Malan's ashes to Voortrekker Monument

2011-07-19 21:31

Cape Town - Apartheid-era defence minister Magnus Malan's funeral service will be held on Saturday and his ashes will be placed at the Voortrekker Monument at a later date, his family said on Tuesday.

Family friend and former colleague General Gert Opperman said Saturday's service in Welgemoed north of Cape Town would be followed by a memorial service in Lynnwood in Pretoria on Wednesday.

Opperman said military veterans who attended either service were welcome to come in uniform.

Malan's family would later place his ashes in the memorial garden at the Voortrekker Monument in a private ceremony, he said.

Malan died on Monday at the age of 81.

He served as minister of defence from 1980 to 1991, an appointment that followed a long military career - stretching back to the 1950s - in the SA Defence Force.

He built up a reputation as a highly competent strategist, and became one of the leading exponents of the "total onslaught" theory against apartheid South Africa.

  • tarnoldmashao - 2011-07-19 22:34

    if there is judgement by God may he be judged fairly as people, we are in no position judge maybe he was a victim of an evil system. May his soul rest in peace

      persvrij - 2011-07-20 00:23

      Agreed, Arnold

      Bones - 2011-07-20 08:00

      "Also remember that whites were fed propaganda for so many years that it became reality for a lot of them." - Is this not exactly what the ANC are doing right now? Why do you think the masses can not think for themselves, and keep on voting for a party that does so much wrong?

      Nibiru - 2011-07-20 08:03

      @Totman What was propaganda about the Pretoria Church Street bombing?

      V. Zela - 2011-07-20 09:31

      @siya.block Now that you mention drainage (gutter) your profile on facebook says it all

  • Stanley Black - 2011-07-20 08:21

    As a South African this is an issue that I feel is not given the attention it should. It need everyday South Africans to formulate opinions on it and for those opinions to be debated and commented on as a society. is somewhere you can do all that, go check it our submitting and commenting is easy and requires no registration.

  • Fredster69 - 2011-07-20 08:28

    Always drifting from the topic. RIP dr. He did what he had to do at the time, so did Mandela, no diffs.

  • The_Rock - 2011-07-20 10:31

    syia.block Idiot I think you belong in the drains with your an-sisters.

  • Nawe - 2011-07-20 10:33

    I'm i supposed to be sad after reading this? He built up a reputation as a highly competent strategist, and became one of the leading exponents of the "total onslaught" theory against apartheid South Africa.

      Worldwise - 2011-07-20 12:38

      You have no clue what a brilliant general (A real one that rose to his position through the ranks on merit, unlike the ANC generals who were either part of a rag tag militia or came in off straight the street because of political connections) he was. A military mind like few possess.

  • Jonathan - 2012-03-16 20:19

    Gen. Malan had a military mind like few other. I served under him in the SADF and am proud of it. These mickey mouse generals of the ANC that had no real military training and background could learn a lot from himn if they were not so arrogant. I can only laugh at them and as officers they demand no respect. Even their own troops shows that by the undiciplined way they behave. What an embarrasment to SA

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