, as such cant expect you to understand his frustrations.

  • Patrick - 2012-04-02 11:54

    This is xenophobia in official channels (and believe you me, this has been happening a lot) just like when the masses where attacking foreign nationals, never heard of any caucasian (white) being subjected to xenophobia.

  • Keith - 2012-04-02 12:28

    At this age and time we are living immigration suspicions is everywhere, Iam a black south African guy and a Danish passport holder aswel recently was on my way back to Denmark from jobur'g when I arrived in Copenhagen I was stopped for 30mins Becaz they were suspecting foul play on my Danish passport, I copperated with the immigration officials until they were satisfied about everything and they let me go, so this Trevor ncube guy should know better that nobody is above immigration, big thumbs up to the O.R TAMBO AIRPORT officials you're doing a great job and keep stopping anyone you suspect foul play to enter our south Africa.

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-04-02 13:08

    Why is it of late that whenever immigration officials at our borders do their work, that foreign nationals get to rant and rave about their displeasure. First the Nigerians and now a Zimbabwean. Immigration officials are their to do a job, and if at any time they are suspicious about the slightest thing there is a procedure to be followed to ensure complete compliance by persons entering our borders. Was he sworn at or mistreated in any way by our officials, was he mistreated in any way what so ever......I doubt it.... I have always found our immigration officials on the ground to be well versed, friendly, although they maintain a very formal composure they are compared to other countries very friendly and courteous even when confronting situations. It is their job and now that they are getting better at what they do and beginning to clamp down it is becoming an issue. Well travelers coming through our borders need to expect random double checks from time to time, no one is above the law, and custom officials are officers of the law with a job that needs to be done. South African custom and immigration officials are really the best on the continent and we as South Africans can be proud to have them, even though there is always room for improvement, compared to many other countries we have fantastic representation at our countries entrance points.

  • jemalkiin - 2012-04-03 00:37

    Always race problem! You ppl are like lion&hyena whom Can't share what they had in the field .you ppl have very young democracy use nicely

  • jemalkiin - 2012-04-03 00:38

    Always race problem! You ppl are like lion&hyena whom Can't share what they had in the field .you ppl have very young democracy use nicely

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