Malema: White journos after me

2010-03-22 16:16

Johannesburg - ANC Youth League president Julius Malema believes "white boer" journalists are conspiring against him, 702 eyewitness news reported on Monday.

Addressing young people at a Human Rights Day rally in Mafikeng, Malema criticised what he called "white boer" journalists and claimed they had a vendetta against him.

The radio news service reported that Malema told the crowd that white journalists knew nothing about the struggle for freedom.

He also said that African journalists were being undermined.

Malema also told the crowd that the Sharpeville uprising of 1960 - that later became a massacre when police opened fire and killed 69 people protesting about the pass laws - was organised by the ANC but hijacked by the PAC.

Malema told the crowd they needed to learn the correct history of the country.

The youth league president also reiterated his call for the nationalisation of mines, telling the Mafikeng residents that they should own the minerals of their region.