Malatsi finally starts prison sentence

2012-11-19 17:23

Johannesburg - Former politician David Malatsi handed himself over to the Witbank Prison in eMalahleni on Monday, a correctional services official said.

"Mr Malatsi handed himself over at 08:30 on Monday morning," spokesperson Koos Gerber said.

"We admitted him and he started serving his sentence this morning."

Gerber could not immediately explain why Malatsi failed to hand himself over on Friday at the Goodwood Prison as he was supposed to do.

Malatsi is serving a five-year jail term for corruption after an appeal was dismissed by the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday.

Judge Patrick Gamble took less than a minute to read out his judgment. The "appeal is dismissed and the conviction is confirmed", he said at the time.

The former provincial environment affairs MEC and national deputy social development minister was not present in court when judgment was handed down.

In October 2006, Malatsi was found guilty of corruption by the Cape Town Regional Court for accepting a R100 000 payment from the developer of the Roodefontein Golf and Country Estate to approve the development, despite environmental concerns.

The money was given to him - in April 2002 - by Count Riccardo Augusto, the owner and developer of the R550m Plettenberg Bay project.

He was sentenced in December 2006 to five years in jail, and, at the same time, was granted leave to appeal.

He was granted bail pending the outcome of the appeal.

  • wicus.berg - 2012-11-19 17:30

    Lets hope he doesn't all of a sudden fall ill with some rare illness as they do...

      nikondaniel - 2012-11-20 08:30

      Acute Prisonolitis

  • Rabbler.Rouser - 2012-11-19 17:35

    Another ANC cadre goes to prison for corruption. And then they insist that it is good business practice.

      BobM6389 - 2012-11-19 18:09

      Rabble and others I am no supporter of the ANC but this man was NNP when he was a MEC.

      rob.bancroft.94 - 2012-11-20 00:41

      Well Bob, that ended up being the same thing. Look where its leader is today. You know what they say, birds of a feather .....

  • braamc - 2012-11-19 17:40

    6 years to get this ANC piece of filth to jail.

  • JohnDough - 2012-11-19 17:43

    Took him 3 days to arrange a sick note.... watch the press.

  • jacyjays.letsoalo - 2012-11-19 17:49

    As far as I know David Malatsi was a member of the then National Party, together with Mr. It wasn't easy they were charged with corruption! So not every corrupt leader is from the ANC! I am not an ANC member but here I am subject to be corrected, Malatsi was the one who started recruiting blacks to the DA predecessor, the New National Part and Democratic Party became the DA with Tony Leon at the Helm who happens to be an Ambassodor (or was). If he were an ANC member, it would have been deemed conspiracy or Counter Revolutionary! If I was him, I was going to device a new chronic illness or just say I have kidney failure or asked Mokotedi to drop the issue out National interest. So long Mr. Malatsi, u will be back, Mandela spent 27yrs in Prison and became president, maybe u will be premier of the Western Cape if provinces aren't going to be scrapped...

  • ntombizandile.cekiso - 2012-11-19 17:55

    At last he handed himself. 100% sure he will get sick.

  • sello.r.molefe - 2012-11-19 18:00

    David Malatsi ws a member of National party..

      hein.huyser - 2012-11-20 06:41

      What he did was wrong then, and wrong now.

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-11-19 18:01

    Now that the corrupted is in jail, what has happened to the corruptors, surely they are just as guilty and should be sitting in the cell next to this cANCer cadre'?????

      BobM6389 - 2012-11-19 18:16

      Glen the corruptor entered a plea bargan and paid a hefty fine if I remember it was 1 or 2 million.

  • ray.molekoa.5 - 2012-11-19 18:01

    R100000 for a project of R550millions ? Let them add another 5 years to his sentence , maybe he will be a bit wise than he seems to be now . And what happened to Count what's:is name and the project ??????

  • byron.matthews.562 - 2012-11-19 18:08

    I wonder I wonder I wonder .... what happened to the Count Riccardo Augusto ...

  • Lionel Simmers - 2012-11-19 18:15

    Rabble without a cause Malatsi was either DP os something like that

  • JanGrimbeek - 2012-11-19 18:29

    PROFESSIONAL DETAILS CURRENT POSITION(S) Whahahaha JAIL 2012 President | Democratic Union of Africa 1998 - present PREVIOUS POSITION(S) Deputy Minister | Department of Social Development | Government of South Africa 2002 - 2003 Minister | Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning | Western Cape Parliament 2001 - 2002 Minister | Department of Poverty Relief | Western Cape Parliament 2000 - 2002 Minister | Department of Social Services | Western Cape Parliament 2000 - 2002 Member | Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature | Mpumalanga Provincial Government 1999 - 2000 Leader | National Party 1997 - 1999 Leader | New National Party Mpumalanga | 1996 - 1997 Assistant Secretary-General | National Party Cape Town | 1996 - 1997 Senator | Parliament of South Africa | Government of South Africa 1994 - 1996 Member | Parliament of the Kwandebele Legislative Assembly 1989 - 1994 Industrial Relations Manager | Kwandebele National Development Corporation 1986 - 1989 Academic Registrar | Ekangala Township Kwandebele | 1983 - 1986 Mayor | Ekangala Township Kwandebele | 1983 - 198

  • ryan.blom.3 - 2012-11-19 18:47

    What happened to the developer ?

  • barry.pointeer - 2012-11-19 19:20

    it only took 10 years..

      Onke Mdingi - 2012-11-19 20:44

      'People' are hired for a certain purpose. When that purpose is accomplished they are discarded. The general public is fed with only the bad side of 'them' regardless...

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-19 19:30

    A 3 day hunt for major renal problems? Did it take any quick visit to the golf courses in KZN with Schabir (guilty of corrupting zuma) on his death bed?

  • pws69 - 2012-11-19 19:33

    Lovely, nice to see one burn for once. just one question, what sentence did the count get? Fair is fair, he should get the same sentence. It takes two or more to have corruption.

  • debduplessis - 2012-11-19 21:16

    uuummm .... sounds like he struck deal with Zuma to be on the presidential New Years's Eve Pardon list (if Zuma is still in office that long... he should not be)

  • rory.n.price - 2012-11-19 21:38

    Come out and replace JayZee

  • hein.huyser - 2012-11-20 06:38

    No thanks to the anc. They would've promoted him

  • Montagnes.Bleues - 2012-11-20 07:30

    AT Last! A fellow 'Clever Black'

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