Major roads closed for Parliament opening

2011-02-08 22:53

Cape Town - Major roads leading from the southern suburbs into Cape Town and several streets in the city centre will be closed early on Thursday evening for the opening of Parliament, the legislature said.

Parliament said parts of Klipper Road, Princess Anne Avenue, Newlands Avenue and Dean Street would be closed for 35 minutes from 17:45, as well as the M3 and Eastern Boulevard towards the city, the N2 between the M4 and the city and Woolsack Drive westbound.

Anzio Road in Observatory would also be closed during this time.

From 16:00 to 20:00, the Strand Street off-ramp on Eastern Boulevard would be closed as well as Hertzog Boulevard inbound and parts of Adderley Street, Heerengracht, Wale Street, Parliament Street, Commercial Street, Spin Street and Plein Street.

The Company Gardens would also be closed at 16:00, three hours before President Jacob Zuma starts delivering his State of the Nation address in the National Assembly.

Government moved the annual opening of Parliament to the early evening last year to allow as many people as possible to follow the event on television.

The rush hour road closures caused considerable traffic disruption last year.

Streets surrounding the legislature, including Plein Street and Roeland Street, would be partially closed for up to 11 hours on Thursday.

  • Made_In_SA - 2011-02-09 08:56

    In truth the road closures are in place to accommodate the fat assed fashion failures that will be waddling into parliament looking like hippo's draped in circus tents...

      York Hunt - 2011-02-10 09:25

      Well said! Have a look tonight on the news and have a good laugh!

  • petereliot.j - 2011-02-09 12:09

    Such a crock of SH#T. If only they had road closures when I went to work. Now I've got to take half day so I can make it home, otherwise I have to ditch the car and walk.

  • katman - 2011-02-10 16:18

    So that the lucky few working class people who actually make it to their modest shack homes through this traffic mess on time can catch this gang of pigs at the trough in their obscenely expensive garb, stepping from their fleets of million rand luxury cars, all in the name of freedom for the people? Mubarak didn't see this coming either.

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